Black Professor Says He Would Rather His Kids Do Drugs Than Be Stop By Cops! WTF?

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43 thoughts on “Black Professor Says He Would Rather His Kids Do Drugs Than Be Stop By Cops! WTF?

        • I guess you don’t know much about geography nor history. Oh, thats right Egypt is right next to Europe, right? Not part of Africa. Oh, and the Kings and Queens of the time were WHITE? Damn, didn’t know that, thanks 😉
          Who’s the Idiot here? Again?

          • Pure afro-centrist fairy tales, even today the people (Berbers and Semites) of the Maghreb are not the same as Negroes from the sub-Sahara, you make yourself look stupid believing that kind of BS. besides Negroes don’t have the IQ to build much of anything.

          • Damn! If Ignorance is truly bliss, you must live a wonderful, incurious and vacuous life! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing your historical and geographic ignorance. I think you’ve had too many Mint Juleps while your help did ALL your work 😉 TTFN.

          • I think you must have had one too many Mint Juleps while your “staff” was picking your Cotton. Your about as knowledgeable in World History as a Teapotty’er. But, I get you now, P-A-I-D t-o P-O-S-T b-y t-h-e L-E-T-T-E-R.

          • P-a-i-d b-y t-h-e l-e-t-t-e-r Y-o-u! And desperately trying to earn your keep. Are those your pants’ on the ground? Pull em’ up! your ignorance is blinding!
            You remind me of the Typical White slave owner explaining to his mixed kids how much smarter he was then them. Then his mixed mother came in the room. Alas, you are too far uneducated to understand beyond the reach of you own odorous breath. No thx 4 sharing. TTFN been fun!

          • I don’t believe in slavery, however, if I did, I would rather own a bonobo, more intelligent and much harder working and wouldn’t steal me blind. I believe it is blacks who currently still practice slavery in Africa isn’t it?

          • I don’t believe in Santa Claus. Only difference is SLAVERY really happened and still exists today as I type. Practiced in NEARLY ALL CIVILIZED Countries on this Planet. Even good old USA. Your point? Oh, I forgot you don’t believe in “Slavery”, so it doesn’t exist. Red or Blue pill today?

          • Re-read my post, slavery exists, in the Arab world and in African stone age societies. (most all negro countries), like most negroes you seem to have very little comprehension of what you read. What an anti-White racist you are. Just think, when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you will still see a racist negro. Just be glad your ancestors got on that boat, boy. Slavery in the US? man, that jenkem must be some powerful stuff. You have allowed your jealousy and envy of Whites to drive you into insanity. But with practice you might make a good lawn jockey, or shoeshine boy, and maybe make a mediocre citizen in some stone age backward african hellhole someday, good luck Erastus.

          • You should READ a History book and look at a Globe sometime. Your Ignorance is getting really boring. “Anti-White” racist? WTF? Not one anti-white/racist sentence in any of my posts here. Can’t say the same about you. Again, clearly you P-A-I-D t-o P-O-S-T b-y t-h-e L-E-T-T-E-R. Clearly.

          • It makes one wonder how they have devolved so much to where they can’t even read and write now, and still create ghettos wherever they congregate.

          • They are a jealous and racist , hateful people, who would, and in many cases are, regressing to their atavistic and savage ways, all the while biting the very hand that allows them to live better than any other negroes in the world here, in the US.

          • You’re absolutely correct! Negroes who immigrate here LEGALLY from other African countries learn quickly to despise the American Negro because they’re so racist, lazy, stupid and criminal. The morons should be so thankful that Whitey saved them from their African sellers. If they hadn’t been, they probably wouldn’t have a lineage today. They’re not known for being intelligent or logical though.

          • However, we have to remember that it was their criminal, lazy, most stupid, etc., that the Africans sold to the muslims who then brokered them around the world. We got the bottom of the barrel.

          • Abso-freakin-lutely! The American dregs are just so stupid and ignorant. They’ve been taught they’re “special”…..HA! The dems are replacing their useful idiots with their new pets, the mussies. BLM is the negro last stand and America hates them.

          • The illegal Mexicans already out number them, just a matter of time till there usefulness to the left is over, and the Mexicans will work.

          • One day is cool, the next is hot here, but much better than a few weeks ago. Can you believe these Afro-centrists? They really get mad when you call out their fairy tales don’t they? They say we stole their inventions, well why not invent something more? apparently we stole their IQ as well LOL…..

          • Yes, they do! They’ve been lied to about their heritage and don’t want to be confused with the facts. However, how do they explain their worldwide DEVOLUTION into what they are now, as well as for past thousands of years? Seems they can never answer that.

  1. The “War on Drugs” by our “leaders” has always been a war on competitors. We need to copy Portugal instead of maintaining this elaborate revenue enhancement scheme. The concept of the common-law was that there had to be damages and a victim for there to be a crime. Considering the poisonousd crap the FDA approved, then removed because it killed tens of thousands of people, the government has no moral standing to dictate to us what we put into ourselves.

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