BOMBSHELL: Comey Held Secret Obama White House Meeting Before The Inauguration #Obamaknew – ALSO: Rice Sent Suspicious Letter About Obama, Comey

Obama knew.
FBI Director James Comey held a secret Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama two weeks before Trump’s inauguration and may have deliberately misled Congress about it, according to an email sent by National Security Advisor Susan Rice that GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham partially unclassified.
The meeting — which Comey never previously disclosed to Congress — occurred in the White House on Jan. 5, 2017. It included Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Rice deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and Comey. The topic of the meeting was potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
By failing to inform the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the meeting in his June 8, 2017, testimony, Comey may have deliberately and intentionally misled Congress about his interactions with the former president, especially a meeting so close to Trump entering the White House.
“President Obama had a brief follow-on conversation with FBI Director Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the Oval Office,” Rice wrote in an email written the day before the inauguration.
On Her Last Day In Office, Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice Sent Suspicious Letter About Obama, Comey, Trump-Russia Collusion Meeting
Dear Diary 1/20/2017
Today was my last day in office. Just like every other day I did not commit any crimes and President Obama told me to always follow the rules and not to ever commit any crimes ever. I will sure miss my time in office where I did not commit any crimes especially as relates to spying on Donald Trump, unmasking Americans for political purposes and weaponizing the surveillance state in an effort to rig, and then overturn an election. Also President Obama told me to always follow the rules and never commit any crimes ever; which is exactly why I have never committed any crimes and if I am ever accused of committing any crimes people can look back on this entry and see very clearly that not only did I not ever commit any crimes but President Obama very clearly told me not to ever commit any crimes. In fact his exact words to me were, “I know you have never committed any crimes, but please remember that I don’t ever want you to commit any crimes, because I have never committed any crimes.”
Also I had lunch with Joe Biden in the cafeteria today and shared my chocolate milk and sugar cookie with him. He is such a dreamboat.
-Susan Rice