Breaking: New Poll Shows Senate Democrats Losing in 5 states they currently hold!

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Five Senate Democrats would lose to Republican candidates if the elections were held today and three have approval ratings under 50%, according to new Axios/SurveyMonkey polls.

Data: SurveyMonkey polls conducted February 12-March 5, 2018Poll Methodology; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios
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Why it matters: Democrats are defending 10 Senate seats in states that President Trump won in 2016. In six of those states, Trump’s approval is higher than 50% (compared to 43% nationally). These numbers underscore how hard it will be for Democrats to pick up the two seats needed to win the majority despite Trump’s troubles.

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The most vulnerable senators are Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Tester in Montana and Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Each of their approval ratings is either under 50% or just above it, while Trump’s is well above that in all three states.

The least vulnerable senators are Bill Nelson of Florida, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Trump’s approval is at just 46% in Florida and Pennsylvania and 54% in Ohio.
If midterm elections were held today, five Senate Democrats would lose to Republicans, according to new surveys by Axios/SurveyMonkey.
In six of the 10 states with seats up for grabs, President Trump’s approval rating is higher than his national rating.
The election is still months away and several Republican candidates have yet to be named, so these numbers will most likely change.

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Democrats are heading toward some big losses in midterm Senate races, polls say from CNBC.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking: New Poll Shows Senate Democrats Losing in 5 states they currently hold!

  1. Wow! That’s news!!!! MSM would have you believe that the Dems are getting ready to “take back”!!! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if once again Trump Trumped them? They lose MORE seats in both houses than they have now! After 2017, ANYTHING is possible!!! MAGA!
    If Trump pulls off the NK de escalation and unifies both, which they’ve wanted to do, you can’t tell me that this won’t sway even the hardest opinion. Yes, yes, I know, Mueller will be digging up Trump’s parents for post autopsy autopsy…but that will go on for the next 7 years!!! LOL MAGA~

  2. Comes July and the DoJ opens the 13,500 sealed indictments, and there will be no Democratic Party.
    All Trump has to do is get the Military to declare ‘Peace’ and come home, then he will able to do a Putin or Xi and get elected for life.

  3. Don’t forget that they’ll just use the Roy Moore strategy again. You don’t need proof, the accusation that one candidate molested a child or something is enough to throw a 70:30 election the other way, regardless of whether or not there’s any truth to it, as long as the media claim it’s true 24×7.
    As the elections draw closer, one of the “dangerous” candidates suddenly turns out to be a serial child molester. Another one is caught on CGIcamera shooting a friendly dog. Another one had his campaign financed by Russia.
    And don’t fall for the fake R vs. D division — it goes both ways. If there’s a Bush, McCain, Rubio or one of their ilk running against a non-establishment Democrat, of course the Democrat will be the one who rapes children, eats kittens and has his campaign jointly financed by Russia, North Korea and Iran.

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