Having Weissmann Testify May Be Dems’ Biggest Blunder

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Too little attention is being paid to what happens the day after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s July 17 public testimony before the House judiciary and intelligence committees, according to Margot Cleveland. Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weissman, and other Mueller staffers will testify behind closed doors on July 18.

“But, far from damaging Trump, Weissmann’s closed-door testimony—if handled properly—will assist Republicans in unraveling the Russia-collusion-turned-obstruction witch hunt and inflict far greater damage on the Democrats,” Cleveland writes in The Federalist.

Weissmann’s prosecutorial dirty tricks in the Enron case, which resulted in the Arthur Anderson accounting firm closing down, among much else, aren’t well-known to the public now. Neither are his contributions to Democrats or his appearance at Hillary Clinton’s election night “victory” party.

That will change, beginning the afternoon of his testimony when the flood of leaks begin, along with the predictable explosion of Trump tweets. And I can’t wait to watch Sydney Powell and Joe diGenova doing their analyses.



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