Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Don’t worry guys, there is no need to boycott Ford Motor Company anymore. Donald Trump just fixed everything in a single meeting!
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  1. The media will wait until Clinton has been “elected” by the voting machines, then they’ll report it happened because of her enlightened leadership.

      • But the media won’t report that — there’s some more important event they NEED to report on immediately. Like Clinton being awarded the Nobel Peace Price for launching her war with Russia on the second day in office instead of the first day we all expected, or maybe Trump farting in a public place.

        • Pray that war doesn’t come in the next few days. Things are pretty tense right now, and the U.S. is goading Putin and Assad. What gave us (the U.S.) the idea that we owned Aleppo, instead of Assad being in charge? It’s inside his country!

          • “It’s on our planet, therefore we own it!”
            — Hitlery Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush
            I think some of the powers behind the scenes really really want war with Russia. Right now they’re scared that they might not be able to steal the election for Hitlery (who will deliver what they asked), so they have to find another way to get that war started quickly.
            I’m not exactly Trump’s biggest fan, but he doesn’t seem to be insane enough to start a war with Russia.

          • That’s a good enough reason to vote for Trump. I’m a fan. The UN thinks he’s going to win, so they sped up the signing of a climate treaty with King 0 — signed today. Another executive action that our Congress will just sit and watch.
            But as for what else is going on right now…
            “US officials fear that the fall of Syria’s largest city to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could undermine Washington’s counterterrorism goals in the country, The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin reported on
            Tuesday.” WaPo
            “Note the implicit bias in the phrase “fall of Syria’s largest city to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad .” Aleppo is a part of
            Syria, and Syria’s elected leader is Assad. The US has been trying to replace Assad with a puppet ruler (as the US has already done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen) for 5 years, and has sold this war of conquest to the American people as part of the war on terror. Aleppo originally “fell” to the US-backed rebels, and now Assad is taking it back.” Whatreallyhappened dot com

  2. .
    ford sold engines to hitler that were used to kill Americans.
    ford built truck, tank and engine factories in Germany
    and later sued America
    and ford won in court because his factory was bombed and destroyed.
    and taxpayers had to fund it all
    now ford fled to Mexico to avoid paying taxes
    boy cott ford and the tsa by not flying
    and boycott any other business that stabs the American people in the back.

  3. Ford was actually very smart
    “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.” — Henry Ford
    “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford
    Pers below is an idiot.
    How many Americans were killed by Ford engines in Germany?
    “Like much published conspiracy-themed literature, both in print and on the web, stories about Ford-Werke mingle a few facts with conjecture and distorted interpretations. Various theories have ranged from the benign to the outrageous. The facts are innocuous enough to the casual observer: Cologne was heavily bombed by Allied air forces, destroying a majority of the city’s buildings. Meanwhile, the Ford-Werke factory, which had been building military trucks for the Nazis throughout the war, located just a few miles north of the city center, remained almost completely undamaged.”
    “during a period when Ford was sued for its relationship to Nazi Germany and its use of forced labor at Ford-Werke”
    “GM sued US Gov’t for bombing its Nazi controlled plants in WWII*** … the United States for bombing one of their German factories during World War II, … from the U.S. government $33 million in damages, out of our tax dollars.”
    GM and Ford had factories in virtually every country, of course they made cars trucks and tank engines.

  4. Oh yeah…?
    Well I just purchased a commemorative “BroomHillary” $3 1/2 Dollar Bill.
    And I paid only $37,000 cash for it.
    Chelsea said that I was getting a great deal…

  5. Ford has been planning this Mexico transition for a long time. They weren’t ever going to cut any jobs. Trump didn’t make this happen. And his Taj Mahal is closing, which is going to lose a Hell of a lot more jobs than anything Ford might be up to.


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