BORDERgate: Soros-Funded Border Crashing All About Covert Formation of North American Union

by State of the Nation

New World Order Agenda Advancing with RINO Betrayal and Democrat Treason

Take a close look at all the young military-age men in this walking caravan that previously approached the southwest American border.

What the heck is really going on at the border?

The plot is much bigger and dangerous than anyone knows!

State of the Nation

SOTN Editor’s Note: The Powers That Be are up to something very serious.  The unrelenting invasions of illegal aliens at the southwest border are not only getting worse, they are being stealthily engineered with highly purposeful design in preparation for the 2020 elections.  With the increasing numbers of urban war refugees and economic immigrants crashing the border from South and Central, so, too, are ISIS terrorists, MS-13 criminal gang members, Gladio-directed mercenaries and other extremely dangerous elements surreptitiously infiltrating America.  See: Massive Invasion of Illegal Aliens Breaks All-time Record at Southwest Border

Soros & Company

We have seen this same story before as Soros & Company destroyed the European Union as well as many of its member states.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CISIS: Soros has bought the Democrats just as he installed so may EU MEPs who destroyed Europe

As a Rothschild bagman, George Soros has helped commandeer a similar invasion… right at the U.S.-Mexican border.

The purposes of this conspiratorial nation-busting scheme are many and diverse.  The primary goals is explained here: The Most Dangerous Plot to Bring Down America from Within.  What follows are some of the highlights:

(1) This clandestine multi-decade scheme to overrun the USA with illegal immigrants has many purposes and outcomes, most of which are occurring well below the radar.  For example, the massive influx of illegal aliens is overwhelming social services with deliberate intention in those states and cities that become their final destinations.

(2) Each and every illegal alien and/or their means of conveyance by which they unlawfully cross the border is a potential mule for the ever-burgeoning drug trafficking.  Because so many drug dealers, drug traffickers, drug lords and related criminal elements are able to freely cross the border, the illicit money flows in both directions—BIG TIME.  This dirty money is then laundered by many ‘respectable’ banks in California who come to rely on the ever-increasing new deposits.

(3) The percentage of military-age men crossing the border has always been disproportionately high.  These male illegals are made promises of a fast path to U.S. citizenship should they be recruited by any of the U.S. Armed Forces.  In short, they are encouraged to come to the states to become cannon fodder for so many unprovoked wars of naked aggression waged by the American Empire around the world.

(4) The countless illegal immigrants are especially looked at by the Democrat Party as new voters who will help them take back the presidency as well as many statehouses across the nation.  The Left needs all the help they can get in light of their patently treasonous agenda.  With so many walkaway Democrats leaving the sinking ship, the DNC knows that the only solution is to support illegal immigration 24/7.  These transparent traitors in Congress have even — quite incredibly — voted to do this: House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting 

The preceding list goes on, and on, and on, in ways that boggle the mind, unless you’re George Soros.  A partial list of significant reasons for this wholly manufactured immigration crisis has been compiled in several SOTN articles over the years.  For those who want the real back story, please read the following article:

“THE OPEN BORDER”: A Highly Organized Conspiracy to Undermine the Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty of the American Republic

The bottom line here is that Deep State has greatly intensified its plans to collapse the American Republic.

Between now and Election Day 2020, the USA will witness unparalleled assaults on its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

Many of these assaults will take the form of stealth invasions that are depicted both in cover-up articles published by the Mainstream Media as well as in exposés from the Alt Media.

New World Order agenda advanced

Very few are aware but these immigrant invasions are but a single prong of the central strategy of the New World Order agenda to destroy nation-states across the planet.

The very reason for the fabrication of the European Union was to eventually dissolve each nation in Europe.  First, Merkel, Macron, Blair, Renzi and other obvious Manchurian Candidates were quite purposefully and treacherously installed into their respective leadership positions.  Once in, they were nothing but pawns of Soros & Company funding manipulations, and especially tools for the NWO globalist cabal.

Well, the very same phenomenon is occurring in North America in the interest of revitalizing the globalist scheme known as the country-collapsing North American Union.  Who doesn’t know about the “Pretty Boy” revolutions that were furtively carried out but which have each run into major obstacles?

“Pretty Boy” Revolutions Funded by George Soros Executed to Transform the West into a Communist Paradise

What’s of paramount importance is for the transnational Patriot Movement in North America to understand that the globalists are on a very serious mission to make the North American Union (NAU) a grim reality.  If that happens, Americans will become conspicuous slaves just like every European is now, who is without a sovereign nation and merely an indentured servant to Brussels.

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In fact, there are highly consequential events taking place at this very moment throughout North America that indicate the NAU is manifesting like never before. See: “North American Union” Sees Major Movement with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Pushing USMCA Coalition

The only way that the NWO agenda can really work is for national sovereignty to be terminated and territorial integrity obliterated.  Only in this way can a homogeneous work force be created that will fill corporate labor needs in an efficient and seamless way.  As long as the corporatocracy is pushing for the establishment of the NAU, it will be extremely difficult to stop its formation.

When the power elite aggressively promoted the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), you knew something is very wrong with it.  The stark reality is that this expeditiously signed agreement was shoehorned into place because it’s really a ‘new and improved’ version of “NAFTA plus TPP”.  See: USMCA is a Trick, North American Union Still in the Works (Video)

European Union model of national destruction

Who has not viewed with horror the predicament — past and present — the ongoing and free-fall collapse of the European Union?  To even call the utter devastation of the Continent an unmitigated disaster is a gross understatement.  And, yet, that’s exactly the same model of national destruction being perpetrated against the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The deceitful buzzwords of globalism are multiculturalism and sustainable development, open borders and unfettered immigration.  These and other carefully constructed memes and slogans have been thrown around by the globalist-controlled Mainstream Media(MSM) with great purpose for many years.

Each generation of the U.S. citizenry has been socially engineered over decades to accept globalization as a good thing when in actuality its primary goal is to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few Zio-Anglo-American oligarchs, select multinational corporations run by The Company (aka the C.I.A.) and wealthy Illuminati families such as those which comprise the Black Nobility.

In point of fact, the “European Model” was so successful at destroying Europe’s rich and diverse cultures that the same NWO perps are using it with great effect in the U.S. and Canada.  Their ultimate objective is to transform North America into a totalitarian communist superstate modeled after the European Union, as well as the Soviet Union but without the “gulag archipelago’; unless, of course, there develops a need to convert the local unoccupied Walmarts into FEMA re-education camps.

European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe


Pretty darn scary, huh?

That’s what happens after the RINOs permitted the highly deceitful Manchurian Candidate known as Barack Hussein Obama to create his Obamanation.[1]  Now that each of the major states and/or regions of the country have their very own “Sodom and Gomorrah” how, pray tell, will they each be disestablished?!

Let’s see: California has LA and San Fran.  The Northeast has NYC and Philadelphia.  Texas has Austin and Houston.  Florida has Broward County and Miami.   The Midwest has Chicago and Detroit as the Mountain states have Denver and Las Vegas.  The Pacific Northwest has Seattle and Portland.  The Mid-Atlantic region has D.C. and Baltimore.  Truly, a “Sodom and Gomorrah” was stealthily and strategically sited in all the vital parts of the country for the future staging of the Deep State’s Purple Revolution.

Now add millions of illegal aliens into the mix in each of these sanctuary cities and states.  In so doing the traitorous Democrats are attempting to guarantee essential victories in those electoral-rich states in order to win the 2020 POTUS election.

It’s never been so critical for the Democrats to win both the presidency and the Congress, as they plan to never relinquish power again once their puppet is in the White House.  Most folks are oblivious to the reality that the Democrat Party was completely taken over by the Communist Party, and that they will never give up their power again.  Their recent history of violence via black ops conducted by AntiFa and Black Lives Matter shows that they will become violent bolsheviks in order to strengthen their hold on any power whatsoever.

For these and many other quite obvious reasons, the Democrats can never again be allowed to control the Executive Branch, nor can they be permitted to steal the elections necessary to control Congress as they stole those that helped them regain the House majority during the 2018 midterms.

Bottom Line: The Democrat Party must be dissolved for the good of the country.  It answers directly to a foreign entity that only seeks the total destruction of the American Republic in favor of the globalization of the entire planetary civilization administered by a tyrannical One World Government.

Only when there is a critical mass of illegal aliens unlawfully voting in America will this subversive conspiracy realize its nefarious ambitions.  Which is precisely why there must be a border wall and security system set up along the Mexican border to prevent the current unacceptable situation of uncontrolled illegal immigration.

State of the Nation
March 11, 2019


[1] How Cultural Marxism was used to create an American “Sodom and Gomorrah”

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