How Far Will Obama Go To Punish The American People For Choosing President Trump Over Hillary Clinton?

by Pamela Williams
The American people have watched Obama take more action in the last month than in his whole Presidency.  The very sad and shocking reality is the action he has taken is a last-ditch effort to destroy this Country and to hinder the entry of Trump as America’s new President. as America’s new President. He is a bitter and jealous man with no true insight into humanity…much less the American people and the Land they love. He is not alone, as Hillary Clinton has no regard nor understanding of decent Americans seeking to release humanity from the clinch of true evil. We have chosen Donald Trump as a leader who does understand our feelings and reasoning.
After the 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks, President Bush created a registration system requiring men and boys from a variety of mostly Middle Eastern countries, plus North Korea to register with the federal government upon their arrival in the United States. It included fingerprints, photographs, and required notification of change of address. Obama quit using the system in 2011, but now he has made the shocking decision to totally wipe it off the books. This accomplishes THIS::
President Donald Trump, who has made it clear he plans to crack down on immigration will have to start from scratch having no access to a plan meant to protect the United States from terrorist attacks. Americans are now sitting ducks thanks to our own outgoing President! This is an unbelievable outrage, and we need to shout that to the mountaintops! Obama cannot be allowed to do such an evil thing to the people he swore to protect! This Country needs to recognize the abhorrent evil which dwells inside the very foundation of this Country. The Election of Donald Trump is God’s intervention to relieve a suffocating Country from the grasp of an evil Dictator.
What does this mean to the immigration plan of President Trump? If Trump wants to introduce an expanded version of the program, his administration will be forced to start from scratch. It is apparent Obama acted to disturb Trump’s transition into the White House and to protect the terrorists lurking behind closed doors in America. Are you angry yet America? I want every American reading this to look into the eyes of the evil which seeks to destroy this Country.
End of commentary.

The decision to erase the security data from the books completely marks one of Obama’s last administrative actions on immigration and will slow Trump’s efforts to introduce tougher border security requirements, as has been suggested by a top adviser.
Trump and his advisers have suggested the rising terror threat in the United States, Europe and elsewhere is linked to insufficiently vetted refugees and immigrants arriving from predominantly Muslim countries. After a truck attack killed 12 in a Christmas market in Berlin this week, Trump told reporters, “You know my plans.”
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Trump confidant on immigration, has been more explicit on his plans for the registry. Last month, he said he wanted to launch an updated system for all foreigners from “high-risk” areas.
Meeting Trump in New York, Kobach carried a document labeled “Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for First 365 Days.” It described a reboot of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) as the top priority. Kobach helped draft the program while working at the Justice Department under Bush.
Obama got wind of the plan — and scrapped the whole thing.
Further commentary:  Can’t you just feel the love?  Praise God the American voter had the insight to distinguish between evil and good.  It is hard in the world we live in today, as the Devil has the power to appear as an angel of light.  It takes true discernment to see the disguise which evildoers wear, and the hoax they are playing on the innocent and trusting of this world.

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Published on Dec 22, 2016

According to the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday, the Obama administration has eliminated a program that could have been used by Donald Trump to implement his promised Muslim registry. The tracking program, which is called the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, was created by the Justice Department following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The program hasn’t been used since 2011, but it could potentially be revitalized and according to officials, Obama apparently wants to avoid that happening. Officials add that by removing regulations that provide a legal framework for the program, the president is aiming to prevent Trump from using it.…


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    • The same thing they will continue to pursue for the next 22 days. The fat lady hasn’t even started to sing. It only takes a moment to do something stupid with a pen and a cell phone.

  1. Americans need to impeach this criminal. He has no intention of any US future after Obama. Congress get wise, this man is insane and he will destroy America and the world before he gives up power.


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