Bobby Piton on the Arizona Election Audit: “Based on what I see, at a minimum the Data will change History”… Rachel Maddow triggered

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Bobby Piton:
“I just completed 12 hours working on AZ Data today. I had a
dream back in December that AZ changed the course of
American History and that I assisted in this process. Time
will tell if either is True. Based on what I see, at a
minimum the Data will change History, my role is

Arizona Justice Makes Game Changing Ruling On Forensic Audit

The litigation related to the Arizona audit is not over. It may just be the beginning. The Democrats and RINOs will do anything to stop the audit.

Yesterday after the Democrats refused to put down a $1 million bond for the costs of ending the audit, so the judge allowed the audit to continue. The audit continued yesterday into the evening. People already started to arrive this morning and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds where the counting is taking place.


Huge Announcement On Another State To Get Ballot Audit…

On the Saturday episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the election fraud receipts in Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes in a race decided by less than 12,000. He precisely points out how and why they are the next state to do a full forensic ballot audit like what’s going on in Arizona now, especially after what that audit finds.

Dems in Full Panic Mode: Rachel Maddow Triggered Over ‘Dangerous’ Arizona Vote Audit

Democrats are in full-blown meltdown mode as their efforts to stop the recount of 2020 election ballots in Arizona have failed.

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One reliable leftist hysteric who is screaming bloody murder is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who set new low standards for her Russia Collusion crackpot conspiracy theories.

On Friday’s edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, the host condemned the Arizona recount as “dangerous” and warned of dire long run consequences:

““It’s laughable in lots of ways but the president, former President Trump put out a statement today lauding this and talking about how this was going to reveal the truth of the 2020 election inciting a whole bunch of other states who are now also going to do this to reveal of the 2020 election and he’s still maintaining this fantasy that he somehow won and Joe Biden isn’t really the legitimate president.”

What the Arizona Republicans are doing here, this process by which they are bastardizing the outcome of the actual secure election from November 2020 and they’re going to produce some results that says it was some other thing,” the clearly rattled host added, “will be used by the Trump part of the Republican party and the Trump right to cast out on the 2020 election among their most fervent supporters in a way that none of their failed lawsuits in the past have been able to do.”

There is not going to be any funny business taking place with this audit. This amount of transparency is exactly how every election should take place.

We reposted this video because many people have not watched it, and we need to ensure everyone is armed with the facts on how this is taking place.


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