BREAKING: PUTIN WILL NOT EXPELL Any American Diplomats From Russia. He Will Not Play Obama's Game.

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by Pamela Williams
President Putin knows how to make Obama look like a man, who is jealous and confused. Putin just announced he will not expell any American diplomats from Russia in response to sanctions. Putin just made a smart move, and I thank him for not playing along with Obama’s last temper tantrum before he leaves office. I know Americans can hold out a little longer. We don’t have too much time left until President-elect Trump will be President Trump. I think Trump can repair any damage done with Russia. Trump and Putin are both confident and powerful men, and they don’t have to play games with one another to get attention. Obama needs the attention right now, so he is doing whatever he can to get it. I don’t think it is working. However, I will support Trump in whatever he decides when he goes over the 13-page report the DHS and the FBI just put out on the purported hacking of the DNC and the Podesta emails. I am just thankful that WE THE PEOPLE now know the truth behind the criminality of the DNC and the Clinton Camp. The truth is no longer buried, and we pray there will be a Hillary Clinton indictment before it is all over. I think the American people are more interested in getting to the bottom of the Clinton Foundation mess than accusing Russia of hacking the DNC and Podesta. In fact, we are appreciative of knowing just how corrupt the DNC was and the lies inside the Clinton campaign camp. Please understand that this has nothing to do with Election being hacked, because IT WAS NOT.
The Russian put this tweet out in response to Obama’s meanderings:
This morning, in response to the sanctions, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested President Vladimir Putin expel 31 employees at the US embassy in Moscow and 4 diplomats from the US consulate in St. Petersburg.
The Foreign Ministry also suggested banning US diplomats from their dachas in Serebryany Bor near Moscow and a warehouse on Moscow’s Dorozhnaya Street.
But the President has now confirmed that they won’t be expelling US diplomats.
Russia denies any involvement and has called the US action ‘ungrounded’
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However, Russia has hit back saying that it does not believe the move is legal and said that diplomatic relations between the two countries have been destroyed.
A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said the new sanctions were a sign of Mr Obama’s ‘unpredictable and, if I may say, aggressive foreign policy’ and were aimed at undermining President-elect Donald Trump.
‘We think that such steps by a US administration that has three weeks left to work are aimed at two things: to further harm Russian-American ties, which are at a low point as it is, as well as, obviously, to deal a blow to the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect,’ Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow.
The state department has also kicked out 35 Russian diplomats from its embassy in Washington and consulate in San Francisco, giving them and their families 72 hours to leave the US.
The diplomats were declared persona non grata for acting in a “manner inconsistent with their diplomatic status”.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not expel any US diplomats from the country. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had earlier requested that Putin remove 35 American diplomats in Russia, in a tit-for-tat response to a similar move by Washington over hacking allegations. Putin said in a Friday statement that Russia will not create problems for American diplomats.
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COMMENTARY:  Thank you, President Putin for calling Obama a “lame duck.”


9 thoughts on “BREAKING: PUTIN WILL NOT EXPELL Any American Diplomats From Russia. He Will Not Play Obama's Game.

  1. After 8 years of almost complete failure in everything he has tried, Obama is determined to leave office like a petulant brat, making charges without substance.
    This generation of Democrats – Obama, Clinton – is a pitiful lot.
    They’ve done nothing for their own people.
    They’ve started wars to kill tens of thousands.
    They’ve introduced extrajudicial killing on an industrial scale.
    And they lost an election displaying nothing but poor attitudes afterwards.
    Now, they are trying to “poison the well” for Trump.
    Obama surely goes down as one of the worst presidents in modern history.
    I do think too the Democratic Party, dominated as it has been by Clinton money-connections, is now likely to go through quite a crisis.
    Hillary spent well over a billion dollars, and some of her donors want details of what was done with it.
    They are not happy. Hillary, as always, made some bad choices.
    Both the Clintons face serious charges over their crooked Clinton Foundation when the investigations are through.
    There are rumors that the Clintons have lawyers negotiating some kind of pardon from Obama before he leaves office, but that may not be possible.
    Putin is quite simply the greatest statesman of our time.
    This is a remarkable response in its level judgment and display of good temperament.
    After all, the man who created this unpleasantness is only one man and a man who has proved many times over that he lacks judgment and capacity.
    Obama is simply a failure, from beginning to end, a failure who has chosen this sour note with which to leave office.
    A last speculation on Obama’s intent in all of this petulant behavior.
    It is quite possible Obama expected a Supreme Court appointment from Clinton as reward for his campaign efforts.

    • The fact is the Dems made go down in flames if Hillary cannot show where the billion dollars went to. Her big donors are asking for an investigation.

  2. Something has changed. Dec 30, 2016 – BREAKING: Russian FM Lavrov proposes to expel 35 US diplomats in sanctions tit-for-tat
    Russia’s Foreign Ministry has proposed expelling 35 American diplomats in response to the recent sanctions imposed by Washington. “Russia’s Foreign Ministry and their colleagues from other agencies have proposed that President Vladimir Putin proclaim 31 employees of the US Embassy in Moscow and four diplomats from the US Consulate service in St. Petersburg as persons ‘non-grata,’” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, as cited by news agencies.

  3. Should read the tweets made in response to the Russian tweet. They are embarrassing as the US appears to be populated by a large percentage petulant, bigoted and ignorant people. Let’s think this through. Good relations with Russia or a war that would probably kill 99% of us. As has been commented many times – there is no limit to stupidity.

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