Breaking! Suspicious – Train Carrying GOP To Greenbriar Crashes With Truck Sitting On Tracks – Driver Dead.

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by Ruby Henley
President Trump was supposed to be on this Amtrack train to Greenbriar, but for some reason he was not. The train was headed to the Greenbriar in Virginia for a retreat on Republican strategy. I find this very suspicious. The truck was sitting on the tracks, and now the driver is deceased.
Most are tweeting they are ok, but there were some injured.
This happened outside Charlottesville, Virginia.
The person in the truck has been pronounced dead. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) who was on the train assisted those injured. Two others from the truck were injured.
Some lawmakers’ family members were also aboard. No passengers or crew members were injured, according to an Amtrak spokesperson.
The spokesperson said the train “came into contact with a vehicle that was on the tracks. … Local law enforcement is investigating the incident and crews are inspecting the equipment for damage.”
ALERT: Paul Ryan was on board, but he is not injured.


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13 thoughts on “Breaking! Suspicious – Train Carrying GOP To Greenbriar Crashes With Truck Sitting On Tracks – Driver Dead.

  1. “President Trump was supposed to be on this Amtrack train to Greenbriar, but for some reason he was not.”
    Oh FFS, no he wasn’t!!
    The President hasn’t ridden on a train since the early 20th century. Everywhere he goes is in Air Force One, Marine One, Navy One or The Beast. Period.
    Crikes! Quite trying to create stupid bulls**t stories.

    • I am sorry, but I had information he was invited but did not go. I will get a link to back it up. I have done a revision of the report and will be done soon. You can check back.

      • Don’t let them git to you. 3 on a truck most likely is a local delivery. It looks like too small to be over the road. Most likely they wouldn’t need a suicide driver and two suicide passengers. Most likely need to check if signals/crossing tampered with. I know the trains that go through our small town blow their Horn so loudly, so long, it would be impossible NOT to her them commin!

      The policy retreat, an annual event, is scheduled to last three days and feature speeches from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. By early afternoon, lawmakers were boarding buses to resume their trip and Pence was still planning to address them later Wednesday.
      Cole said the train stopped quickly after impact. He said several GOP lawmakers who are doctors got off the train to assist, including Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, who was also at last June’s shooting of Republicans at a baseball practice in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, and treated some of the victims.

        • I took it that President Trump was probably going to be with the whole group, too. It looks now he will make an appearance there, but I have no idea how or when There was in my reading somewhere I read he could have been with them.

      • Ruby, Trump was invited to the event, but he would not have ridden the train, he would probably have flown in on Marine One.
        That’s my point, the author of the article tries to make it sound like a conspiracy to assassinate the President.

  2. Check the President’s official schedule. He most certainly was NOT supposed to be on that train. Be suspicious about why a special train for which every crossing was supposed to be closed and blocked was stopped by a trash truck. Half of Congress was on that train, including Paul Ryan, the third in line to the Presidency. This could have been a catastrophe, and somebody seriously screwed up.

  3. It is very clear to me our Republic is in SERIOUS danger. The single most threatened person is our President. The SWAMP will not go down peacefully. Supposedly, yeah rumor, there have been ATTEMPTS on Trump’s life.
    Some Simple Rules from my Army Days.
    1) Don’t bunch up such that one grenade can take you all out. NO trainloads or planeloads of good guys EVER. Too tempting. The Seals have a simple rule no more than one team travels together. That rule was violated when 29 Seals were MURDERED on one 50 year old helo after the phony take down of OBL.
    2) To avoid an ambush; learn how to plan and conduct an ambush.
    3) Know those you are trusting; trust LITTLE; investigate MUCH.
    4) “Accidents” that are frequently happening are NOT accidents.

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