Boosterless Europeans to Have Corona Passports Disabled

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The EU has announced that vaccinated individuals who fail to get their booster are to have their Coronavirus passes disabled, in a move that has been called ‘tyrannical’.

The European Union has agreed that those who are considered fully vaccinated will nevertheless have their EU COVID passes disabled after nine months, should they fail to get a booster jab, in a move that has been lambasted by one MEP as ‘tyrannical’.

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It follows a French announcement last week that individuals who were once considered fully vaccinated will begin to have their domestic “Health Passes” disabled from the centralised database unless they get themselves boosted within a given period.

According to a statement posted on the European Commission website, passes belonging to boosterless individuals will now have a “binding acceptance period” of exactly 270 days.

Once that period has elapsed, the certs will cease to function.


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