BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH

Seventy hours ago, at this writing, while on Air Force One, President Barack Obama issued a press release that has been utterly ignored by the Western Press.
The president has openly announced a move against violent plotters inside the US government and espionage agents. He does not use the terms “AIPAC” or “the Israel lobby” but it is highly unlikely he could be referring to anything else.
In fact, we can think of no other group.
Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs
SUBJECT: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs
This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.
The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs. These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.
The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.

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34 thoughts on “BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH”

  1. So, is he going to stop Jews generally working inside the US Government? That can’t and won’t happen, so unless someone has “I am a Zionist agent” emblazoned across their T-shirt then there’s no way to identify those who are traitors with any certainty.

  2. No new anti-terror act, no new Tzar & no new department would bestow as much benefit to the security of the US & our liberties as identifying & removing those in Washington who are more dedicated to Israel than to the US.

  3. I think it is either the Isreali threat or obummer is worried about a military coup. If more flag level officers are releived in the near future, it’s likely the coup angle. BWDIKnow?

    • The Department of Defense spokesman, Drake Kent, indicates that the Patriot military has recently been swooning over Obama and his professed switchover to a pro-Constitutional agenda. I don’t buy it – nor do our laws permit any sort of “do-over” for high treason – but the Patriot military certainly seem to be.

  4. Right. The guy who supports Israel first and makes sure he doesn’t upset Benny the Yahoo too much just signed an EO claiming to throw Zionists out of the government? Guess that makes me the Easter Bunny. I’ll believe that when I see it. More likely, it’s an EO against Constitutionalists in the military like Oath Keepers and government folks who actually want the Rule of Law back and end the rule of lawlessness.

  5. First of all it is not a law it is a memo.
    Second, the MSM is totally ignoring it, so AIPAC and the zionists might be the target.
    Third, second does not in any way rule out coup concerns. It could easily be directed at oath keepers and Constitutionalists within the government.
    Things might get really interesting in the next few months

  6. With dual-loyalist Jews installed in positions of authority in virtually every government agency, including the Pentagon, it is hard to believe any action will be taken against them. And, since AIPAC writes most presidential directives of this order, you can bet they also wrote this one. It is far more likely that anyone labled as “anti-Zionist” will soon become targeted as being spies and threats to national security. That could very well be the true story behind David Petraeus sudden departure.

  7. It’s about time that we got some control of the “billions” blowing up the behinds of the JEWS in Israel. Israel has no respect for anything American. Americans are treated worst than the PLO when we are there. There are three main religions there….separate the city.
    We need our money here on our infra structure…not rebuilding everything the Jews want to destroy every month.

  8. Hmmmm
    Only a nitwit could claim that anyone with dual citizenship is not a potential threat to national security. For example probably 2/3’s of the jews working in the State Department have dual citizenship. In point of fact no other group has more dual citizens in the Federal government than the jews and israel. Stating that dual citizeship is a potential security threat and therefore a barrier to working in sensitive government jobs isn’t just logical and rational it is the right thing to do.
    And no person that maintains dual citizenship can prove which country he owes his allegence. The very fact that the person wanted a 2nd citizenship (or first if US not their native country)is enough of a question mark to deny access to government jobs.

  9. Looks more like its aimed at leakers, hackers and Bradley Manning types. But Obama certainly should be concerned with military nutbags who might decide he is illegitimate as a leader.

  10. I’am not sure,but does anyone realize the PRESIDENT himself is a foreign agent who was not born in the USA in violation of the US CONSTITUTION??and RIGGED the elections,so the real winner by over 50% RON PAUL,could not take america back to its roots of the US CONSTITUTION??AND has declared everything in america belongs to him (MARCH16,2012 EO)yet everyone argues about a bunch of crap,that doesn’t matter as america has a MUCH larger problem coming down the road toward it,YOU GOT A TRAITOR AND TERRORIST running america and you act like its just going away all by its self,I got news for all you fools,america is in exetreme DANGER from stupid,wake up,wake up………

  11. OBAMA has shipped ALL of americas reserve grain and food supplies out of the country to his friends in china,he has brought in foreign troops to use for taking your guns,the police are prepared to help take down and destroy america,the DOD says they no longer need your permission to start wars,TSA is molesting your wives and children,DHS is buying ammo and bragging its to kill americans,the FEMA DEATH CAMPS are ready to kill everyone entering them who refuze the mark of the beast,YOUR VETERANS are being rounded up and disappearing everynight,DOES ANYONE hear bells ringing YET,there saying DANGER,DANGER your in DANGER and yet you refuse to open your eyes to the fact,there’s a devil running america,and its the ANTI-CHRIST HIMSELF,wake up ,wakeup america your in DANGER…..

  12. Sure its all Obams fault..
    TSA, FEMA etc
    Are you an idiot Jefferson.
    Regardless of what you believe, its seems that OBAMA is doing what no other President (White or Jewish has ever done) save America by taking out a policy that attacks subterfuge.

  13. Incidentally…While David Duke & other zealots with well meaning/factualized and compelling diatribes against Zionism bandy about race…the truth is that Europe is…. a social contruction, fabricated to protect and maintain a competitive heirarchy.
    The founders of eugenics & race science tell you that Europe which speaks different languages, and is just 15 miles from Africa, and which has under Rome & Ceasar been flooded with hundreds of millions of Africans(ceasar hated the Brits & banned marriage of Romans and Brits) for hundreds , close to a thousand years of mecegenation)
    We proagandized to believe the social construction of race…
    even when the same protectors of this false science controls the Academy of Sciences & DNA & has been linked with the unenviable history of “financing” Eugenics, Race sciences, & race propaganda( D.W Griffiths Birth of a nation was financed by Rockefeller)
    Again Europe is a land mass just 15 miles from Africa..and as such, mecegenation is uniform. Whether in Asia, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc…or Africa & Europe…we may speak different languages but our origin is common and homogenized
    One can not remove this fact, simply because one finds a haplotype differential. the entire genome sequence of DNA itself (as known by the Church) is African. Hemaglobin is a euphemsm for Ham o Globe.
    Hams DNA is in all of us…Asian or African
    Arthur Shopnehauer
    There is no such thing as a White man.
    He is but a bleached African.

  14. This policy might also make it easier to spy on and arrest whistleblowers. The wording leaves is open to attack anyone who is releasing information that could be detrimental to official policy, like starting wars for no reason. I wish they would remove any dual Israeli / US citizens from high level of power as they have shown allegience only to Usrael.

  15. This smells funny. Israel has been working hard to paint Obama as anti-Israel for years now. Some argue it is because he isn’t hard enough about Iran. Now suddenly we hear this? I can’t see Congress, which is owned by Israel, allowing Obama to do anything against it, thus this can’t be real. I think this is Israeli propaganda designed to give Israel the two things it always wants: Sympathy, so it can murder Palestinians, and distraction, so nobody will notice while it murders Palestinians.

  16. iffle! – Its not against the jews, its an amended N-400:
    1) Are you now, or have you ever been a member of, or in any way connected or associated with anti-progressive* parties, or ever knowingly aided or supported the anti-progressive parties directly, or indirectly through another organization, group or person, or ever advocated, taught, believed in, or knowingly supported or furthered the interests of the U.S. constitution?
    *anti-prograssives: Republicans, Tea party members, veterans, hetero-sexual whites, rebels, jedi, truthers, birthers, secessionists. Anyone originating from the Republic of Texas, Arizona or Utah. Anyone associated with Ron Paul and/or Sherif Arpaio. Anyone with any connection to wiki-leaky. Anyone who is a “millionaire and billionaire” that does not pay tribute to the progressive cause. Anyone opposed to the wonderful Affordable Care Act.
    It was probably drafted by those ugly psycho-paranoid dykes working for our commie-in-chief.
    Hail Farquaad!

  17. Writer of this article is either an idiot or a propagandist. Nowhere does this indicate in any way that jews are the targets. Obam is totally controlled by zionists and this memo, written by these controllers, will target THEIR enemies- not ours’.

  18. I am anti-Zionist, so this could be the first time I officially approve of something Obama has done and if this is for real, it may spell a new day for Obama and a new supporter with it. Moreover, since I believe 100% that it was Mossad Agents that planted the Thermate explosives in the Twin Towers and Building 7 and see the Israeli Government as the Enemy of all Free Americans and Humanity, anything Obama does in that direction has my support. However, Obama must be blind because he has Zionist all around him; Chuckie Schumer for example (a truly evil snake) As for those of you idiots who think you know otherwise, F O …we have had enough.

  19. Uh ? Guys ?
    Did you actually read it ?
    It just sounds like more Police state, more control over everyone, even looks they did not like what happened with wikileaks :
    “unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.”
    Nothing to do with the lobby.


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