BREAKING: South Korea Takes Charge Of Own Defense Against North Korea.

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by Pamela Williams
The leading presidential candidate has stated South Korea will “take charge” of its own defense, as tensions escalate with Kim Jong-Un.  I do know I read several days ago that South Korea was angry at the US for announcing the USS Carl Vinson “armada” was “steaming” full speed ahead toward the Korean Peninsula when in reality it was headed toward the Sea of Japan.  It is now headed toward the Korean Peninsula.  It was first reported that the USS Carl Vinson was nowhere to be found, but it was in the Sea of Japan.  It is hard to keep these things straight, as the US said it was a type of psychological warfare often taken in a war strategy.
This is strange to me, as it is as if South Korea is breaking away from the US at a very critical juncture.  We just moved the THADD system in place;  we have to admit this is a major move on the parts of the US and South Korea. Of course, this is a new temporary President of South Korea, and this may change  our relationship with the Country.  Moon Jae-in, the election frontrunner, previously suffered the accusation that he is a North Korean sympathizer and was willing to meet Kim Jong-un.  Moon said: “We will take charge of our defense ourselves by all intents and purposes.”
The comments coincide with increased threats from the hermit state’s dictator Kim Jong-un who has vowed to “reduce the USA to ashes” in a “pre-emptive thermonuclear missile strike”. Kim’s bloodcurdling warnings are testing the patience of Washington’s hardliners who want to stamp out the loony leader’s nuclear and missile programmes before he gets chance to use them.
The issue regarding the reclusive north isn’t likely to fade from prominence anytime soon. In fact, analysts are already speculating another missile or even nuclear test could be in the works for tomorrow, which marks the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army.
There are conflicts in the breaking news at this time.  I have never seen anything like this.  I will start to report on a story from one source, and another source reports the opposite.  I will continue to search for the breaking news from a source I trust.  Updates will be posted.

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING: South Korea Takes Charge Of Own Defense Against North Korea.

  1. Yeah, that Carl Vinson fiasco was a MAJOR snafu! It’s time all nations took responsibility for their own defense!!! I can see this from the S. Korean perspective, they are in the middle of NK and US…and they live next door! This is probably escalating faster than the SK’s want or are prepared for…yet, an outside country (US) is moving things along that will in all probability be fought on the NK/SK border!

      • Not only that, with SK’s current government, there is a leadership vacuum. You know what that means with US, “occupy”, bring “advisors” to assist with the regime change…and NEVER leave!

        • Right .. I remember my mother praying for “THE BOYS IN KOREA” when I was about 7 … WTF are we still doing there 65 years later?

          • The world’s elite have game plans that span 100 year cycles.
            We may all be getting played for suckers in world war theatre.

          • A little gallows humor, but I think what this woman said was absolutely accurate:
            In an FDNY EMS Station, a EMT said this,
            “Women could end all war, with just their mouths. We would just give all the military aged men bj’s everyday and instead of war, they’d just take a nap and not show up.”
            Idk if you are aware, but the FDNY GOP on sexual harassment could find ME culpable for HER statement, just because I was in the same room…PS, 2 lieutenants WERE.
            I thought about it deeply for a while, and agree with her. Women are responsible for all war.

    • SNAFU, my butt.
      That was complete bluff, relying on a news blackout and no enemy satellites that can watch surface ships.
      SNAFU, like showing the world that either: the US is an incompetent mess, or a lying sack of shit, because unlike the 1950s, THERE ARE SATELLITES now, yo.
      Come on, dare to make the hard inferences when you see total pathetic incompetence. The world is not populated by progressives like here in the US. Their populations still can see, hear and THINK.
      What NK sink the Carrier battle group if they go within operational range of the US warplanes. If the US warplanes can touch the NK landmass, NK’s missiles can sink their landing strips.

  2. Psychopaths are in charge of the U.S. South Korea does not want a conflagration with North Korea… neither side will survive.Seoul is 30 miles from the DMZ.

  3. The US attitude toward S. Korea has always been a condescending one. Military leaders here have always assumed S. Korea will do what it is told to do. Period. They follow , we lead. But it is good to see S. Korea not wanting to play the game anymore.

  4. South Korea, with 70% of employment being in Samsung corporation entities, must have realized, given their japanese/korean mix now, that as Henry Kissinger has said,
    “it may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”
    Bravo South Korea, whether or not it was from the Japanese genes injected into your population through horrible war atrocities.

  5. Seems like a smart decision .. to avoid HOSTING another US War of aggression. It’s time to MAKE PEACE and let North and South Korea REUNITE. Hopefully the leaders in Europe refuse to HOST another US War too. It’s time to beat our swords into plowshares and FEED the people of the world instead of MURDERING them.

  6. Many people in both Koreas support a peaceful reunification of their country.
    Every time the unification movement gets close, something happens (and there’s always ties to US intelligence if not the US government).
    My prediction for the next month: The US will in some way mess with South Korean elections to make sure another puppet ruler who will not talk to the North will get installed.
    The CIA’s worst nightmare is a united Korea that would deal with its next door neighbor, China, as its closest ally instead of turning to the West.
    Dear South Koreans, please vote the right way – a united Korea eliminates both the potential threat of Kim Jong Un and the far more real threat of US interventionism dragging the whole region into war.

    • Actually, that would be a good idea if it weren’t for Kim, but no one could live or should tolerate life under his rule. His dream is to unify both Koreas and be King. One half of his people live like kings when the other half eat grass. He executes at the drop of a hat.

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