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by Pamela Williams
Just as quickly as I finished my report on Obama’s declaring retaliation against Russia for hacking US Election, the Russian Federation is already firing back.
But now we are exploring the nuclear realm. President Trump has vowed to remodel the US military nuclear capabilities. Obama ignored and downsized the United States military.even to the point of discharging many Generals and other high-ranking officials. Trump is only trying to right an Obama wrong. I know there is great confusion here within both Countries. I see Obama as the instigator…the one with the match and sticks…waiting to light a fire between the two Countries, while he quietly sneaks out the back door. We all know the type…a Judas waiting to shake the hand of the next President while stabbing him the back.

The report cited USA intelligence officials that now believe with a “high level of confidence” that Putin became personally involved in a secret campaign to influence the outcome of the US presidential election. He declined to say whether he is advising the Trump team. “Allies are consulted, presidential statements pored over, words checked and double checked, crafted and recrafted”.
Meanwhile, on Friday Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister told state television network, Russia 24, he was “dumbstruck” by the NBC report which alleges that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in an election hack.
Shortly before Trump’s tweet on 20 December Putin had said that Russian Federation needed to “enhance the combat capability of strategic nuclear forces, primarily by strengthening missile complexes that will be guaranteed to penetrate existing and future missile defense systems”. Beneath that boldness, there is profound distrust between the two countries.End of commentary.
Russia “Tired Of Obama Lies About Hackers”, Vows Response To Any New Sanctions

As Washington prepares to unleash new sanctions on Russia, it appears Putin won’t take this laying down. If U.S. adopts new sanctions against Russia, govt in Moscow will resort to counter-measures, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warns in a website statement.
As we detailed previously, the delay in sanctions against Russia have come from Obama’s inability to take unilateral actions under current laws.  While Obama previously signed an executive order that would allow him to freeze the assets in the United States of people overseas who have engaged in cyber acts, it only applies to actions that have threatened U.S. national security or financial stability.  Further, per a “senior administration official,” use of the existing law would require (1) actual election infrastructure to be designated as ‘critical infrastructure’ and (2) the administration to prove that such infrastructure was actually “harmed,” conditions which the National Security Council say have not been met. 
Frankly, we are tired of the lies about the “Russian hackers”, which continues to flow into the United States from the very top. The Obama administration has launched six months ago, this misinformation in an attempt to play up the desired for himself a candidate in the November presidential election, and not achieving the desired, looking for an excuse for their own failure, and with a vengeance is played on Russian-American relations.
But the truth of the provocation orchestrated by the White House, sooner or later will still come out. Yes, it’s already happening. How else to December 8 reported the US media, the State of Georgia State Secretary Brian Kemp he said that the authorities in the region followed where came hacker attack on its electronic system of vote counting shortly after the election. Footprints led to the computer at the US Department of Homeland Security. This information quickly tried to cover up the stream of new anti-Russian charges that do not contain a single proof.
It only remains to add that if Washington really takes new hostile steps, it will get the answer. This also applies to any action against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which immediately ricocheted on US diplomats in Russia. Perhaps the Obama administration is quite indifferent to what will happen to the bilateral relations, but the story is unlikely to forgive her behavior on the principle of “after us the deluge.”
Further commentary: This is as serious as it gets. Putin is not fooling around, and he is not shakin’ in his boots. I have seen photos of Putin in military gear, and he looks like he was born to wear it. I don’t think I can recall ever seeing Obama in anything but a golfing shirt and shorts…a suit and tie now and then. At least Trump understands that Putin is not the type of leader to make false threats, and he has been improving his military capabilities with fast growth and design. In contrast, Obama had degraded the US military while trying to sell arms to other Nations to please Hillary Clinton. And, oh, we should not forget he has trained and armed Syrian rebels to take down Assad…as he has not learned anything at all with his Libya failure.
In conclusion we are looking at a critical situation that could blow up on the United States at any moment. We do not have our ducks in a row, and we are speaking in forked tongue. Native Americans used to say a wise man listens before he speaks.

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Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf.

— Native American proverb

Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

— Chief Seattle (1780 – 1866), Dkhw’Duw’Absh (Duwamish) chief

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.

— Dakota proverb
I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing it’s understanding of being human.
— John Trudell, Santee Dakota author, poet, actor, musician, and political activist (1946 – 2015)

Published on Dec 28, 2016

Alex Jones reveals the globalists plan to escalate tensions with Russia to start a global conflict.



  1. Just deception as usual , nothing news worthy , just posturing and bluster , no we do not NEED new HYDROGEN BOMBS we have thousands now, we NEED PROSPERITY THRU PEACE for at least a few GOOD YEARS!
    THE RUSSIANS are NOT COMING , they are busy at the moment.
    We need to do the things that GOT JFK MURDERED!
    STOP WASTING our FOOD STAMPS on Isralie trash!

  2. While Obongo gets “credit” for this (as he should), it is his bosses who are calling for it. So, Soros, the Rothschild agent in charge calls the shots and “His Nibs” responds like a monkey on a stick.
    This has been planned for a long time. They were predicting this BEFORE he was selected. It is pretty obvious that they are trying their best to further divide the country into mindless sheep and “subversives”. Soros today accused people who follow “populists” as enemies of “democracy”. Think about that.

  3. Putin knows he is just a child throwing a temper tantrum to make himself look important. Donald knows this as well and will happily reverse the damage bozo has done once he’s in charge.

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