Breaking: Douglas Haig “Person Of Interest” In Las Vegas Massacre – COURT ERROR REVEALS.

by Ruby Henley
We have yet another mystery in the Las Vegas Massacre.  

BREAKING: Judge unseals search warrant records, 2nd person of interest in the Las Vegas shooting has been identified as DOUGLAS HAIG.
Haig’s LinkedIn shows he had a “DOD Top Secret clearance”, worked for top weapons manufacturers, and specialized in Military Ammunition.
He is also a senior engineer at Honeywell Aerospace in Mesa, Arizona.   The first thing that comes to mind for me is Paddock’s secret trip to see someone in Arizona.
I think we are seeing a facet come alive here we have not noticed before.  I am speaking of the missing hard drive in Stephen Paddock’s computer.  The person who has that hard drive has information on possibly an aspect of this Massacre no one else has.
By the way, I believe the entire crime scene was staged.  I will talk about that later in the article.
Douglas Haig says he was questioned by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives some time back.
However, it seems Douglas Haig did sell Tracer Rounds to Stephen Paddock.
Douglas Haig is heavily entrenched in the Defense Industry, and I am sure that may be the reason why we have not heard of him before.
Douglas Haig did meet Paddock at his own home in Mesa, Arizona.  However, Haig said he had nothing to do with Paddock.  Conflict here for certain.
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“A court error publicly revealed the name of a Mesa man identified as a person of interest in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
Clark County District Court Judge Elissa Cadish acknowledged that a member of her court staff failed to black out the man’s name on one of 276 pages of documents released to news organizations including The Associated Press and Las Vegas Review-Journal.
After the error was recognized, lawyers for the news organizations were told to return the documents. The attorney representing AP and other media did so, but the other lawyer had already transmitted the documents and the Review-Journal published Douglas Haig’s name online.
Cadish later ordered the document not be published without redactions, but she acknowledged she couldn’t order the newspaper to retract the name.
“The reality is, now that it is online, there is nothing I can do,” Cadish said.
The unsealed search warrants in the investigation of the Oct. 1 shooting that killed 58 people revealed Haig as a person of interest authorities spoke to after the shooting. Haig told AP he sold ammo to Stephen Paddock and that he had been contacted earlier by investigators in the case.
A spokeswoman for the FBI in Las Vegas declined to comment and referred calls to the U.S. attorney in Nevada. A spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor’s did not immediately respond to messages.
Reporters at the AP never received the document with Haig’s name, but the news organization used the name based on the Review-Journal’s reporting citing police documents.
Brian Barrett, AP’s assistant general counsel, said the news organization might have viewed it differently if reporters received the documents before the court asked them to be returned.
“Once truthful information is in the hands of journalists there are strong First Amendment protections that apply and would allow them to publish,” Barrett said.
Michael Parks, journalism professor at the University of Southern California, said if he were in his former position as editor of the Los Angeles Times, he might ask about the origin of documents but wouldn’t engage in prepublication censorship if the source was legitimate.
“You can’t unring the bell. … It was a mistake, but it’s out,” Parks said. “Journalists are not in the business of suppressing news. … We publish it.”
“The anonymous man says Paddock asked him for a specific type of ammo that he did not have at the moment. It was days later both men would meet again at the seller’s Mesa home. The transaction was made and 600 rounds of tracer bullets were sold to Paddock.
Experts say tracer rounds contain phosphorous, which ignites with heat generated as the bullet leaves the barrel. They are legal to sell.
The anonymous Mesa seller says Paddock said he was going to the desert with his friends to make a light show, and insists Paddock never looked suspicious.
“He looked normal, acted normal, spoke normal, clean cut, easy going, nice guy,” the seller said. “[I] never suspected anything. Nobody around us suspected anything.”
The bullets sold by the Mesa man to Paddock were found in Paddock’s hotel room, according to law enforcement officials, but it does not appear they were used in the shooting.”
In conclusion, I am not going to say anymore about Haig, but I do believe he is the man Paddock met in Arizona when he left the Mandalay Bay for a day.
NEW EVIDENCE! Las Vegas Shooting Investigation DOCUMENTS 276 Pages Released January 30 2018
Douglas Haig Arizona man says he sold ammunition to Las Vegas shooter
This video has more information than any of us have had.  Please watch the whole thing.

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19 thoughts on “Breaking: Douglas Haig “Person Of Interest” In Las Vegas Massacre – COURT ERROR REVEALS.

  1. The one thing I still don’t get about the event is WHY.
    I don’t think they kill people just for fun. While probably some of them do enjoy it, if they organized events like this just for fun we’d see even more of them.
    If it was about creating a pretext for more gun control, they created the opportunity and didn’t use it, gun laws are essentially unchanged.
    If it was about more surveillance, they again created the opportunity and didn’t use it, and they would probably have used some “lone right-wing nut job” like McVeigh instead of blaming Paddock.
    When they first blamed Paddock, an alleged Sanders supporter, I thought maybe it was about “cleaning” the Democratic party by removing anyone who isn’t fully in line with the Clinton wing — but that hasn’t happened either.
    The Saudi royals who were reportedly in the area all turned up alive, so it wasn’t about assassinating any of them.
    So what are we missing?

    • There is no reasonable explanation, but I can tell you I am changing every day, as I watch According to Joe YouTube channel. I am convinced the crime scene was staged. He proved it in his video, but the strangest thing is the amount of freak materials he had in that room….makes no sense at all. I do not believe the body was Paddock’s…..I am beginning to see a stage setup to cover up something else. But what?

      • That’s pretty much what I’m thinking too…
        An easy one would be that they staged it all to take out one particular victim without drawing any attention to that – but I don’t think so, because they usually don’t go to such lengths (they didn’t stage an event like that for Vince Foster, Seth Rich, even JFK).
        Maybe they wanted the “news” to ignore something else happening in a completely different place – but again they could have easily done something far less problematic (given what the media love talking about, make a Kardashian come forward and claim Trump raped her while looking at a picture of Hitler or something).
        Nothing I’ve seen so far fully makes sense.

        • There is nothing that does. However, there are several good researchers on YouTube, who are obsessed with this and will not stop. I am going to continue to follow them and do my own research and report everything I find.

        • According to Joe and a couple of other YouTube personalities are trying to get together about a 1,000 people together to go to Vegas and protest until they get they truth. Joe is an ex-cop, and Walton is a reporter…so we will see what happens. Joe says the crime scene has been staged, too many people act like nothing is happening on the grounds where some people are shot, one body laid at a certain area for a day without a cop coming to even look at it. The person died. Laura Loomer went to the Mandalay, and made it all the way into the service elevator up to the 32 floor without no locks nor employees to stop her. l will post that video here for you.

    • If it looks like a turd and smells like one, it IS a turd! Paddock is the most obvious patsy I have ever seen! Not one person being fired upon has come forward to state that, yes, they saw shots coming from those 32nd floor windows and, yes, it was Paddock doing the shooting. Meanwhile, those same targets have all clearly stated that there were multiple shooters and varying heights, including ground level, and there were multiple firing points. This story is just an attempt to further cement the lie that Paddock was the “Vegas Shooter”! That is what Haig’s “importance” is based on. If you really want some “persons of interest” end this cover up NOW and have a citizen’s panel conduct interviews with concert-goers(at least those still alive!). After what’s transpired since October 1, I doubt too many of those “targets” will be willing to speak out now.
      BTW- This Haig guy might be related to Alexander Haig, no? Al was the guy who said he was “in charge” the day Reagan was shot, as Chief of Staff.

      • There is no reason to believe you are wrong, and I doubt you will find anyone at this point who will come forward to say anything right now. The one person I see as a person of interest, Marilou Danley is being protected.

    • its about fear,exploiting it and gun control. work americans up ,over the evil gun owners,convince them its easy to get arms and then that a crazed gunman will show up somewhere,for no reason ,and murder innocent people. i must say their methods to attempt to take our guns are ridiculous and too much like fiction and movies. smh.

  2. After reading this story a thought comes to mind as to why…..MAYBE this was a ‘Live Realty Demonstration’ for foreign investors interested in arms & ammunition ?
    I read that a Saudi prince was supposedly in a suite a few floors up from Paddock ( maybe with potential buyers ) and Was Paddock’s brother being blackmailed for his pedophilia habit & he was coerced into this show (but eliminated as unnecessary & a patsy) . The globalist Never like to let a good False flag crisis go to waste.
    Just a thought.

    • This thought is more likely closer to the truth than any other theory. I am telling you this was some type of half staged and half authentic “blood” scenario where people must have died. There have been too many on YouTube who knew someone who died.

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