Bloomberg uses entire news article for advertisement

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by Altruistic_Camel

Today Bloomberg has a news story about Equinox opening a new gym in New York City. (non-paywall)

On the terminal this was under “Featured Stories” in TOP. It is under “Businessweek” on their website. Not their lifestyle section, not their Pursuits magazine, just smack in the middle like any other regular news story.

The article has needless details like the price of classes, the location of the gym, and the number of participants. It spends multiple paragraphs touting how “it’s become such a sensation” and describes the class routine in detail, letting us know that it “customizes the treadmill running to your own needs and style, and in a cool, immersive group setting.” Is this business news?

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The images in the article are literally sourced and provided by Equinox.

Does anyone else find this to be a very poor attempt at hiding an ad? Do you find this to be deceitful and utterly trashy behavior for a (supposedly) reputable news organization? Is there some other noteworthy business information here? Equinox making new gym classes is absolutely not the same as a new Tesla launch or a new Apple product. Those articles would never say “the new Tesla has really comfortable corinthian leather, and you can find it at the new dealership in Chelsea for 29.99”. Not remotely close.

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