BREAKING NEWS: Russia Backs China’s Call To Stop North Korea Nuke Tests In Exchange For Halt In US-South Korea Drills.

by Pamela Williams
OK…now it is all making sense.  We have been in an argument with South Korea about the THAAD Missile System.  South Korea does not want it, and now we know why.  If we do not take this system back, well, we must take it back.
This is the key to stopping this war.  We must stop military exercises with South Korea.  Then Russia and China can get North Korea in line.  North Korea has not accepted these exercises from the very beginning.
We have to consider this and consider it now.  There is not time to wait.
Russia has supported a Chinese initiative in the UNSC intended to stabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula. It calls on the North to refrain from missile and nuclear testing, while the US and South Korea should halt military drills in the area.
“Members of the [UN] Security Council have unanimously called upon DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] to stop missile and nuclear tests and to fulfil UNSC resolutions,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday following a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session held in New York earlier on Friday.
The UNSC called for a political and diplomatic solution to the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the ministry added.
“In this context, the Russian Federation supported a Chinese proposal for a ‘double suspension’ (Pyongyang is to stop missile and nuclear tests and the US and South Korean militaries are to halt drills near North Korea) as a starting point for political negotiations.”
However, the council was not able to agree on a common solution, the ministry added.
The UNSC session was joined by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, who urged Washington and Seoul to reconsider their decision to station a THAAD anti-missile system on the Korean Peninsula, warning that it will serve as a “destabilizing factor” in the region.
Gatilov said the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) had been deployed “in line with the vicious logic of creating a global missile shield,” while warning that it is also undermining the security and deterrent capacities of adjacent states, such as China, thus threatening “the existing military balance in the region.”
Russia Backs China’s Call to Stop N. Korea Nuke Tests In Exchange for Halt In US Drills

Published on Apr 29, 2017
Russia has supported a Chinese initiative in the UNSC intended to stabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula. It calls on the North to refrain from missile and nuclear testing, while the US and South Korea should halt military drills in the area.
“Members of the [UN] Security Council have unanimously called upon DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] to stop missile and nuclear tests and to fulfil UNSC resolutions,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday following a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session held in New York earlier on Friday.
Trump Slams Lil Kim’s Failed Test Launch, Warns Situation Is Bad

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70 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Russia Backs China’s Call To Stop North Korea Nuke Tests In Exchange For Halt In US-South Korea Drills.”

  1. …Stop North Korea Nuke Tests In Exchange For Halt In US-South Korea Drills.
    We’ll stop our front yard target practices if you’ll call off your neighborhood watch program.

  2. It appears clearly that North Korea is the puppet state of Red China. China dictates whether North Korea will test or not! Not the North Korean puppets. China and Russia both want the “THAAD” anti-missile system removed because it gives an unbalanced sway of power in the region toward the US’s favor. Oh now I get it. How stupid of me! Remove THAAD to shift the balance of power toward Red China and Russia’s power! What? The worst military blunder of American policy was in withdrawing from the Korean War without total victory. It probably would have meant America using the Atomic Bomb against Red China and Russia. Our technology was vastly superior to Russia’s. Yes there would have been a great loss of life. Nothing compared to what a nuclear war would be today! Great Britain learned in their peace talks and signed treaties with Adolph Hitler that appeasement of evil leaders does not work! Please do not remove our anti-missile systems. Continue to increase our power as a better deterrent to war. I mentioned a war fought with the outcome of “Total Victory” for the United States of America. General Douglas MacArthur knew nothing about fighting limited wars. Thus began America’s trek of not winning. First North Korea. Then Vietnam, Beirut, Iraq,Afghanistan, etc.. Our American servicemen and women have lost their lives in vain because of this appeasement policy initiated by a Democratic president named Harry S. Truman! President Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur and claimed MacArthur was attempting to start World War Three! MacArthur was trying to prevent World War Three. Most analyst concur that after about 3-4 nuclear bombs had been used against Red China and Russia both would have surrendered in total defeat. Now look at the weapons both nations have obtained to use against the US! Sad. Very sad.

      • Casara, had you have been in charge what do think would have happened? I hope maybe the foresight of bringing nuclear war to an end by use of nuclear weapons for the last time in our history would have prevailed. We had two adversaries- Red China and the Soviet Union. Both were absolute dictators and both had murdered millions of their own countrymen! Each sought nuclear weapons for the destruction of other nations. The US had the nuclear bomb and used against the Japanese to save American lives. One may hear tales of the Japanese wanted to negotiate a peace settlement. They did. Why? Because their butts had been kicked by the US. They would have pressed for time until they had acquired weapons of mass destruction and used them against us. The Germans were very, very close to having the bomb themselves. They too sought to negotiate because the allies had beat them back,up, down, and all around! The US and it’s allies insisted on total surrender. It came. After being conquering heros did we take over and dominate Germany and Japan? No we did not. We helped them to rebuild their nations and both are still democratic societies which have never sought to make war again. Today Russia still seeks to dominate and conquer. Same with China. The US holds them in check. For now. In today’s wartime environment if one nation starts lobbing nukes at another our world can change in a blink! India has nukes aimed at Pakistan. Israel has them aimed at everybody! Iran is hoping to aim theirs at Israel, the US and other middle eastern nations. China has their pointed everywhere. Thousands upon thousands of nuclear warheads with much more power and devastation than those used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “IF”. That tiny little but powerful word! IF the US had kicked the Russians butts immediately after World War Two as suggested by General Douglas MacArthur and General George Patton we would not be in the mess we are now. Had we conquered Russia when it was at it’s strongest and China when it was at it’s weakest this would no doubt be a much better and safer world. The US would not have been seeking war against other nations. We would have prevented others from ever obtaining them! Nothing wrong with that. Today appeasement is done to stop total annihilation of the human race! But there was a time in our history when we ruled for good, not evil. We fought wars to end wars. We demanded total and complete surrender and made nations lay down their arms forever. This could have been. Too late now though. I write too much. Sorry. Later.

        • Whaaaaaat ? Are you serious ?
          USA is not Angel itself:

          And since you mentioned countrys like russia and China, did you know it was zionist jews ( I have nothing against normal Jews ) who caused the Russian holocoust, they were not even Russian but members of zionist Jews who wanted to murder Russian , millions ! Check out the real history man, it was the Russian who ordered the holocoust there-
          Global crime syndicate/ Cabal / satanist have been settin up wars and domestic massacres for centurys, they dont serve any nation/country, they only see one ruler of the World and that is the devil himself-
          Did you know that many US ultra rich people have invested hugely to China, hell even Kissinger have been their trusted friend from -60s ,same goes to Rothchilds from europe, they are very connected, very tied financially Globally.
          And dude, since you mentioned dictatorship, USA is run by dictatorship, democracy itself is a SCAM, A HOAX TO SERVE THE ELITES, IT`S A MASKED DICTATORSHIP. USA as so many other countrys today are run by the people who own the corporations, it is just a smokescreen to get people to believe democracy and all that shit.
          There is no real power on the people where is cabal run democracy in any country!!!!

          • Much of what you say is true. Very true. I am saying there were persons who realized there was a chance for the United States to have had “COMPLETE” control of the nuclear weapons. A small window of opportunity. The US would have been the only ones possessing any. Do you think if America was the only nuclear power we would have used them against other nations? I don’t. When we look at the leaders of the three nations at the time- Stalin of the Soviet Union. He murdered MILLIONS of his own countrymen to stay in power. Chang ki Shek- Red China. ( I am not sure of spelling of his name) He murdered MILLIONS of his countrymen to stay in power. Harry S. Truman- United States- He served two terms and went home. did not murder his own countrymen to stay in power.
            What you say about the extremely rich persons of Jewish heritage is true. Jesus Christ said they call themselves Jews but are not. They are of the Synagogue of Satan or Church of Satan. The Rothchilds are at the top of the heep. Their real name is not Rothchild but something I can’t remember. These and many more seek to have a one world government. George Soros is in there with them also. The world is a messed up place. President Trump I hope is trying for change. His hands are tied by the same persons. When I see all so many in opposition to him and the changes he wants being opposed- “I must conclude either I am with him or against him. Right now I am for him until he proves himself differently.

          • Dear Ronny, There is allready the silent massacre in the United States Of America people ,as is in many other Western countrys. The methods have changed from Soviet USSR gulag prison places. Now they go with toxic food, toxic water, EMF radiations, generally heavy metals, chemtrails…In the old times it was bullets or starvation . Things and methods have changed from early 1900-mid 1900s…Not to mention their loved method doctors & big pharma that kill`s every year tons of people not just in the USA but everywhere..
            I am from Europe and same methods are in use here, they try to make us eat Monsanto roundup ,GMO , or other toxic pesticide foods, etc etc…
            On the same time , Russia has banned Both Monsanto and GMO, like they are actually trying to protect their citizens ..
            If America was the only nuclear power then, i dont see usa would have use it againts other nations, still i think it was not right to use it for Japan, becouse of it nature , a mass destruction weapon.
            And , im am not sure but the nuclear tehchology to make the bomb was given to USSR from usa by spys , not sure about this thought.
            It`s a divide and conquer algorithm from the beginnen, George Soros and like are the scum who make it happen.
            But hear me! We are not so all so different, we are all humans , and also the religious wars has been last 100 years or so have been very much manufactured my the elite scum. Even muslims and Christians and Jews have lived peacefully in earlyer times. The world is a messed up place, but mostly becouse of the ruling elite who mostly seek and prefer destruction, wars, suffering Globally.
            There is Only God who can save us from this mess

          • My point in my post was the history of what happened in the Korean War and the outcome could have been different. I’m not Monday quarterbacking here. There were persons with visionary insight as to how this time could play out. Basically it boils down to this. The US can fight the Soviet Union and Red China together and win because of their strength and technology. They are weaker than you today. Or you can wait until both have gained their own nuclear war capabilities and strengthened their military and they may kick your “A-sss! We did not start the Korean War. The North Korean military had been trained by the Soviet Union and were using Soviet made equipment. The North Koreans invaded South Korea. We had pledged to support the in remaining a democratic society. Then the Americans came in and started driving the North Koreans back into North Korea. North Korea was a hard fought inch by inch war at first. General MacArthur pulled off one of the greatest military maneuvers by coming in through Inchon. It is still used today in planning! Once the Americans got rolling and were kickin’ butt, the Chinese and Moscow started crying peace talks- peace talks.
            The damn liberals had their way in Washington and started negotiating with the B-astards! MacArthur did not understand any of this. He had said- China and Russia started a war. We came and whipped their A-sss and plan on kicking it all the way back to Peking and further! And now you want to talk! He asked Truman for 10-20 nuclear bombs and had planned on how he wanted to use them. Truman said no. Then MacArthur’s men would get up so far to the 38th parallel and could shoot at them. Finally he got really pissed and crossed the Yellow River
            and was still chasing their A-sses when Truman fired him. Then our libtard Democrats negotiated a cease fire and here we are with North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, ad infinitum wanting to stick nukes up our A-sses and send us on out for further space exploration!
            AS for your comment about it wrong to use The Bomb against Japan we were right. The entire Pacific Ocean island hopping was a bloody damn mess! On every island- Tarawa, Saipan, Corrigidor, Guadalcanal, Guam, Okinawa, and more the Japanese had proven they would not surrender. Thousands were dying at those islands and at sea every time a battle took place. When the Japanese had virtually lost the war they started flying Kamikaze planes into our carriers and ships which killed thousands of American lives! On Okinawa the civilian population had been told the Americans would eat them alive and they should commit suicide. Many did. Throw their kids off the mountains into the rocks and then jump themselves. This island is closest to the Japanese homeland. Already women and children had been trained to use anything available to kill Americans. They were to strap grenades to themselves. It is estimated over one million Japanese soldirs and civilians would perish and along with that a half million or more American lives would be lost! The total loss for both bombs at Hiroshima and Nagazaki were under 200K in losses. Numbers were important but anymore loss of American lives was not acceptable. Had President Truman have not used The Bomb and it could have ended the war- “He would have been Shot! Dropping the bomb was the right decision to save American lives!

        • If I were in charge, barter trade would be the currency of Nations. Science would bring Nations together in brainstorming sessions, Certain areas would be given to communities to work together on herb and medicinal gardens. There would be free healthcare, and natural medicine would be studied and taught within communities. Each community would build small homes for its citizens. Shelter would be a human right, and communities would have a community shelter for those passing through. Again barter would be the currency. Citizens of the world would be required to choose as a trade what they were talented in. Communities would be required to create their own court system, and all who committed a crime would be counseled and required to do community service work. There would be value in everyone, as everyone would be evaluated to discover their innate talent…we all have one.

          • There would be no class system. There would be no big government, as each community would have their own governing body, and it would change yearly. Homes would be built according to the size of the family. All space would be utilized. There would be no reason for war, as all countries would come together to barter resources and do scientific brainstorming.

          • Inspirational thoughs Casara , I can only escape form this all violent, lunatic Wolrd we are living in my own mind level…Wish there would be such a things you descripe

          • Hahaha rainbows and butterflies! Your utopia is an impossibility because the people who run the world will not allow it. But, there is One, only One that will bring your dreamland to reality… and that will happen with the return of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the Millennium. Betty MAY be right. That prophecy MAY apply to current day Syria. If it does, we have 3.5-7 years to see your dream come to pass… IF we can make it through the next few years.

    • And guess what? This is China’s and Russia’s neighborhood. It’s normal that they’d be the leading power there. The US putting THAAD there would be like Russia putting its missile systems into Canada or China deploying a missile shield over Mexico.
      I don’t think anyone in the US would want to see that – so why do we insist on China and Russia accepting our meddling in their part of the world?
      There was indeed a US foreign policy blunder related to the Korean war – but it wasn’t getting out of it, it was getting into it in the first place. Chances are without it, today we’d have a united Korea that is more or less aligned with China – not exactly the US world domination crowd’s wet dream, but very much a stable situation in a multipolar world that works.
      Putting an “enemy” island into the middle of an existing power block (such as US proxy South Korea in Chinese dominated territory or US proxy Israel in Arab dominated territory) never works and always causes more conflict.

      • We put up missile defence systems into Russia and China’s back yard because we can! We are the United States of America! Thus far in our history the longest self-ruled government ever since God created mankind! The idiot community leader we had prior to Trump was a complete and dismal failure. A Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) using her personal laptop to send and receive “Top Secret” information! Then claiming- “I didn’t know it was wrong. Only God and the one’s intercepting those Top Secret revelations know what was in those transmissions! President Trump will take military action against North Korea and the little bad haircut boy knows this. Last week he made a public statement of saying things are so much different now that Trump is the president. He went on to say something to the effect of: “With Obama as president North Korea could do about anything they desired and no one squawked much about it. When a leader leads from a pulpit of fear the news travels fast. That leader is tested and tested over and over again. Obama was tested for eight years. Eight years of failure! His action was inaction! Same situation with North Korea, Russia, the middle east, and Red China. We may get our American A-sses kicked in. We may not.Your comment about the US should never have been in the Korean War in my opinion is wrong. It was not only about Korea but Asia as a whole. The horrendous atrocities committed by the Empire of Japan were still very fresh in the Chinese, Korean, and Russia’s mind. The Japanese were the most brutal and murderous army to have ever existed! The Chinese especially wanted to extract revenge on Japan. They still do and it’s been almost 65-70 years since Japan conquered China. The Gang of Three were hellbent on taking Japan. The US could not allow this. We did not. Neither China nor Russia have been great conquering nations. They are excellent defenders as most nations are when fighting for the home turf. I believe President Trump has a plan which does not involve nuclear weapons. I will not reveal it for fear of it falling into the enemies hands were I to be correct.
        We need a President Trump now! America should get behind him and push him on to protecting and defending America. Later.

          • It is not I who is talking of a world takeover. It is the leader of the Democratic Party- “George Soros”! If you are not aware of this, you are in the majority of Democrats, libs, and a few Republicans. What went wrong with America when Truman was president is history now.The damage has been done and is irrevocable. The US had at fingertips the ability, military might, and the weapon to bring about change for good in the entire globe! We would have been the only “Super Power” in existence today! Whether anyone would have wanted this or not; these are the facts! At the time- 1949-1952 the US had more atomic weapons than the Soviet Union. Red China had none! In this period of time- which of the three would you have wanted to control the world’s stockpile of atomic weapons and prevent any other nation from having them? These are the choices- 1) America 2) Soviet Union 3) Red China
            Today the choices are not there because President Truman and his military chose to stick their heads in the sand and allow this nuclear nightmare the world now faces! Not only did MacArthur recognize this but also many other military minds. I will debate anyone on this issue because it is history! Now look at what faces the world with nuclear weapons at their fingertips! These nations have nukes and will use them! USA, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran ( Obama’s work in progress) and North Korea. Did I miss anyone? I don’t know if the UK has nukes or not. Today we live in a very dangerous world. No weapon has ever been created by man that was not used against mankind! I detest war but if a nation is to have one; have it and get it over with and WIN the damn thing!

            Russia had change to nuke China, they did not, and guess what , now they are allies.
            We have allways lived in a dangerous World my friend, so far not any super power like the USA has not in any way slow down the dangerous aspect, so in reality even with all the best weapons in the World the United States Of America have NOT make the Wolrd any more safe, on the contrary the history knows that USA has done just the opposite. So it`s not the ” having weapons” but the policy the countrys use. Just count the countrys North Korea have attacked and how many USA have, there is a pathological murderous pattern on US side.

    • mac arthur was an arrogant , general who thought he knew best. he didn’t. which is why he was fired. you can thank clinton for north korea having nuclear technology. as for fighting china? you must be out of your mind. by the way north korea is part of the npt.

      • Had Truman listened to MacArthur we would not be having this conversation about Bill Clinton giving the North Koreans nuclear weapons. Clinton gave them oil of some type used in production of nuclear fuel rods. They were to have used it for power production. LoL. North Korea and South Korea would be just Korea. No division. One nation. But as is said- “Hindsight is always 20-20”. MacArthur had foresight which is the absolute best sight. Truman was literally near-sighted and could not see his hand in front of him without glasses. This may have been a phobia for him. Not being able to see the oncoming train and getting out of it’s way! I just finished reading a large biography on Truman last week. My analysis of Truman is- “He was a good man, a pretty honest man. He had fought in World War One as an artillery officer. In his command there was not one man lost and they saw a lot of action! His men loved him during and after the war. When given the big picture of things he usually made good choices. Making the change to fire MacArthur and not defeating the Soviet Union or Red China when he had the means and capabilities was way over his head. I am sure MacArthur and others attempted to sway his mind and get it over with quickly. He would not step forward yet had seen firsthand Germany, Italy, and Japan failed attempts to rule the earth with an iron fist. Later.

        • you are stuck in the past. in the cold war idiocy from the 50’s and 60’s. mcarthur foresight? lol lol clinton gave north korea 2 reactors and 5 billion dollars and the technology. your assessment is wrong.”MacArthur’s views about the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were starkly different from what the general public supposed …. When I asked General MacArthur about the decision to drop the bomb, I was surprised to learn he had not even been consulted. What, I asked, would his advice have been? He replied that he saw no military justification for the dropping of the bomb. The war might have ended weeks earlier, he said, if the United States had agreed, as it later did anyway, to the retention of the institution of the emperor.” as for continuing war,war,war,the u.s. was out of weapons and men.

  3. Here is a counter proposal – NK dismantles its entire nuclear and ballistic missile programs, closes all reactors and submits to USA inspections. It also destroys its submarine fleet and pulls all artillery pieces back 100 miles from the border and in return we will not mine their ports and close their airspace or insist that Kim Fatty spend a quiet evening inhaling a tank of nitrous oxide until cerebral hypoxia sets in.

    • Only if we could do the same for war-mongering Israel and it’s puppet, the USA.
      Or hey – I know! Make Israel open itself to inspections, and the US stop violating the NPT Agreements by sending arms and AID to a non-signatore.
      Or is that ‘anti-semitic’?

      • That is so wrong. Israel is the only nation over there that is willing to make peace treaties and abide by them as they did with Egypt. Israel’s nuclear arsenal is a deterrent, otherwise we would have had all out war continuosly over there for the last 60 years. It’s the radical Islamic elements that want to destroy the Israeli democracy and rule by caliphate. There is no 2-nation deal because the so called palestinians will not give up the right of return. If Israel agreed to that, then Jews would not be a majority anymore and the govmt would be taken over by Islam and be another puppet of the regional Islamic power, Iran. If the Ayatola Kohmeni, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Arafat never existed, there would be no war in Israel today. Israel is a peace loving people. They allow all who come in peace to enjoy their country. They don’t want war with anyone, they want security and to be left alone. All that being said, I believe that there are world wide power brokers that are driving all the warfare and supplying the money to opposite sides. It is not the evil US and Israel, it is the people that control the money. These are globalists that are international. They fight for no nation… they control the destinies of nations for their own benefit. There are people in this group from many nations, religions, and race. Israel and the Islamic state arrayed against them are just their puppets. They use them as pawns for subterfuge to keep the oil and oil money flowing to fund their business plan and to perpetuate wars. Pure evil.

        • lol…Great shill attempt. Israel pay you for that shite?
          “The US and Israel are the 2 greatest threats to world peace today” ~ White House analyst

          • White House analyst… hahaha. Explain to me what Israel, the nation, is doing beyond trying to protect its own people from internal and outside forces? They are trying to survive as a nation and establish security. They aren’t threatening anyone who is not out to destroy them. I will not deny that there are many evil people out there that are of Jewish decent that are involved in promulgating these wars, but not the govmt of Israel. The same for the US. There may be many inside the govmt, secretly abetting those who profit from all these wars and rumor of wars, but it is not the govmt as a whole and it is not the american people. I cut Israel the same slack I cut “We the People” of this nation. There are others that control the flow of oil and arms and money that are behind all this. Israel and the Palestinians are no more than pawns in their game plan. By the way, nice shallow response, not addressing one point that I made with any kind of credible argument… and name calling – shill. hahaha

          • Okay, nice photo of Begin, to make him look like some kind of freak, and coupled to a quote that is just a fabrication. He never said anything close to that, and what he did say, I agree with. And what fodder do you think a postcard with “Palestine” buys you. Nothing. Like I said, their are pleanty of evil Jews, Americans, Palestinians, Russians, etc., but nothing I have seen in my lifetime from the Israeli government has been but to defend and protect itself from those who wish to destroy them. You are full of one conspiracy theory after another. Some hold some weight while others are just propaganda. The enemies of Israel cannot attack and win because Israel has nukes. So, they fight a war of propaganda. I don’t agree with everything they do, but I believe they have the right to protect themselves. In this country, we fought a war and won territory from Mexico. There are many mexicans in southern california where I live. If Mexico told them all to come back to Mexico until they kick the gringo americans into the sea and then they could return and have more… How do think that would play out? After the Mexicans got their butts handed to them, do you think the US should let them return? Ever? The Mexicans here can claim occupation all they want, but it will never change the fact that they fought a war and lost. In the case of Israel, the enemies joined together to end Israel forever… and they lost. They have lost every war they have fought against Israel. Maybe the Bible isn’t so kooky after all. The Israelites were chosen to be a light to the world. If they become wicked, they lose all promises. They have suffered much. But God will restore when they become righteous again.

          • Your propaganda is disingenuous and pernicious. 666 on Begin’s face. Recognition of Palestine by a postcard “as if” she is recognizing a legitimate “state of palestine” when that wasn’t even on the table back then. And the legitimacy of the State of Israel. There were no other states in that area until England and France created them after the Ottoman wars and WWII. Israel has just as much right to exist as Lebanan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia does as they were all created by Sykes–Picot and other treaties amongst France, England and the house of Saud. Grow up and be fair with everyone’s right to exist and to have some security. Suicide bombers and knife attacks. Really? When will that stop? When the Jews go back to where there families came from in Russia, and other various countries and let Islam take control of the area? Get real.

          • I just wasted a bunch of time illustrating why your propaganda is untruthful and just propaganda. And your response is to ignore everything I just illustrated and in effect saying “yes it is”. Are you still in 8th grade? Your Begin quote is a total fabrication. He NEVER said that. Palestine was a designated territory as named by England and France in 1912 before the creation of Israel after WWII. So what?! And Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan were created out of thin air by the same powers. Why do they have the right to exist, and Israel does not? I am not a zionist in any way. I peace in the world. I want dictators of any kind to be deposed by their own people and replaced by freedom to choose. I want the evil powers that exist to be exposed. Pretending that Israel is the center of evil in the world and that the US is its puppet is ridiculous. They have no power over us and Obama totally dissed them while in office. Many Christians and those that love freedom find it an honor to defend Israel from the Islamic dictatorships that want to destroy them. Open your eyes. What is going on in Syria has nothing to do with Israel. Syria is nothing more than ethnic purging of the Sunnis. ISIS is Sunni. Iran is Shia. The US under Obama was trying to depose Assad. ISIS is trying to depose Assad. The rebels the US support is trying to depose Assad. Russia is in support of Assad. Iran is in support of Assad but against the Sunni ISIS. It is a total cluster F over there. But we have an interest in keeping Iran from taking over the whole area. Russia is aligned with Iran. That’s where you should worry about WWIII. There will be no war in North Korea. China can’t afford the disruption. They need us.

          • Keep shillin, baby!
            “Mind you, the political environment was not so polarized at the
            start of the occupation, perhaps because the novelty of the occupation had simply not sunk in yet. I recall Dayan – a renowned collector of archaeological artifacts – visiting the Palestinian Pottery (a ceramics shop run by our friends) to buy handcrafted items and Foreign Minister Abba Eban even seeking my dad’s medical consultation in his clinic.
            But that was 1967 and this is 2015!
            A recent “infographic” posted by The Institute for Middle East
            Understanding reflects in stark terms the steep price of those 48 years
            of sordid occupation.
            Relying on various NGO sources, it shows that 28,000 Palestinian homes and structures were demolished, over 800,000 olive trees were uprooted, 100,000 Palestinians have been detained without trial, 525,000 Jewish settlers are living in 230 illegal settlements and there are roughly 500 checkpoints or obstacles dotted across the whole of the West Bank.
            Aborted peace initiatives
            Those 48 years have also witnessed successive aborted peace initiatives – Madrid, Wye, Geneva, Indianapolis, Camp David – when Israel has become a cruel victimizer, enforcing an apartheid system on an occupied people. Its laws are discriminatory and its geographical tentacles are slowly but surely robbing Palestinians of their lands and – inherently – their hopes for dignity and freedom.”
            From the Book by Alan Hart; Zionism; The Real Enemy of the Jews:
            Almost everything you’ve been conditioned to believe about the making and sustaining of conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel is not true.
            It’s not true that all the Palestinians who became refugees in 1948 left their homeland voluntarily. Most were driven out by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing.
            It’s not true that Israel has lived in constant danger of annihilation, the “driving into the sea” of its Jews. Israel’s existence has never, ever, been in danger.
            And it’s not true that Israel never had Arab partners for peace. It’s
            Zionism that has never been interested in peace on terms the vast
            majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept”.

            Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews is a journey through the propaganda lies and truth of history.
            PS: Let me guess; You still run around and post that “Mooslamic terrists!” did 9/11, too, right? And those poor, innocent, arrested-and-released-by-Zionist-Chertoff ‘5 Dancing Israelis’ – Mossad agents, who were set up, in advance, to film the Towers – “We were there to document the event” – in their OWN WORDS – is just part of that ‘crazy conspiracy theory’, right?
            Just like Jewish texting service Odigo telling Jews not to go to work on 9/11, right? ‘Conspiracy theory’…..
            “What a maroon” ~ Bugs Bunny

          • All quotes above are the biased opinions of people emotionally involved. 2 text messages were sent via Odigo. 2 employees were warned of impending attack. Don’t your remember that the Dems were accusing Bush of not connecting the dots. A lot of noise out there at that time. Did someone, who was a Jew warn two of their friends? Maybe. The source is unknown. Did Israeli intelligence have any prior warnings, or for that matter, the NSA or CIA? Most likely. There is no evidence that Israel had anything to do with it, just speculation. I am sure there were many more Jews working in that tower that did not get out. The stories concerning the dancing Israelis is not conclusive in any way. I admit there is a lot of statements out there to suggesting involvement, but since the FBI dismissed the case and deported the Israelis, the rest is speculation. Look, I am on your side that unseen forces are causing great havoc in the world. False flag operations are a fact. Governments may or may not be participating knowingly or not. People from all nationalities and races are involved. Powerful jews are involved, but not at the level you are suggesting is an obvious fact. I watched an interview with a man who was involved in the movement of money by these people. It is an eye opener. I knew it was going on, but did not comprehend it’s source. It is not Zionist Jews. That is a red herring to divert attention. Follow the money, really big money. George Soros and his type. Google Ronald Bernard and listen to that interview or read the transcript. To give you credit, he recommends we read the Protocols of Zion and how it reads like a newspaper of the daily life. But he is not talking about Israel and the expansion of it’s borders, he is talking about world domination by a secret society using these protocols. These people aren’t just jews, they are many. And they are not the government of Israel or the innocent Israeli people. Some may support Israel, but I believe they only have the intent of using Israel as a scapegoat as subterfuge to accomplish their goals in gaining more control of all the oil wealth in that region. Widen your scope of view. Israel is a pawn and a distraction, not the actual source of the problems.

          • ‘Poor, poor Israel; Just wants peace’.
            Thankfully, so many more are waking up to what Israel REALLY is – and many now realize the US and Israel did 9/11
            “The US-Israeli-UK alliance (the real axis of evil) alone threatens world stability, peace, and perhaps survival” ~ Stephen Lendman
            Israel Threatens to Legalize Apartheid, Opens Debate on Becoming Solely Jewish State

          • So, establishing some common ground with you is just a waste of time also, I see. Ignore the big picture and just go back to your real issue – You hate Israel. Those people have not right to exist and have peace and security. What is your solution? Give Iran nuke tech and give them the go ahead to nuke Israel without fear of retaliation from the US??? I see your points… the US and Israel are behind all the evil in the world. Never mind the evil caused by communist rule in Europe for 40 years. Warlord rule over most of the middle east for the last millennium. Islamic slaughter of Christians. Islamic dictatorships that suppress the people and especially women. The majority of death over there is muslims fighting muslims, warlords fighting over territory. Evil people behind the scenes trafficking in drugs, money and weapons are the real problem. But just keep going back to Israel as the problem. You are one of the sheep drinking the kool-aid and allowing them to lead you where they want. Hate, deception, division. They win, we all lose. Listen to the interview and open your eyes wider. You see more than most, but not enough.

    • That doesn’t work anymore – the world has seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria what the US government does to countries that can’t defend themselves.
      It’s certainly understandable that other countries on the hit list want a nuclear deterrent to prevent the same from happening to them.

    • I hope Trump isn’t in on it. I hope you are wrong and that he ends up stabilizing the world by the threat of force. Regan did it. Clinton, not so much. Obama – complete disaster that allowed the middle east to go up in flames by supporting the Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, horrible deal with Iran, withdrawl from Iraq, weak response to ISIS (the JV team), weak response to Russia, the apology tour, etc, etc. His policies have caused the emboldenment of Al Q, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., etc.!!!

      • Sadly, once Trump fell – or agreed to – that Kabuki Theater False Flag ‘gassing’ in Syria (and it looks like troops are poised in Jordan for a major incursion), I’ve lost hope. MANY are now speculating he’s being controlled.
        And your ‘sources’ are severly lacking;
        Iran poses ZERO threat. Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in 200+ years. Amerika has been AT WAR for more years than that, and the only one to attack us in the last 50 years has been Israel, twice.
        Bush claimed lonnnnng ago “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq…which I now understand to mean a successful Fasle Flag and Endless War.
        Why would Obama ‘respond’ to ISIS? He, Hillary, the CIA, and the Jews created, armed, funded, trained, and supplied ISIS (al Qaeda was Bush/Cheney/CIA). You don’t ‘respond’ to those your create. Wikileaks well-proved the above.
        Wakey, wakey. You’re drinking the MSM and government Kool-Aid, sorry.

        • Wakey wakey, they have been developing nuclear capability for decades now. As soon as the Obama 10 years is up, they will have nukes. You forward articles blaming the death of millions on the US, some major wars, and a lot of covert actions… yet pretend that Iran, Iraq, and north korea are not the evil axis of terroism that they have proved to be. There would be no Hezbollah without funding from Iran via Syria. Wake up! Iran is Shite and they want to control the middle east with a Shia caliphate. They want to control all the oil from Iran to Kirkuk. They are in an axis with Russia to gain control of it all. If ISIS (Sunni) falls, Saudi Arabia is next.

          • The TRUE ‘Axis of Evil’ I named a lonnnnng time ago; the USA, Israel, England.
            NO ONE comes close to the death and destruction they’ve caused under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’, and EVERY MIDDLE EAST COUNTRY HAS BEEN INVADED ON A LIE.
            Nice shilling. Or unimaginable stupidity and blindness. Ever thought of running for office? They’d LOVE you in DC.

          • All sanctions are conditional upon changing the behavior of the country being sanctioned. These countries abuse their own people horribly and rule with an iron fist and very little religious tolerance. In the case of North Korea, how can you defend what is going on there? Kim is literally forcing these people to worship him as a God or be killed. They just recently killed a relative of his in an airport with chemical agents. These people are pure evil. The leadership of the caliphate in Iran and Assad also are horrible. Saddam was evil. On the other hand, the people of Israel allow religious freedom in their country. They had a relatively long period of peace until Arafat started the second intifada. So we, the US, try to export freedom, human rights, women’s rights, try to protect innocents by offering financial aid or sanctions. These so called good guys, in your scenario, refuse the conditions of aid, rufuse the conditions to halt sanctions and thus starve their own people because we will not by their oil anymore… and we are evil here. I am not blind, there are other intentions behind the sanctions like control of oil and the pertrodollar, but this is not evil like the leadership of Arafat, Kohmeni, Assad, Kim are. And then you stick Israel in the middle of this as if they are doing anything other than acting to protect themselves so they can exist. Like they aer teh mastermind. Ridiculous! You’re so biased with hate toward the countries who’s people are relatively free that you are blind. Try being a little more balanced. I have a suggestion for you… Leave this evil evil nation and move to Gaza, the West Bank, North Korea, or Iran and subjugate yourself to real evil and control. Gaza could have peace, foster investment and become independently successful. Israel gave them autonomy and what have they done with it. Elected Hamas and have continued funneling funds to acquire weapons, build tunnels into Israel to kill and cause terrorism and launch rockets. Stop the terror and Israel will support the leadership. No war in Lebanon if they were not amassing rockets and weapons along the border. No bombing in Syria if they were not supplying Hezbollah. Kim Jong Un and all his predecessors have been threatening South Korea continuously for 60 years. The South Koreans are free and very successful. The North wants to reunite the peninsula under Kim’s dictatorship. We have not interest in the north if they would just shut up and stop threatening. Look at Vietnam. We have no problems with them. They are threatening nobody now. You have tunnel vision. See the evil that is everywhere and start striking a balance. In the west it is not the nation states that are the evil, it is individuals with great power and wealth that are manipulating them.

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