New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes”

By Michael Snyder
Nuclear Explosion
Did you know that Russia is building submarines that are so quiet that the U.S. military cannot detect them?  These “black hole” submarines can freely approach the coastlines of the United States without fear of being detected whenever they want.  In fact, a “nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles” sailed around in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks without being detected back in 2012.  And now Russia is launching a new class of subs that have “advanced stealth technology”.  The U.S. Navy openly acknowledges that they cannot track these subs when they are submerged.  That means that the Russians are able to sail right up to our coastlines and launch nukes whenever they want.  But instead of trying to find a way to counteract this potential threat, the Obama administration has been working very hard to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  In the end, we could potentially pay a great price for this utter foolishness.
recent RT article discussed these new super silent “black hole” submarines.  To say that they are impressive would be a massive understatement…

Russia has launched its new state-of-the-art Novorossiysk submarine, which set sail from a St Petersburg shipyard to become the first of six diesel-electric stealth subs delivered to the Russian Black Sea fleet in the next two years.
The Novorossiysk belongs to the Varshavyanka-class (Project 636), which is characterized by advanced stealth technology, making it virtually undetectable when submerged.
“Our potential opponents call it the ‘Black Hole’ due to the very low noise emission and visibility of the submarine,” Konstantin Tabachny, captain of the Novorossiysk, told Channel One TV.“To be undetectable is the main quality for a submarine. And this whole project really fits its purpose.”

Of course Russia has been building “near silent” submarines for quite some time.  In fact, their nuclear submarines are already far quieter than anything the U.S. currently has…

Russia recently launched its near silent nuclear submarine following several years of development.

The Borey Class submarine, dubbed Vladimir Monomakh, has a next generation nuclear reactor, can dive deeper than 1,200 feet, and carries up to 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Each of these “Bulava” ICBM’s can carry ten detachableMIRV warheads, what they call “re-entry vehicles,” capable of delivering 150 kiloton yields per warhead

And as I mentioned above, these submarines have the ability to approach the coastlines of the United States without the U.S. military ever even knowing that they were there.
In addition, Russia has been working feverishly to upgrade other elements of their strategic arsenal as well.  For example, it was recently announced that Russia will soon begin work on a new strategic bomber…

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Russia will begin the full-scale R&D work on its future strategic bomber in 2014, a senior aircraft-manufacturing industry official said Thursday.
The project, known as PAK-DA (an acronym meaning “future long-range aircraft”), has been in the works for several years but was given the formal go-ahead by the Russian leadership last year.

The Russians are also working very hard to modernize their nuclear forces…

Russia is developing several new missiles, including a weapon U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed as a covert intermediate-range nuclear missile called the RS-26 that is being developed and tested in apparent violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
The Russian government has denied the RS-26 violates the INF treaty and claims it is a new ICBM, which some arms compliance experts say is a violation of the 2010 New START treaty.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea that any of this is going on.
Most Americans just assume that “the Cold War is over” and that Russia will never be a threat to us ever again.
If only that was actually true.
Today, Russia is stronger both economically and militarily than it has ever been before.
And as you just read about, Russia is rapidly preparing for a potential future conflict with the United States.
If the Cold War truly is over, then why does Russia have more spies inside the U.S. today than it did at any point during the Cold War?
The American people need to wake up.
As all of this has been going on, Barack Obama has been working relentlessly to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles
Back in 1967, the U.S. military had more than 31,000 strategic nuclear warheads.
Since that time, the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has been reduced by about 95 percent.
The START Treaty that Obama agreed to back in 2010 will limit both the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads.
But that is not nearly enough of a reduction for Obama.
Back in June, he declared that “after a comprehensive review” he has decided that the United States can reduce the number of our deployed nuclear warheads by another one-third…

After a comprehensive review, I’ve determined that we can ensure the security of America and our allies, and maintain a strong and credible strategic deterrent, while reducing our deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third.  And I intend to seek negotiated cuts with Russia to move beyond Cold War nuclear postures.

That would leave us with around 1,000 warheads.
And thanks to the various treaties that we have signed, Russia will know where most of those warheads are located.
So this makes a scenario in which Russia and China collectively conduct a first strike against the United States much more conceivable.  If Russia or China knows exactly where our warheads are, it would be very easy to take most of them out in less than 10 minutes with a submarine-based first strike.
The fact that Russia is building subs that are so quiet that the U.S. Navy cannot even detect them is a very, very big deal.
It means that at any time the Russians could have their subs pop up right off of our coastlines and deliver an absolutely crippling first strike that would hit us before we would have any chance of responding.
No, I do not believe that such a thing will happen this year, or next year or the year after that.
But as relations between the United States and Russia continue to go downhill, the stage is being set for such a scenario to happen in the future.
World War III is coming at some point, and the decisions that are being made right now are making it far more likely that the United States will be the loser of that conflict.
About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on


47 thoughts on “New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes””

  1. Isn’t it interesting how the US Navy is so willing to announce that they cannot detect Russian submarines? Sounds like either bait for those who would believe the story or a set-up for a false flag nuclear event the US government could then blame on those sinister, noiseless, Russian submarines. Even noiseless submarines are detectable by magnetic anomaly detectors that constantly patrol the coasts in P-3 aircraft or Navy S

    • Historically, various branches of the US Military have been, at times, unusually (and stunningly) public with their “admissions” that they were taken by complete surprise at the sudden technological dominance of an adversary’s new piece(s) of military equipment. Histrionics – sometimes so overdone as to be comical – are strategically used at times, too, and publicly reported up the chain of command within the Pentagon occasionally when some of our military equipment is demonstrated in war-games against “friendly” nations using Russian/French/British equipment. This second point was clearly demonstrated in the Cope India 2004 war-games between the Indian Air Force and the USAF.
      The heavily reported result – one that the US Air Force/Pentagon loudly confirmed and gave details publicly on – was that the Indian Air Force wiped the floor with the six F-15C’s we sent over. The results ware heralded as “very revealing” for the uninterrupted congressional funding for the development and production for F-22 and F-35, and as something concrete to show Congress and the Pentagon the (desperate) need for the development of a new long-range air-to-air missile that would be
      able to complement the F-22’s radars with ability to find targets more
      than 120 nautical miles away. Cope India was proclaimed as a stunning victory over the US, but the USAF’s hands were heavily tied going into it. They brought in six non-AESA equipped F-15C’s to compete against brand new Russian/Indian SU-30MK’s with PESA (passive electronically scanned array) radars and IRST’s (infrared search and tracking – passive, long range heat tracking able to detect engine exhaust from stealth aircraft without giving themselves away), Mig-21’s and Mirage 2000’s. The Indian’s dictated a 3-1 ratio in fighters, so they had 18 and the US had only the six F-15’s. The Indian’s also prohibited the F-15’s from allowing their simulated AIM-120 AMRAAM’s more than a 20nm range in attack missions while not being allowed to use its fire-and-forget abilities and move on, but rather force them to maintain lock and keep the target illuminated the entire time. The F-15’s were also heavily limited in maneuvering abilities.
      Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force allowed themselves to have a simulated AWACS above to help vector in attacks for them, their SU-30MK’s were allowed use of their much larger radars with PESA enabled, as well as their IRST’s, and their Mirage 2000’s were allowed to simulate firing active radar missiles such as the AA-12 without restrictions such as the US AMRAAM’s had. The Indian pilots were top notch and so were their aircraft, but the entire thing was weighted heavily in their favor. The end result of this “humiliation” for the US was just what the USAF and Pentagon wanted: continued support for the F-22 (at the time, building out to 179 frames instead of further cuts) and F-35, the AIM-9X high off-boresight missile continued development and was fielded, the next version of the AMRAAM (AIM-120D) with greater range was developed and fielded, a new air-to-air long range BVR missile is in development, and the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System was developed and fielded. By “acknowledging” being “inferior” in combat so publicly, the Pentagon started getting more of the things they really wanted when Congress was horrified by the Cope India results.
      As for how interesting it is that the US Navy is announcing that they cannot detect the newest Russian nuclear submarines, I would take that with a huge grain of salt. It is very true that SSN’s and SSBN’s are near impossible to detect most of the time (especially once the Akula II Improved was made two decades ago), the sonar arrays that the US 688i and especially the Virginia Class and (3) Seawolf Class SSN’s carry are the best in the world. And that is not hyperbole. Russia and China are definitely catching up, but the US Seawolf Class, along with the Virginia Class, with its new bow sonar, chin-mounted sonar, flank sonar arrays, keel and fin sonar, and extremely sensitive towed array is the best in the world. The UK Astute Class is right there with them. If a top flight Russian SSN/SSBN is running silent and deep, so long as a vent isn’t open, isn’t cavitating or creating noises from machinery within, it is likely going to be close to impossible to track in the open ocean. The same goes for US SSN’s/SSBN’s, only even harder to track aside from the earlier 688 Los Angeles Class SSN (688i Improved is much quieter, but still nowhere near as quiet as Seawolf/Virginia/Ohio. If the US Navy is talking loudly about and effusively praising the silence of the new Russian SSN/SSBN’s, it is to pressure for more funds to develop more weapons, ships and technologies they want and need. US Navy ASW is not where it needs to be by a long shot yet, but it is never as bad as things like this might make it seem. We can track them at certain times.
      Magnetic Anomaly Detectors are really only of much use when a sub is within about 60-80 feet of the surface. Even then, with all of the rubberized anechoic sound tiles that now coat most submarines, it is a bit of a crap-shoot to successfully use a MAD. There were many tests done wherein our subs cruising not too far below the surface went undetected, even when the aircraft knew where it was going to be and flew in patterns above it. And so, even though the US Navy inexcusably let up on ASW training, detection equipment and weapons development after the fall of the Soviet Union, the reason above is why you are seeing MAD’s deleted from the new P-8’s and MH-60R/S. They are just nowhere near as useful as they were a few decades ago, and the new sensor packages on the P-8 and other platforms reportedly have abilities to see and detect a whole lot more than ever before. Plus, the weight savings from dropping the MAD’s saves a ton of fuel. Thankfully, the USN has decided to re-invest in ASW with the rise of China and Russia, and new sensors, weapons, platforms and new training is in force and increasing. The Harpoon, a 30-plus year old ASuW missile is now not only being improved but also new weapons are being developed for a modern navy (likely a mix of high speed, sea skimming ramjet missiles and subsonic sea-skimming pop-up missiles). Further developments of the ADCAP torpedo continue to come out, as well as more lightweight ones. The technology on the P-8 (and even the ASW mission modules for the woeful LCS) is truly staggering in its reported and rumored capabilities; not only is ASW and ASuW in it’s mission, but it can also do C4I, some AWACS airspace monitoring abilities, rumored jamming ability and much more. It’s a marvel.
      As for believing what you read on the RT website, always remember what the source is of what you are reading. RT, Russia Today, is the English channel/website for Russian State news that tries to model itself on Western media outlets to attract Western audiences. They report with a pro-Russian slant, as is their right, and as they are regulated by the Kremlin, they would tell you that the latest Russian submarine or ship can cloak, is equipped with photon torpedoes and phasers if prompted to by higher ups. Russia does have some very impressive submarines and a lot of other military equipment, but the Bulava SLBM in the Borey SSBN’s have had a long list of failed and embarrassing launches, many after assurances that all problems have been fixed. There are Russian admirals who have expressed a desire to stay with the older, proven SLBM’s because of it. They know how to build subs, but the Borey is too derivative of the Delta IV’s, only with a pump-jet propulsor on it like British subs and the Virginia/Seawolf submarines. Quiet Russian submarines surely do sail their way into the Gulf of Mexico and off both of our coasts, but we do the same to them all the time. We park attack subs just outside the inlets to every major Russian/Chinese sub base, listen to their signatures as they sail out on the surface (some sonars in the past could hear well over 1000nm away on a calm day, imagine current tech), and follow them as long as possible as they submerge into the sea on patrol. It’s the same thing we did every day during the Cold War to Soviet SSBN’s who got so annoyed with not knowing if a US sub was there that they started doing the “Crazy Ivan” aggressive turns to see if someone was in their baffles. And to the people who were all up on Russian subs being able to sail to just off the US coasts to launch their missiles at us, we, and they, do not even need to leave port to launch their missiles against one another. An Ohio Class US SSBN can stay in the Puget Sound waters of Bangor, Washington and launch all of their 24 tubes to reach anywhere in Russia/China, and a Russian Delta IV, Typhoon or Borey class SSBN can sit in port at Kamchatka, Vladivostok, and Murmansk (to a lesser range) and launch their missiles to reach most all of the US.
      Massive apologies for the length.

  2. If I were you I would be far more fearful of your own government than the Russians. Historically speaking, far more people are murdered by their own government than by a foreign government. The USA looks like its headed down that same path that Russia took in nearly 100 years ago and China soon afterward.

    • Obviously, history speaks the truth. But in this case, I believe that with the current America hating administration and our complacent media, we have to fear BOTH. China and Russia are spending tremendous amounts of money on their military, China is building “super carriers” along with their million plus army and the above story speaks volumes about Russia’s agenda. Oh, and another truth about history, countries that prepare for war, go to war. So we had better wake up. We have MUCH to fear from our government, both domestically AND internationally!

      • Almost everything that Russia and China are doing – and have been doing at least since WW2 – is a RESPONSE to a provocation by the “U.S. government”. The U.S. starts building a “missle shield” right on Russia’s borders, apparently designed to undermine Russia’s nuclear deterrent…and Russia deploys new generations of ballistic missiles, moves Iskander missiles within range, etc.; the “U.S. government” starts poking China with a stick, i.e., moving military assets to the Pacific, maneuvering to keep China out of Africa, building new bases, etc…China upgrades its nuclear deterrent, deploys DF-21d missiles, etc.
        And this is nothing new. The U.S. puts nuclear missiles in Europe aimed at Russia, and Russia responds by attempting to put nuclear missiles in Cuba…remember the Cuban missile crisis? Yet somehow your lying government, media and school history books somehow always fail to mention the provocation by the “U.S. government”.
        So yes, “we” better wake up to the reality that the fundamental problem is the corrupt, arrogant and ruthless “U.S. government” that feels it should run the whole world.

        • going on this arguement Russia should be disarming as the west in general has decimated its forces from cold war levels….eg the UK now has less MBT’s than the nuetral Swiss,and the etire RN escort fleet is not much more than what would have been deployed to cover a single convoy in WWII.

  3. “World War III is coming at some point, and the decisions that are being made right now are making it far more likely that the United States will be the loser of that conflict.”
    LOL! Good for you, you’ve discovered the principle of “deterrence”; the whole idea is to PREVENT U.S. aggression. Since the U.S. government, in its quest for complete world domination and control, will apparently not be restrained by law, reason, moral compunction, etc..but only by force, Russia, China, Iran etc., better arm themselves, as that is the only chance they have to avoid becoming victims.

  4. Russia is behind the recent profileration of nukes? My god what a load of crap. Russia scrapped the deal since the US refused to follow it. Other developments have also been led by the US.. Development of micro nukes, use of micro nukes, announcement that the US can use nukes in a first strike… Americans would do well to understand their governments part in this process

  5. What makes anyone think it would attack America?
    Unless it were to save Americans from their government.
    That would be what a very cool Russia would do, if anything.

  6. Noiceless, but not undectectable, but anyway, a “understandable” move, all thoe it should never have happened.
    This stinks high heaven, and its the uSSa thats IS the great agressore, to drule about others is hilarious paranoic babbeling, the rest of the world even combined is not even close to the size of the uSSa army, “freind”, and regading nuks, chemical, biological, and DU/EU and so on, its stil the uSSa thats the biggest manufacturer of wars and weponry, dont try to dilute this with ilutions of something witch the scumbaggs in the warcriminal goverment of the uSSa uses to justify a Full spectrum dominance, the batle have been there since WW2.
    Its the uSSa that is the greates terrorstae ever been on this planet, its the uSSa that have finaced, arnmed and helped, in everything from genocides to consetration camps witch is stil in use, and Guantanamo, huh, something is way out of line in the perseptions some is trying to build up again, as in the cold war era, I am infact boored and its offending to read this kind of drivel, its an offence to intellegence and historicaly knowledgeable people, for me this is pure manure, same shitt as always, but the wrapping changes, hardly.
    The second fact, boy, is that the world finaly awakens to the glearingly obviousness of the american wars and finacial stupid/suicidal policy, and to the fact that the worlds biggest problem is the uSSa.
    Its took a while, but finaly they is coming into the gripps of the truth.
    Its hursts dont it.
    I dont like Putin mutch since I consider him to be a mafia boss and nothing else, but as a state leader his have no other choice, its not the Russians that is driving this arms race, its the wars manufactured and driven by the devils twins, the uSSa and Israel.
    The zionists/freemasons/comunsits

  7. Read “the Perestroika Deception” . Glasnost and Perestroika were a huge smoke and mirror operation to disarm and destroy the US.
    Global “Communism” is the plan and it is going very well. Gorbachev moved directly from Moscow to US to handle the “Next step” in the plan. Green taxes, Global environment threat, reduce your standard of living, give up your freedom to save the world from Global Warming/Climate change/Next Ice age whatever.
    Having said that, if one takes a look at the world at present, Russia, China, South Africa, Vietnam etc etc, seem to be doing rather well. Having lived in “Communist countries” and ex communist countries, I can assure you that many of the ordinary people of Romania, Bulgaria etc wish that Putin and even Ceau?escu were back. They used to have 3 weeks each year holiday, never had to worry about health care, free schooling and university for exceptional students, now they spend most of their time like people of the west, “scared stupid about the future and how they will cope with the rising costs and no social security.”

    • Gorby was planted/recruited by the West to destroy/dismantle USSR from within. The years following the collapse of the USSR (1990-s) were the years of prosperity for US and uttermost misery in Russia. And now you are saying that Gorby is working against the West? Give me a break! What have you been smoking?

      • Normally I do not make rude remarks about commenters, but in your case I could make an exception.
        Why not read the book?
        “In 1984, former KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn published a remarkable book, New Lies for Old, alleging that in the near future the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, working in collaboration with sister parties worldwide, would feign its own demise for three main purposes: 1) deceiving Western governments as to communism’s long-range goal of overthrowing the “bourgeois” states, 2) attracting Western capital to revitalize the Soviet Union’s ailing command economy, and 3) removing any justification for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization anti-Soviet military posture. Five years later, the ruling communist party in Poland invited “non”-communists into the government and, in 1990, the ruling communist party in East Germany “capitulated” by uniting with West Germany. The demise of the Soviet Bloc had supposedly begun”
        “Despite the apparent renunciation of ideological orthodoxy, Communist ideology will grow stronger and more mature. As “perestroika” proceeds, ideology in the Communist countries will be reasserted. Each success for “perestroika” will reinforce the belief of Party members and young Communists in the correctness of their ideology and their cause. Communists will continue to analyze international relations and the situation in the capitalist countries in terms of class analysis. Their “humanism” will continue to see love and hate in class terms. Capitalists, home-grown and foreign, will be hated, never loved; and they will invariably be deceived and take for a ride.
        1995 The Perestroika Deception
        The Party will continue with ideological education and training to prevent contamination by foreign ideologies. Attempts to reform and replace capitalism in the West will be accelerated, not through ideological propaganda, but through the strategy of “perestroika,” leading to “convergence.”
        “One can expect that the KGB will be converted into a new organization with a Western-style name. The reorganization will be presented as a reduction of the role of the service in Soviet society.”
        Once you have educated yourself and removed your blinkers, perhaps then we could hold a discussion.”

        • I know what happened in USSR not from the “books” but from real experience and I do not need to be educated by hoax books written by some KGB major looking for a big name. USSR was defeated by US and it is a historical fact. USSR lost. Period.

          • Well you and PJ are each partially right. One of the big reasons the “West” (i.e., the Illuminati, which is what I will refer to as the hands behind the Western wheel) wanted the Soviet Union eliminated is that the Soviet Union was becoming an obstacle to global control, as its failures and oppressios generated global opposition to socialism and centralized control. But PJ London is correct in his observation that many communists were thereafter moved from the Soviet Union to US. The US was always a counter-model to the USSR – Russia was to become “communist” by revolution and the US by reform. PJ’s mistake is thinking that the Russians are behind this – the Russians were always just pawns and victims in this Illuminati game. The Bolsheviks were not Russians, nor were they financed by Russians – instead some other group – the Illuminati – had its hands all over that one.

          • Hi CalDre
            You are making some assumptions. I am aware of the fact that the “Russians” are no more in control than the “Americans”
            “..More than that, the 1917 list of those who, with Lenin, ruled many of the activities of the Soviet Republic, disclosed that of the 25 quasi-cabinent members, 24 of them were athiestic Jews”
            A number of quotes said that to rule America, the people must be reduced to the standard of living of the Russian proletariate. This is certainly happening.
            The Russians generals moved to the US were to plan and implement a Stasi-like apparat to control and bring about the “Your papers comrade” internal management, necessary to rule the USA. How is that going?
            The Soviet was never an obstacle to NWO control, it was the model.
            The Oligarchs eviscerated the USSR, as the Bankers have eviscerated USA and Europe.
            Roll on 1984.

          • Bingo! 100% correct. Remember ussa hired former communists Marcus Wolf,Yevgeny Primokov, and others to help set up Homeland Security and other repressive agencies?

          • The “hoax book” New lies for Old, which precisely detailed the “Fall” and “breakup” of the USSR, (and re-integration of the satellites) was written as a hoax, 6 years before the event.
            What a great idea!
            I am still awaiting the outcome of this strategy, as is the whole world. USA does not appear to be such a winner at the moment, but I guess that you are stuck in your paradigm, so good luck with reality, when it catches up with you.

        • Why not spend 20 hours doing something some anonymous poster on the internet tells me to do? Hmmm, let me think of a reason, I’m sure if you give me enough time I can come up with one ….
          By the way, it is always by weakening oneself that one gains the most strength. I suggest the US counter the brilliant Communist move by dissolving NATO, getting rid of all nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers and tanks, and undermining the entire US economy. That’ll fool everyone into thinking the US is weak, at which point, the US will take over the world! Errhh, wait ….

          • “Hmmm, let me think of a reason” Oh yes it would shatter my comfy little ego, that believes it knows all and is never fooled. I have been taught that I am very clever and wise as long as I do not question my teachers, or leaders, cause then I would be punished, and humiliated.
            I’ve learned one thing-people who know the least anyways seem to know it the loudest.
            Andy Capp
            Who is so deaf or so blind as is he, that willfully will neither hear nor see?
            John Heywood

    • Misery loves company huh? Yes, it is terrible that so many people have to suffer but not everyone in this world can prosper and that’s a fact! So, their mantra is: “If everybody can’t be totally satiated and happy, lets make sure nobody is”. Nope, sorry that dog won’t hunt and is the epitome of socialist bravado. If the world has to implode in a shower of thermonukes to get rid of thinking like that, so be it.

      • So you would rather work on the premise, “as long as I am satiated, then the rest of the world is irrelevant. If 10 million children starve so that I can have a 42″ TV so be it”
        I only hope that you expect to be at “ground Zero” when the “Shower of themonukes” are delivered.

        • Straw man, ever heard of him? The poor will always be among us…ALWAYS! That does not mean we should not be generous and make an honest and noble attempt to alleviate the problem but it will never be completely eradicated. The vibe I’m getting from you is the total elimination of wealth creation as we know it, or at least redistribution of said wealth as we know it. Something tells me you live something of a comfortable life and would rebel at the thought of being told what you can or cannot own to enhance your living standards. You are obviously using some sort of electronic communication device, how about giving it up so some some poor soul can have a bowl of gruel?
          As for the “thermonuke” comment, I’m not worried where I am when/if it happens, in fact, I’m quite sure you will be sitting under the same artificial sunshine.

    • This is an interesting discussion – you guys are very knowledgeable, but if you knew what was REALLY going on you would be mentioning the Jesuits and the Vatican also. The Founding Fathers knew all about them and knew they were the biggest threat to our liberties and way of life. Protestantism and republicanism were the secret of America’s prosperity. Now she is no longer Protestant America – those days are gone and right on schedule our civil liberties and prosperity are disintegrating right before our eyes.

    • That’s why the American-Israelo Axis wail on small and defenseless Middle Eastern countries.
      I wonder how Americans will cope with bullets coming their way.

  8. your article is so stupid and full of lies. i will only deal with three. 1st the Russians have had so many failures with there new SLBM’s …there not trying again till 2014. 2nd the USN never said any submarine is undetectable [lie #2]. My sources say within 5000 yards the new virginia class subs can hear a sailor whispering and eating on another submarine. 3 The President introduced a $60 billion bill to re-capitalize nuclear assets, and congress is delaying [lie #3]. your obiviously a P.O.S. hack trying to promote your crappy book. drop dead.
    pos means piece of manure

  9. Russia is slowly recovering from humiliation, turmoil and oligarchs plunder following the collapse of the USSR initiated by the Western stooge Michael Gorbatchev aka Gorby aka Mishka the Judah.

  10. We may be lying about our inability to detect them. Give the Russians enough rope……. We could wait for the most opportune moment to capture one of them and create an international embarressment for them. Afterwards, laugh at their vulnerability!

  11. I have a MUCH bigger fear of Obama having a nuke or mini-nuke detonated on U.S. soil just to prove he can *remain in power*…. or install Martial Law using the nuke as an excuse. Considering that right now, there are two LOST nukes… it would not surprise me that they would be used. Of course, the military brass keeps refusing his orders… so perhaps that is why he keeps getting rid of anyone not willing to push the buttons.

  12. What are the Americans trying to protect anyway? Their lifestyle (Wal Marts, Football Games, Tailgate Parties) or their run down cities? The answer is that there is little or nothing worth “protecting” in the United States.

  13. The author doesn’t understand or is deliberately pretending ignorance of the military situation in the world today. Start with nuclear weapons. One thing the US realizes is that no matter how powerful your weapons are, once they are launched you have already lost. So the big question becomes how to neutralize the military prowess of the imagined enemy. Well first and foremost, an increase in weaponry means nothing in the end. What has to be done of course is to co opt the other side. Blatant Communist expansion is no longer a problem. Neither China nor Russia is proletyzing Communism. The question then becomes economic competition and yes both nations are competitors of the US but honestly the US has a much longer history of besting business competition, and that is where its efforts should be directed. The US must finally understand and deal with the fact that it can no longer aspire to full spectrum dominance with a potential of actually achieving it. Instead negotiate a first amongst equals arrangement with the other two large competitors and live with the result!

  14. China also has submarines that America cannot detect. There was an incident near Taiwan where a convoy of carriers and other vehicles, escorted by subs and aircraft, were shocked when a Chinese sub surfaced in the middle of all that just to give the finger. America knows that they can be sitting off New York, LA, or near the mouth of the Potomac, just waiting. The bully may get his comeuppance. Or more likely, the bully will go broke and just fade away.

  15. This sounds like a modern rehash of the “Red Scare” tactics our military planners constantly screamed during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They constantly told the public how far ahead technologically the Warsaw Pact powers were and goaded Def. Department to keep up by all means necessary. Well, look at what we found out when that rogue pilot defected with the wonder weapon that was the MiG 25. It was an outmoded piece of junk, fast yes.. but outmoded none-the-less. Same thing happened with the Typhoon and Alfa class subs. Impressive though they were, they just did not have that “shock” factor we had been led to believe. This is all a replay folks. I’m not saying we should ignore what is happening but when the Defense planners and industry start screaming this mess, I take a very cynical look at it.

  16. Mr Snyder, you’re a lunatic. People like you love building up hysteria and sensationalise to get readers (I only stumbled across this “thanks” to Google). And really, only a THOUSAND nukes? How many do you need??? 1 or 2 are enough to discourage attack. Look at the UK, has that ever been nuked? No…. it only has a few nukes sailing around in a couple of subs but it’s more than enough!

  17. If we want to know who is aggressor, we need to go back 25+ years.
    Soviet union had several offensive/defensive strategies.
    But the strategy No.1 was expecting massive coordinated airforce attack from NATO. That’s why Soviet Union/Russia have developed best air defense, both SAM’s like S-300, S-400,
    Pantsir-S1 and ammunition based air defense like ZU-23-2 or mounted ZSU-23-4, Kashtan …. That’s why they have mobile ICBM’s.
    So even nasty sociopathic Soviet leaders, knowing their even more crazy counterparts where expecting NATO will attack first.

  18. lol, you might wanna reconsider the “bad Russian” theory, the fact is that america is the one globe trotting the world attacking and killing so many innocent people, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, korea and so on, bases in almost all western countries, the theatre network, the demonization of all that don’t do what america tells them to, the assassinations by the CIA etc, gees i can go on forever.
    And yet americans think Russia is the aggressor, so pray tell why after NATO (run by america) promised through an agreement NOT to be on Russias doorstep which they have done., no my friends, Russia is the victim while the aggressor portrays themsleves to be the victim.


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