Bombshell: Clinton Foundation Witnesses Coming Forward In Pay-For-Play Investigation, Military Expert Calls Out Obama Administration For TREASON

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Clinton Foundation Witnesses Coming Forward In Pay-For-Play Investigation
Today, New York Times Bestselling author Ed Klein has revealed on The Sean Hannity Show that sources have confirmed to him that not only is The Clinton Foundation under federal investigation, but also at least one Clinton Foundation insider is prepared to testify in a court of law against Hillary.
Reports of legal troubles for the foundation began last week when The Daily Caller reported that a joint FBI-US Attorney probe of The Clinton Foundation is currently underway. The charge is supported by a number of emails recently released by Judicial Watch, which suggest The Clinton Foundation engaged in pay-for-play while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
“We are a long way from Hillary Clinton sliding into The White House without having some real serious legal problems before this election,” Klein told Hannity.
During his interview, Klein, author of the forthcoming book Guilty As Sin, dropped a number of bombshells:
– Klein confirmed that the ongoing investigation is being led by Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Although he was appointed by Barack Obama, Bharara is known as a hard-nosed attorney–and has the track record to prove it. Bharara has successfully prosecuted dozens of Wall Street Executives and powerful politicians, including former New York’s Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was sent to prison for 12 years on federal corruption charges.
Bharara is reportedly working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and two other District Attorneys, one in Little Rock, Arkansas, and another in Washington D.C.
“This investigation, I would say, is hotter than ever,” Klein told Sean. Klein added that FBI Director James Comey may be seeking to “redeem himself” with a public corruption charge against Hillary after he failed to recommend indictment for her mishandling of classified information.
– According to Klein, Comey and Bharara have been in contact for months on the subject of Hillary Clinton’s public corruption with the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.
Military Expert Calls Out Obama Administration For TREASON
Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair in Military Theory at the Marine Corps University, has accused the Obama administration of treason for manipulating intelligence in order to keep the American public in the dark about the fight against ISIS.
A new report shows that dozens of intelligence analysts had their reports altered by higher-ups at the Department of Defense’s Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to downplay the ISIS threat.

Gorka charges that these acts are “tantamount to treason” and had this taken place during the World War II era, people would “have been court-martialed and they could have been executed.”

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38 thoughts on “Bombshell: Clinton Foundation Witnesses Coming Forward In Pay-For-Play Investigation, Military Expert Calls Out Obama Administration For TREASON

  1. ……and Dr. Sebastian Gorka is ALSO guilty of treason, since ISIS belongs to Obama, he damn well knows it, and KNOW the entire military is ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’.
    What a farce. Amazing such a nation like the US is so easy taken in and so gullible.

          • The ‘point’, save for the one on top of your head, is that it doesn’t take someone BEING in the military OR government to commit treason.
            Dr. Gorka’s efforts to distract from the government’s and military’s OUTRIGHT treason – DIRECTLY ‘aiding and abetting’ ISIS – NOT ‘to keep the people in the dark’ – is called a Limited Hangout Operation;
            ‘Expose’ that the president was “keeping Americans in the dark regarding the threat of ISIS, while in actuality, THE PRESIDENT IS DIRECTLY AIDING AND ABETTING THE (so-called) ENEMY.
            Bill Clinton’s Blowjob was a Limited Hangout to divert attention from his selling of missile technology to China for campaign donations.
            Hillary’s ‘E Mails’ were used to distract her running weapons through Benghazi (why they ‘let it burn’ – fear of exposure), into Syria and to ISIS, AND the most likely fact, INTENTIONALLY placing classified material onto an unsecure server SO those funding her campaign would easily be able to access.
            So Dr. Gorka is being used for an LHO – “THE PRESIDENT ISN’T TELLING US THE TRUE DANGER OF ISIS TO US!!”, when he damn well knows the truth, makes him a co-conspirator to treason.
            As is the military. The know DAMN WELL they’re protecting ISIS, running weapons to them, advisors on the ground fighting with them, and US pilots ‘warning off’ Russian jets to stop bombing ‘Obama’s boys’.
            Comprenez vous maintenant, mon ami?

          • One doesn’t have to be in the military or the government to be a traitor, but the “point” that Occams was making is that Obama is supporting ISIS (which is treason) and he is using the military (so the military is committing treason); therefore, “Dr. Sebastian Gorka is ALSO guilty of treason.” But Dr Gorka is neither part of the military nor is he an agent for Obama’s support for ISIS. So, it is both YOU and Occams who have missed the POINT!!! Derrrrrrr!!!!
            Not only did you miss that point, but you missed the part of the article that distinctly credited Dr Gorka with helping to EXPOSE Obama’s treason, “Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair in Military Theory at the Marine Corps University, has accused the Obama administration of treason for manipulating intelligence in order to keep the American public in the dark about the fight against ISIS.” You illiterate, head up your ass fucktard!

          • That is an imbecilic statement. This all-pervading noise of cow-bells and flatulence into which your comments settle is distressing.

  2. These people had better repent and ask Jesus to forgive their sins or they will certainly only have the lake of fire to look forward to. They have been entrusted with leadership roles. If they are abusing their position, they will have to pay for that. No one gets away with anything. They can lie here, but not when they stand before God to answer for how they lived. Need to have your sins forgiven?

  3. While frankly I agree with John’s statement below – I will leave their fate and punishment for breaching the public trust to both the law of the land (if we’re lucky) and to GOD if nothing happens to them on this earth as a result of their mis-deeds. The people of the US are gentle and want to believe in their leaders. Sadly, all they get is manipulation, sound bites, and half-truths, lies, and damned lies from the ‘leadership” of this nation.
    Perhaps it is time that some of these elected official were brought to justice and made to face the full consequences of the law – up to and including the death penalty if found guilty of Treason.
    The backroom dealings, the bags of cash changing hands, various “foundations” claiming tax exempt status when they exist to mainly pad the pockets of various politicians and pay off others – enough is enough! What the hell have we put into office? From the Senate, to the Congress. to the White House – to describe them as mere “scoundrels” is to flatter them and minimizes their lying, thieving, and self-serving actions If there are some whose crimes have reached the legal definition of actual ACTS of TREASON against the United States of America – then they should face trial in a court of law and if convicted, the Lethal Injection or whatever means the Federal Government now uses to administer the most awful penalty. While horrible to contemplate, such a trial and execution if found guilty, would serve to put the fear of GOD and TRUTH into the remainder of our elected officials and might, just might be sufficient to scare them into either cleaning up their act, or immediate retirement from public life. Either would be acceptable for those whose crimes do not reach the level of actual treason and betrayal of our nation.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA? More correctly “GOD SAVE AMERICA” should be our current prayer.

    • Why don’t you open your eyes and wake up! Everyone with a brain watching this pos knows he’s committed treason. He’s been protected and the republican establishment has been in on it. Now that we are in almost complete free fall and the beast is running all the stops are coming out!

    • That will never happen. She is hand picked for the specific purpose of never indicting him or anyone else he deems untouchable. That pig holder was the same.

    • Trump will never go after Obama. Why? Simple. Obama is a Black Man, and in going after Obama, Trump will lose nearly all support and trust from the non-white community. And, he will fail to go after Hillary. Why? She is a woman. If he nails Hillary (as he should) he will lose support of most of the female population. Best that both Hillary and Obama simply vanish into leisure and paradise somewhere that they won’t both anyone anymore. They can both spend the rest of their lives “taking it easy”!

    • Because they were waiting for the rino’s to do something first. Now that we are on the brink of collapse and she will finish the job, all the stops are out.

      • I predict a lot of Rinos will regret not doing something about Obama and company. I will never believe they were totally in the dark.

  4. C’mon man! More dog and pony shows to keep you in the illusion of a democratic republic. They will never threaten Hillary. This country is gone!

  5. OH,that is the funnyist thing I ever heard,AMERICA execute a TERRORIST CRIMINAL FOR TREASON…..queers and Cowards don’t execute anyone,they only die,and watch as their family die,BUT stand up…what america are they talking about,IT sure ain’t the one I live in,IN the america I live in the GIRLYMEN are as yellow as a banana,stone cowards who DO NOT FIGHT BACK,they run and hide in their closets(jeremiah 51:30)it won’t be hard for the UN MILITARY to find them,the BIBLE tells them right where to look……

  6. The FBI is as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. They will work to minimize and eliminate as many leads and connections as possible. Treason runs deep in America. Hillary and “Bobo” Soetoro Obama would have never been able to do what they have done without the complicity of the FBI and other infiltrated and compromised FASCIST MARXIST NAZI groups, infiltrated into our Govt. Time to clean house. Time for these traitors to be EXECUTED. Begin with the Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Bankers at the SOURCE. God does not bleed.

  7. an Obomination appointee named BHARARA?????
    CAUTION RED ALERT>>> RED ALERT… we are being set up
    when the rag head finds her innocent… they say SEE… nothing to see here!~
    Hard nosed?….. yeah — with that bulbous snout stuck firmly up her backside

  8. AMERICA no longer has the will to be free,YOUR us constitution is on the edge of being lost because you have allowed the whores to turn your boys into queers and pussies,and they have ZERO FUTURE the way things are now,either you wake up or you become slaves forever…..

  9. Trump would become a hero if he took down Obama and Hillary . Trump loosing 15% of the minority voters population is chump change. Minority’s did not elect Obama. They just make the most noise.

  10. this headline, just got me to thinking, , Could the people of the USA call for indictment , a trial and successful prosecution of an ex President ? And then hang him ? Wouldn’t that be cool to do this to Barry ? Would the hanging be on TV for free ? Or pay-per-view. . . .

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