Blood of Thousands on Their Hands: 55 Senators Vote to Continue US-Backed Carnage in Yemen.

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“The U.S. must stop literally fueling the deliberate killing and starvation of countless civilians in Yemen, and support a peaceful solution to end this crisis.”

There surely isn’t a greater example of the hypocrisy of US foreign policy than with respect to the current devastation occurring in Yemen. The MSM’s manufactured outrage over Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran etc. is revealed for what it is: Mockingbird Media talking points.

While 44 U.S. Senators on Tuesday were applauded by peace groups for voting in favor of a resolution that would have allowed Congress to begin reclaiming its war-making authority and ended the U.S. military’s backing of Saudi Arabia’s assault on Yemen, it was ultimately not enough to overcome entrenched opposition from the 45 Republicans and 10 Democrats who voted against it.

Even Bernie has taken the occasion to speak out:

“I am deeply disappointed that Congress has once again abdicated its constitutional responsibility to authorize war,” Sanders stated. “Time and time again, Congress has sat back and failed to ask the hard questions as various administrations have misled us into conflicts, including Vietnam and Iraq, with disastrous consequences. The Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, with U.S. support, has been a humanitarian disaster. Instead of supplying bombs and refueling capabilities, we should be doing everything possible to create a peaceful resolution to that civil war and provide humanitarian help.”

Some political commentators certainly aren’t mincing words:

Iona Craig, the foreign correspondent who this year won a prestigious George Polk Award for her coverage in Yemen, said that those who voted against the effort will now have the “blood of thousands” of Yemenis on their hands as the war continues and the crises worsens.

The MSM and the current US administration have developed a disturbingly symbiotic relationship. As they ostensibly engage in proverbial mud-slinging, the real injustices perpetrated by the US military and intelligence agencies continue unimpeded.

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Thanks to the 44 Senators for at least attempting to stand up to this bullshit:

“We commend the 44 Senators who agreed that U.S. military support for the Saudi-led coalition is unconstitutional, counterproductive, and doesn’t serve U.S. national security interests,” she added. “Today’s vote should serve as a sober reminder to Saudi Arabia that it must immediately move to resolve this conflict diplomatically, and that American support for its war in Yemen is not unlimited.”


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