BREAKING: President Trump And Attorney General Jeff Sessions End DACA Program.

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by Ruby Henley

Attorney Jeff Sessions announces the end to the DACA program.
Refer to the following article:
I have a new respect for Attorney Jeff Sessions!
I know that this took great courage to stand up against the Elites and Obama to end this program.
Mike Cernovich has nailed it.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: President Trump And Attorney General Jeff Sessions End DACA Program.

  1. [2:21 EST] I live around JFK airport and there’s a MASSIVE amount of air traffic coming INTO the airport. Planes everything 30 seconds for hours now…sometimes every 20 seconds.
    Wtf is going on? American Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, etc., are they moving the illegals around at speed into NYC?

  2. This is a brilliant move if TRUMP gits the Wall financed using the Dreamers as chips. I would support Obama’s plan of everyone who in 2014 who was in the country for 5 years. now it would be 8, without a record and NOT on government benefits could be issued a green card with the possibility of citizenship in 3 years. However their parents have to go and no relative could be brought into or stay in the country illegally!
    Do you have contact with Pamela Williams? She wrote in July that Monica Peterson’s body was not recovered. She used to write here just a couple months ago. If so please tell her that one person claimed Monica Peterson was buried at the Perry Cemetery in Charlotte, MI (according to her family’s obit page) on Dec 3rd 2016.
    I checked it out and a funeral was conducted. However I assume they had a body.
    Monica was a true Hero investigating child trafficing for years and was suicided in Haiti.

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