BREAKING: Taiwan Flies Fighter Jets into China's No-Fly Zone. Japan tells Airlines to Ignore China's Warnings!

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In response to China’s declaration of an air defense identification zone over the East China Sea that includes the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, the Japanese and U.S. governments have confirmed that the Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces will cooperate to strengthen warning and surveillance activities over the sea.
To block China’s move to change the status quo by force, which Japan and the United States consider to be an unacceptable unilateral action, the SDF plans to set up a new permanent unit of the Air-Self Defense Force’s early-warning E-2C aircraft at Naha Base in the prefecture, and expand deployment of the Global Hawk high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance drone.
At a press conference Thursday, Shigeru Iwasaki, chief of the SDF Joint Staff, told reporters he spoke by videophone Wednesday with Adm. Samuel Locklear, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command.
US, Japan monitor Liaoning’s course to South China Sea
China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning sailed through the Taiwan Strait to enter the South China Sea on Nov. 28, escorted by two destroyers and two frigates.
Although the fleet did not pass the waters close to the disputed Diaoyutai (Diaoyu or Senkaku) islands, its maiden journey to the South China Sea has put the United States and Japan on alert.
Sources close to the Chinese military told China’s Global Times that the Liaoning kicked off its training mission as soon as it left the Taiwan Strait.
“The training has become more like active combat since it was closely followed by American and Japanese scouting vessels and aircraft,” a source said.
In Taiwan, Ministry of National Defense spokesman Luo Shou-he noted that the Liaoning and its escorts maintained a course on the western side of the center line of the Strait.
A newspaper photo showed that all ships at the military base in Keelung, northern Taiwan, were on stand-by while the Chinese fleet made its way south.
Japan has instructed its aircraft not to observe China’s rules.
But a number of regional commercial airlines – including Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Korean Air – have said they will comply.
US warns commercial airlines to keep clear of China’s disputed territory, but Japan says ‘ignore them’
P8-A Poseidon Squadron At NAS Deploys To Japan
Massive naval power at heart of America’s look eastwards
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Navy’s new patrol aircraft is deploying for the first time ever and the War Eagles have the honors to take it overseas.
The P-8A Poseidon is the first new marine patrol and reconnaissance aircraft the Navy has had in 50 years.
Patrol Squadron 16, the War Eagles (VP-16), the first to switch to the new aircraft, are now taking the airplane to Japan for it’s first deployment overseas.
Here’s What a Shooting War in the East China Sea Might Look Like
Tensions are escalating as China tries to claim a new zone of airspace authority—which the U.S. promptly ignores. Here’s what to expect if this cold war involving Japan, China, the U.S., and other East Asian nations heats up.
TAIPEI: Taiwan said on Monday its military planes have made about 30 flights into a part of China’s newly declared air defence zone which overlaps a similar Taiwanese zone.
US Navy deploys new surveillance aircraft to Japan.
Beijing’s recent establishment of a new air defense zone in the East China Sea is exacerbating long-running disputes with its neighbors Japan and Taiwan — and threatens to draw the US military into a larger regional conflict.
If it were only a matter of distance, the solution to a dispute over a small group of hotly contested islands in the East China Sea would be simple. Taiwan, which is just 200 kilometers (125 miles) away from the islands, would take the prize. The Chinese mainland is farther off, at 330 kilometers away, and the Japanese island of Okinawa even more distant, at 400 kilometers. Why then shouldn’t small Taiwan take control of the five uninhabited islands and three rock outcroppings, known as the Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan?
While Taiwan does lay claim to the islands, so do its more powerful neighbors, China and Japan. And the dispute is, unfortunately, not about distance. It has to do with influence and natural resources, with hegemony and nationalism, and with bitter historical memories and fresh, global aspirations — in short, it’s a toxic mixture of geopolitics. In fact, a military crisis is brewing in East Asia — one that is being played out hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from these desolate islands.
What do the riots in the Ukraine, Iran throwing its weight around in the Persian Gulf and China’s new air defense zone all have in common?
Barack Obama and his Post-American world.
Nations exercise power within spheres of influence.
As the American sphere of influence shrinks to nothing; Iran, China and Russia are using the opportunity to expand their own spheres of influence.
The Coming Oil Wars
War for oil isn’t new. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, its principal grievance was the American decision to cut off most of its oil supply.
On November 23, China declared a new “air defense identification zone” that extends to the north close to South Korea, to the south within miles of Taiwan, and to the east to encompass the Senkaku Islands, a short chain of uninhabitable islands off southern Japan that the Japanese have claimed ownership of since 1895.
By imposing this zone, China is claiming sovereignty over the Senkakus and all the waters within the zone. In an immediate move to enforce that claim, the Chinese demanded that all aircraft flying into the zone declare themselves, file a flight plan, and obey the instructions of Chinese air controllers.
Biden: US ‘deeply concerned’ over Chinese moves
US: China air defense zone won’t change military exercises


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  1. it’s not only japan that china’s been bullying but the philippines as well. the spratley islands are almost to the tip of the nearest philippine island and hundreds of miles away from china. don’t know why the chinese leadership became so arrogant that they think they can use force intimidate others and get what they want. the us should butt out of these problems that doesn’t concern them. they’re the most unwanted entities here in asia next to china. thus us presence guarantees a war. they’re not problem solvers, but love to see war breaking out in the pacific the phil gov’t tried to bring this problem to the un but china refused to cooperate. the chinese know they don’t have a right to claim the spratly islands based on the un’s law of the sea. these problems should not happen but china’s imperialistic adventures are beginning to show and it irks most of the countries in east asia.

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            Point two: Is there such a thing as a Chinese Jew (or a Jewish Chinese)?
            Point two A: Who owns the Chinese Central Bank? (or more importantly, who DOESN”T own it?)

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          • I don’t disagree with that (except foreign control of the Chinese central bank – any links to support your claim?).
            But I still say that it is time for the American/Jewish empire to end. As the most likely way for this to happen is due to Chinese action, then let it happen and the sooner the better.

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      Problem is WTF are the Chinese thinking??? They started this stupid crap and continue playing right into the hands of the global Jew ‘money-out-of-thin-air’ bankers. Very unlike them to be idiotic, short sighted and aggressively antagonistic.
      I think we’re missing something here. There is an invisible elephant in the living room.


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