BOSTON launches poster campaign to combat so-called “Islamophobia”

by BNI

But nothing at all to combat “Christophobia” or “Judeophobia,”  let alone terrorist attacks by Muslims and anti-American/anti-infidel hate speech by Islamic leaders in mosques all over America.

FOX News  Boston has launched a new public service campaign to fight justified anti-Islam sentiment by offering the public ways to address aggression toward Muslims because of their appearance or beliefs.

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The campaign launched Monday involves 50 posters that provide a step-by-step guide to handling when someone is being harassed. They will be posted on bus stop benches and other public places around the city.

Titled “What to do if you are witnessing Islamophobic harassment,” the posters encourage people to engage with the person who is being targeted and to draw attention away from the harasser. The technique is called “non-complementary behavior,” and is intended to disempower an aggressive person by countering their expectations.

“These posters are one tool we have to send the message that all are welcome in Boston,” Mayor Marty Walsh said. “Education is key to fighting intolerance, and these posters share a simple strategy for engaging with those around you.”

The city’s Islamic community, especially designated terrorist group CAIR lauded the campaign.
“We encourage all of our fellow Bostonians to apply the approach in these posters to anyone targeted — whether Muslim, Latino or otherwise,” said Suzan El-Rayess, civic engagement director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

San Francisco has a similar campaign. Thea Colman, whose sister had worked with San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit to have posters installed throughout that system, approached Walsh’s office. The posters, designed by French artist Maeril, will stay up for six months.


7 thoughts on “BOSTON launches poster campaign to combat so-called “Islamophobia””

  1. another SHAYS rebellion, western mass. did it before, when the corruption in Boston was less than NOW!
    Mass. is the most CORRUPT state outside NY.
    They are covering up the crimes in the state house, dismantling and making laws that are totally UNconstitutional on the Cannabis vote.
    SO you get in an angry fight with somebody because YOU LIKE RAGHEADS? VERY STUPID!

  2. Jihadists are the snakes, so called peaceful muslims are the grass they hide in. It is way too late to fix the obvious evil intent of islam and I for one am ready for the civil war that needs to happen. ALL muslims need to be deported or eliminated. My attitude is far from being only me. They have brought this on themselves and are to blame.

  3. Wow. Powerful and hard-hitting.
    Except that it’s all BULLSHIT!
    Using phony ‘Boston Bombing’ pics featuring crisis actors?
    Wow. No new low MSM won’t stoop to, is there?
    PS: Usama had nothing to do with attacking Amerika nor 9/11 (come ON! He was a CIA asset, Tim Ossman, for god’s sake), so more false info, BUT……they’re right;
    The US and Israel are THE 2 greatest terrorist nations on earth, with their Axis of Evil buddy, the UK.
    Ho Lee Fuk
    “The US-Israeli-UK alliance (the real axis of evil) alone threatens world stability, peace, and perhaps survival” ~ Stephen Lendman (a Jew himself)

    • They are using terror attacks as a pretext to get heavily armed soldiers, proxy armies and paramilitary groups onto the streets PERMANENTLY, and they are getting the people to beg for it by scaring the shit out of them. They will then work along side police, then eventually be the police. Once they have these troops in place, they will slowly start to integrate foreign troops into the mix and before long there will be africom troops or UN troops walking around your neighborhood with automatic rifles enforcing “the law” (admiralty legal system) at the point of a gun.
      While this process is being undertaken, the gun control lobby works at the other end scaring people about guns, and making people think guns=BAD. It’s all commie jew psycho babble. We had a “gun amnesty” here where they had dramatic music on the news with 2 cops holding AIR RIFLES that were handed in (38 guns total ) saying how much safer the community is…..and then admitting 10 seconds later there are still THOUSANDS out there that are “unregistered”.
      The muslim community doesn’t do much to combat extremists because they are like the SAYANIM, just sleepers in the background. They are being forced into western countries by jewish agents in government and NGOs sponsored by the government (Barbara Spectre) or rich jews like Soros. They will arm these muslims with guns and lies about how they need to be in control.
      I spoke to muslims on the mean streets of MANILA, PHILIPPINES, who said they LOVE ISRAEL because ISRAEL gives them weapons and money to fight the government. It made sense to me because years earlier I had seen ISRAELI made weapons seized by police (see video below) The jews are using both muslims and Christians to fight each other. It is EXACTLY what Albert Pike wrote about all those years ago.
      Evangelicos BLIND OBEDIENCE to Israel is just as ridiculous as Muslims worshiping pedophiles. Mention
      metzitzah b’peh to Christians and they give you a blank stare. Why Michael Snyder can’t see the obvious is beyond me.
      People need to drop all their preconceived notions about the world and understand virtually all of it goes through a jewish filter, and has been heavily edited.


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