Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration.
By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.
A petition from Vermont, where talk of secession is a regular feature of political life, was the final entry.
Petitions from AlabamaFloridaGeorgiaLouisianaNorth CarolinaTennessee and Texas residents have accrued at least 25,000 signatures, the number the Obama administration says it will reward with a staff review of online proposals. (RELATED: Will Texas secede? Petition triggers White House review)
The Texas petition leads all others by a wide margin. Shortly before 9:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, it had attracted 94,700 signatures. But a spokesperson for Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday afternoon that he does not support the idea of his state striking out on its own.
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MAP of U.S.States petitioning for secession:
Ron Paul argues for secession and throws some prophetic lines in the middle. Must see!

History will prove Ron Paul right.
Is The USA Breaking Up? Petitions seeking approval to ‘secede’ now come from 47 states!!

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  1. Democrats and Obama supporter can leave America, They do not support Freedom they support communism. We do not want their hope and change. They dont like how America is, so they want to change it and the constitution. Obama was not re-elected because our votes did not count. The media prove this by calling Obama president, and leaving votes in 4 states yet still uncounted. The US government is corrupt and destroying America. The FBI and CIA has failed to protect the constitution and freedom. The military stand with American People. Obama can fire his the Generals but it will not do any good. The military will not Obey order to march the streets of their homeland. America is a free Nation and will always be. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me DEATH

      • Telling someone to die seems like it comes from a really educated person, instead of just replying to why you think someones wrong or right. I would never wish or tell someone to die because I would be afraid someone I love might suffer from me making a remark like that. God Bless You

  2. Good riddance to uneducated piss-poor states and secessionist trash! I can’t imagine how much harder life can be for those net recipients of Federal largesse (which is all of the states mentioned in this article as wanting to be cut loose), but we will see. Also the quality of life for the remaining Union will be that much higher without the drag of the traitor secessionist states.
    Good luck traitors! Don’t starve to death and enjoy illiteracy, epidemics and starvation!
    Also: Seriously, Wall Street Puppet Obama who hasn’t prosecuted a single Wall Street crook and whose State Dept. has continued all your favorite Bush jr wars is what you guys consider him a “Socialist”? Maybe you should read a book other than the Bible this year!
    Good luck retards! How’s your God gonna stop your rickets? Will prayer cure your goiters? We will soon find out!

    • All 50 states secede from the District of Criminals. We put a fence around the place with a lot of razor wire and guards. We let the criminals screw each other and not the rest of us.
      We set up a new capital city and a Confederation with a real Bill of Rights. We end the wars.
      All of them! We dump free trade and we reindustrialize.If people aren’t manufacturing,mining,farming,fishing and timbering where is the tax money coming from for all you peole who are on the Federal Tit!!!

    • You are the uneducated one. Where do you think the feds get there money and power from? That would be the states. You are the traitor that bows to the government. Let me guess, you probably think we are a democracy too, huh? The feds ruined our once great republic and if you don’t want freedom then you leave, not us educated patriots.

    • O.K. let us see Doug Diggler. This country is becoming evil. You do not see it anymore because it has become apart of you and now is normal way of life. You do not see abortions as murder and try to give marriage rights to gay people. Yes I am a Christian and proud of it. If people depend on there own understanding of morality they end up becoming a mixed bag of ideas and agenda’s. 7 billion people and I bet 5 Billion believe in a god. So you have to look and find out which god is true. The christian God is true. It is the one religion around the world trying to be suppressed to an extreme degree. The Bible is the foundation of this nation built around the Christian God the one true God. So if you do not like it, it is your problem not ours. Thanks for the much hate filled speech people keep leaving to christian. It is O.K. to use God said it will be this way.

    • And one more thing. I am in school right now. I do read other books and the reason this country is the way it is, is because of the school system manipulating the youth into seeing things the democratic way. P.S. the democrat’s created the KKK and was for slavery. Look up your history.

    • To Doug;
      Hope you get a better attitude real soon….
      You seem to have a lot more issues than just this article.
      By the way, did you notice the article stated 50 states?
      Yea Bud, yours included…
      That is what is great about America.
      We have freedoms…of speech, and of worship
      And to be hateful and stupid if we so choose.

    • Just so you know. My mother had a huge goiter cured by prayer in 1947. It never came back and she is now 89. Her sister had her church pray 2000 miles away without telling my mother they were goint to pray. My mother woke up the next morning with no signs of the goiter and didn’t know until five days later they had prayed. The doctor was amazed. Pray works if you pray to the one true God who answers prayer.

    • Diggler, are you really that tone deaf? “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Declaration of Independence

    • My God is the one true God; The Father of Jesus of Nazareth. I bow before no man, I bow only before the Trinity of God. You are a brainwashed child. Our states are individually the size of most other foreign nations and can very easily sustain themselves as independent entities. Go back to living in your parents basement, collecting your welfare check and bow down before your leaders like the subserviant bitch you are.

    • Why argue with the trolls? These clowns have been on a diet of bible, guns and faux news for too long. Round ’em up, put them in their mythical FEMA camps and walk away.

    • Im not worried about who will treat diseases because all doctors I have spoken to were unhappy that your “Golden Child” was re-elected also. If I was a Pbama supporter I would just get ready for what he has in store for the next 4 years considering it should be his last term, unless he can find a way around that too. Yes I read the Bible but my political decisions are not based on what the Bible says, they are based on their political views, their plans for Americas future, what kind of character they have, morals, honesty and last but not least the freedoms that I may lose such as the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and the govt not meddling in parts of my life that I feel are my decisions alone. Good luck with your man Obama, I hope Im wrong and the next 4 years sail right by with no problems but I have a feeling thats not how its going to be.

  3. He’s giving principles that underlie liberty instead of just arguing whether something is okay by the Constitution. First time I’ve heard something like this out of a big player.

  4. IT sounds like a good workable plan to suceed,there’s only one fly in the ointment,OBAMA plans to stage an attack on the usa with his foreign armies that are here NOW on thankgiving weekend,probly on black friday,if you go anywhere make damed sure your weapons are in the vehicle with you,DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM,and have your bugout bag to………..

  5. Why is it that people are signing petitions to cede? It’s like asking for permission to leave campus at lunch. Americans can’t do anything without asking including seceding. If you’re going to leave then leave already. This movement isn’t going anywhere until people stop asking and start doing.

    • crosstherubicon you clearly don’t understand that there is a process to secession. the state is made up of many people with many views and opinions. are you saying they should literary leave? pack up their stuff and leave? we want to live here! we just do not want to live under the ruling of this dictatorship any longer. the petitions are a good thing. they are showing that the people of this country are fed up! without the petitions people stay blind and ignorant. its time to reclaim this beautiful country of ours and kick out the money hungry filth that we call our government. and to anyone that says we are traitors for signing and thinks we should be stripped of our citizenship and deported. you need to wake up and realize that you have been taught to think that way. quit thinking what you are supposed to think and start thinking and saying what you actually think. you must first lose your ignorant approach to everything you don’t understand though.

  6. That’s right. We do
    not need to ask for
    permission for something
    which belongs to the
    citizens of the US. The
    citizens are the country
    and the gov serves the
    Might as well close all
    those bases in foreign

  7. Texas has a right to secede. Criminals have taken over US, and if you don’t get it now, you will. Everything they put out on their presstitute main stream news is a lie. It’s all a big frigging lie!
    They are poisoning and dumbing us down with the flouride in the water. They are killing us with the vaccinations and chem trails. And the Monsanto and GMO seeds/foods will sterilize you and your descendents.
    If you live long enough to you think you’re ready to retire. All that SS $ you paid in is gone, so you will face the death panels because you will be a useless eater. You will be squeezed for taxes till you croak. This occupier in the Whitehouse has several impeachable crimes, he never was legal, and the elections were rigged. For the idiot who posted above, I’m sorry if free loving people make you mad. Fine–stay with this communist. That’s what you deserve.

  8. Hey idiot Texas has one of the best economies in the world. Nothing piss poor about it unlike your attitude towards the 1st amendment and a redress of grievances. You keep mouthing off about starving? Many of the so called piss poor states you propagandize are the hub of this nations agriculture. No my fine fear monger the only folks that are going to starve are those who are not self reliant and hooked to the nanny state tit. Folks probably like yourself. It was sucession from Great Britain that gave us these United States. Secession is part of our legacy and is as American as it gets. It is constitutional. As far as your concerns over your countrymen getting rickets? Pine needle tea is full of vitamin C and is quite good. I can skin a buck,I can run a trout line, come Diggler sing it with me, A Country Boy can survive! Enjoy your slavery Diggler, May your chains set lightly upon you and you family!!!

  9. i remember from my school days at Brandeis University in1970’s my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    I learned that of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”.I agree with the Jewish saying that American “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that Muslem Kids who were unable to Fly a Cessna plane took it upon themselves to FLY a Boeing 767 & outwitted the US Military & Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million cash down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings where it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos The Americans believe that they decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.
    Yeh I agree that the AmericanNon-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!
    The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus
    By Christopher Bollyn
    The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation’s attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?
    The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don’t expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American “democratic” election process.
    In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.
    The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history. See Bollyn article on Wang below.)
    The calls from the nearly 2,000 caucus centers in Iowa went to a Voxeo call center in Atlanta, Georgia.
    On January 31, 2005, I wrote to Michelle Bauer, Iowa’s Secretary of State with some questions about the use of Voxeo, a foreign company located in Florida, to tally the results of the Iowa caucus:
    Subject: How was the Iowa Caucus Tallied?

  10. Has it ever occurred to anyone that allowing secession, the breaking up of the United States, “balkanizing” the US, was all part of the plan when the idea of using a terror incident like 9/11, a pseudo-enemy like “al Qaeda”; all to loot the resources of a once great constitutional republic, impoverish it, create a new empire of Asia Minor for Israel and the City of London, before destroying it and rendering as just another 3rd world despot subordinated to a nightmarish New World Order run by people who look upon us all as being sub-human?

  11. When people in high places start bailing like Hillary Clinton something is definately smelling fishy. Hope Odumba bought some waders and we all might consider getting some too because the crap level is about to rise even higher.

  12. For anyone seriously interested in scecession, you must read The Secession Amendment avaialable on Amazon as an ebook. Petitions are for protests, this details how it can be accomplished.


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