Brazil next to collapse; Truckers strike is harming the distribution food, fuel and other goods, including exportation and importation of product


Brazilian truckers on Tuesday staged a second day of strikes and road blockages to protest rising fuel costs.

Major roads in nearly all the 27 states saw some level of blockades, the Federal Highway Police said in a statement.

The worst hit were Mato Grosso and Goias in the center, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro in the southeast and Parana and Santa Catarina in the south.

Brasilia’s international airport was forced to “take more caution” over fuel use to keep planes on schedule.


A Brazil-wide truck strike to protest rising fuel costs forced the airport in the capital Brasilia on Wednesday to ban aircraft requiring refueling, and blocked highways, snarling food and even mail deliveries.

Brasilia’s international airport said that the drying up of fuel deliveries meant it could not resupply aircraft.

“Only aircraft capable of taking off without needing to refuel will (be allowed to) land at Brasilia Airport,” it said in a statement.

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Here in my town some gas stations are empty and some foods are starting to end in the supermarkets  and the president seems like he don’t care about the chaotic situation of the country.

The price of the gasoline liter is around 5 reais (1.37 dollars) and it’s climbing. In some places the price is around 9 reais (2.45 dollars). The exportation & importation of products is also affected; a lot of ships are anchored completely full because there aren’t trucks to transport the products. Basically, we’re f*cked.


Yesterday, Petrobrás’ leaders tried to cut the taxes off by 10%, but the truckers said this will not solve the solution.

Today the deputies’ chamber just approved an emergency action that take down a tax called PIS/Cofins under the diesel, attempting to reduce the diesel price. The leader of the Truckers’ Association of Brazil (ABCAM) said the strike will be suspended only if the measure be published in the country’s federal register (Diário Oficial).

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The Rio de Janeiro bus system was cut down by 50% because of the lack of fuel. The city of São Paulo is in complete chaos – fuel is lacking in the Congonhas Airport. In the northeast, the airports from Recife, Palmas, Maceió and Aracaju are also in the same situation as Congonhas. In my town a lot of gas stations have closed because they’re out of gasoline.

Literally, nothing get out or get in from the country.

It could happen in the USA next.

The mass gas shortage in Brazil is spreading. Locals are waiting in super long lines to get whatever amount of gas they can. It seems the MSM are not really saying to much about what is happening.



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