BOMBSHELL: Newly Release Strzok Text Messages Suggest "Behind the Scenes" Collusion between McCabe, Strzok, Comey and MUELLER

Mueller was fulling in on it…… THis is HUGH!
One of the questions on the Security Clearance questionnaire is “Have you or have you ever been a member of an organization to overthrow the US government? “. Stroyk, Mueller, Comey, Lynch, Rice, and Hillary all fail!
BOMBSHELL: Newly Release Strzok Text Messages Suggest “Behind the Scenes” Collusion between Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Jim Comey and Robert Mueller
6/4/2017 2nd page

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Please when you get a chance, plug with Aaron all the behind the scenes work I did with Andy, Jim, etc to get this result. Andy was NOT going to do it just based on Mueller’s convo with him – he didn’t understand what the problem was. AND I did a lot of work to help him understand that XXXX was also not the right guy… 

Last page 28 – 3rd from the bottom.
h/t Etheric Traveler


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