BREAKING: Carrfire now at 44,450 acres in Redding California, 110 degrees today, dozens homes destroyed, 2 fatalities… Deadly wildfire ‘taking down everything in path’!

Carrfire now at 44,450 acres in Redding California! 110 degrees today! Dozens homes destroyed! 2 fatalities!

The #CarrFire is “taking down everything in its path,” officials say.

• Thousands of people forced to evacuate in northern California
• Dozens of homes destroyed
• At least one person has died
• At least three firefighters were injured

Deadly Northern California wildfire ‘taking down everything in its path,’ spawning firenadoes

The Carr Fire in Northern California that has claimed the life of a bulldozer operator and injured at least three firefighters is “taking everything down in its path,” a fire official said.