BLUE DECAY: Seattle’s homeless problem could be harbinger of things to come in Tri-State, rest of U.S.

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via local12:

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE/WKRC) – There are no easy answers to the homeless problem.

But, other cities are already sending out alarm bells for the crisis.

KOMO in Seattle recently released a special documentary on the homeless called “Seattle is Dying,” and it may be a wake-up call for all.

The documentary gives us a glimpse of what emboldened, permissive homelessness looks like– and it’s not easy to see

Once proud residents… ashamed.


One of the most beautiful regions in the world, now littered with trash, hopelessness and misery.


A former police officer who recently resigned says there is no accountability and officers are no longer allowed to do their jobs because of new protocol.

Seattle’s leaders call it a housing problem, but it’s much more than that.

If you want to watch “Seattle is Dying” in its entirety, you can find the documentary here.



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