BREAKING….Dominic Raab mauled by Twitter trollstorm as desperate Brits ask, “Where is the defence of Brexit?”

by John Ward


On his first media outing with Michel Barnier two weeks ago, new UK Brexit Minister Dominic Raab was a model of positive optimism who went out of his way say how keen he was to get a mutually beneficial Brexit trade deal signed. But as with everyone else (from Yanis Varoufakis via Viktor Orban to David Davis and now the Italian Coalition) Raab has quickly realised that Brussels is only interested in threats, delays and blamestorming. Last week there were hints from elected EU politicians that ‘Stonewall’ Barnier would be moved sideways in order that a more reasonable deal could be brokered. The fact that this hasn’t happened – and Mickey Mouse the Sorcerer’s apprentice defiantly claims he is staying put – tells every open mind where the power really lies in the European Union.


Following his interview this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Dominic Raab has been subjected on Twitter to a Tsunami of Remainoid hysterics screaming their heads off about a wide variety of futures, none of which are evidenced in any credible manner at all. The action is so obviously orchestrated – no doubt by the same loons insisting that the Russians are manipulating electoral decisions all over the world: if they are (and I don’t doubt they are trying) then it’s impossible to spot their work anywhere in relation to Brexit.

Read the comment threads at newspapers and on prominent blogs; doing so is enlightening. Over and over again, pro-Brexit UK citizens ask two questions: first, never mind all this terribly exciting cloak and dagger Parliamentary plotting, where is the coordination of a popular outcry against ignorant ideologues perverting the course of democratic process? And second, can we just dispense with the cloak and plunge the dagger into Theresa May before she does any more damage to our cause around the capitals of Europe?

It’s not as if the Brexiteer majority are short of hard information that proves the la-la-la-landers in Belgium are in the most God-awful mess…..and, as usual, switching off their primary senses in a bid to look “in control”.

earsmerkel.PNG Already going about what’s left of her Chancellorship as if EU migrants were simply going to go away, Angela Merkel this week ignored questions about the Turkish lira, ruled out any financial package to help Rome, and blanked the Italian government’s seeming determination to expand expenditure on infrastructure. We are watching a re-run of the EU’s behaviour during the 2009 banking crisis.

It seems she is too busy plotting to get the top Commission President’s job for a German ally to bother about the collapse of her Empire. And of course, as the EC Presidency is far too important a job to leave to The People – and Germany is the richest ( and most multiply forgiven) country in the EU – well – alles Klar! -that’s well within her gift. Having spent her training under the tutelage of Honneker Rules, this sort of thing comes naturally to unsere geliebte Führerin. 

earsjuncker.PNG It’s hard to see what could go wrong with this foolproof method of choosing a President, given that last time it resulted in Jean-Claude Juncker getting the job. Regular readers will know that Herr Drunker has been a model President with an unfortunate habit of falling off the catwalk due to back injuries caused by 37 Tia Marias of an afternoon.

Hard at work right up to the end of his Presidential stint, Plonker was photographed binge-drinking shots with Arnold Schwarzenegger two days ago. Still keen to reassure those onlookers who doubt the EU’s aim to control the entire Solar System by 2024, he praised Spain’s “more flexible” approach to their own banking crisis by helpfully pointing out that “Spain is not Italy”. He didn’t enlarge on what Italy is, because Italy is beyond help….even the sort of miraculous help that enabled Greece to exit the “bailout” programme last week owing €60 billion more than it did when it initially sought help. With help like that, who needs detractors?

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So what news of those who would rescue us from the machinations of morons mustard-keen to destroy our democratic way of life by collaborating with Brussels and the Burqa?

Well, the pro-Brexit Conservative MP and supporter of Boris Johnson Andrea Jenkyns has called for a change to the Party election rules so as to give BoJo a better chance of winning the leadership. This follows the surprising revelation that an ICM survey for the Guardian found voters believe the Tories would be more likely to lose the next election if May was replaced by Johnson or others.

Chief among the “others” is Jacob Rees-Mogg. The Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg (now universally dubbed ‘hardline’ because he wants Sovereign Brexit) has implored Theresa May to “chuck Chequers” and “believe in Britain” in his latest bid to spearhead a Brexiteer revolt in the Commons. But he has disowned calls by Leave.EU and Jenkyns for Brexit activists to join the Conservative party to support him in a potential future leadership bid. Or, of course, his competitor Boris Johnson.

So the Brexit Battalions are clearly united and utterly, radically, enthusiastically, irreversibly, irrefutably committed to a national movement to get all we Leave voters the Sovereign Brexit we want. But nothing too populist mind, because that would be vulgar.

Oh dear. He we are with Britain absolutely in the driving seat and potentially leading opinion in the battle to liberate Europe from corporate governance. And here we also are with a corporate State Tory Party collaborating with the nerve centre of that anti-democratic Superstate, an Opposition all for the same thing as they perceive it to be a benign social democracy, and a divided Tory ginger group failing to give any populist leadership to the liberators.

I leave you with but one example of the idiocy of those on the wrong side of history:


This clown – a man who would choose Cadbury’s Flake over an oak beam every time as the best building support – is the best that those who oppose us can come up with.

Yet they are winning.

It is an unbelievable disgrace.


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