Podesta Wikileaks Email – THIS IS THE END ——- TREASON

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Fwd: Grassley letter
From:john.podesta@gmail.com To: jpalmieri@hillaryclinton.com, kschake@hillaryclinton.com, tcarrk@hillaryclinton.com, creynolds@hillaryclinton.com Date: 2015-07-03 13:49 Subject: Fwd: Grassley letter
———- Forwarded message ———- From: *Maura Pally* <maura.pally@gmail.com> Date: Friday, July 3, 2015 Subject: Grassley letter To: Cheryl Mills <cheryl.mills@gmail.com>, John Podesta < john.podesta@gmail.com>, Heather Samuelson <heather.samuelson@gmail.com>, Huma Abedin <ha16@hillaryclinton.com>
Putting on all of your radars that Grassley sent a letter to AG Lynch (dated June 30th though we just saw it) asking questions about contributions to the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal. Letter is attached. Craig is connecting with comms team to be sure they are aware as well.
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August 2016 – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee, has launched a probe into why the Department of Justice shut down efforts by federal law enforcement agents to investigate the Clinton Foundation.
Anyone needing to catch up, read this Q&A
Here’s more:
According to an article in today’s New York Times, some of these contributions involve Uranium One, a Canadian uranium mining company that was taken over by the Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency.  The Uranium One takeover gave Russia control of one-fifth of U.S. uranium production and advanced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goal of controlling most of the global uranium supply chain.
Because uranium is considered a U.S. strategic asset with implications for national security, this deal had to be approved by a several U.S. government agencies, including the State Department.  According to the Times article, while the Russians were gradually assuming control of Uranium One from 2009 to 2013, the Uranium One chairman used his family foundation to make $2.35 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  The Times article states that “those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clinton’s, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors.”
According to an April 18  Newsweek article, the Clinton Foundation also accepted donations from a firm that was violating nuclear trade sanctions against Iran.  Interpipe, a Cyprus-incorporated company owned by Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, sold oil pipelines to Iran in 2011 and 2012 in violation of U.S. sanctions but was not sanctioned for these sales while Clinton was Secretary of State.  Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported last night on “The Kelly File” that between 2009 and 2013, Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.  Kelly reported that Pinchuk also pledged more than $20 million more to the foundation.
Clinton Foundation “Largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted” Cumulative May Exceed $100 BILLION

Charles Ortel bio, B.A. from Yale, MBA from Harvard Business School. He previously worked as a Managing Director at investment bank Dillon Read and later as a Managing Director at the financial research firm, Newport Value Partners.
In a 9-page letter dated yesterday and posted to his blog, Ortel calls the Clintons’ charity the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted,” adding for good measure that the Clinton Foundation is part of an “international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward.” Ortel lists 40 potential areas of fraud or wrongdoing that he plans to expose over the coming days.
VIDEO Trump: “Corrupt” Hillary Clinton Signed Off On Uranium Deal That Benefited Russia
*Clinton: “At The State Department We Were Attacked Every Hour, More Than Once An Hour By Incoming Efforts To Penetrate Everything We Had. And That Was True Across The U.S. Government.”* CLINTON: But, at the State Department we were attacked every hour, more than once an hour by incoming efforts to penetrate everything we had. And that was true across the U.S. government. And we knew it was going on when I would go to China, or I would go to Russia, we would leave all of our electronic equipment on the plane, with the batteries out, because this is a new frontier. And they’re trying to find out not just about what we do in our government. They’re trying to find out about what a lot of companies do and they were going after the personal emails of people who worked in the State Department. So it’s not like the only government in the world that is doing anything is the United States. But, the United States compared to a number of our competitors is the only government in the world with any kind of safeguards, any kind of checks and balances. They may in many respects need to be strengthened and people need to be reassured, and they need to have their protections embodied in law. But, I think turning over a lot of that material intentionally or unintentionally, because of the way it can be drained, gave all kinds of information not only to big countries, but to networks and terrorist groups, and the like. So I have a hard time thinking that somebody who is a champion of privacy and liberty has taken refuge in Russia under Putin’s authority. And then he calls into a Putin talk show and says, President Putin, do you spy on people? And President Putin says, well, from one intelligence professional to another, of course not. Oh, thank you so much. I mean, really, I don’t know. I have a hard time following it. [Clinton Speech At UConn, 4/23/14]


20 thoughts on “Podesta Wikileaks Email – THIS IS THE END ——- TREASON

  1. This is treason on a massive scale and most of DC would likely be implicated so they have to keep a lid on this and continue the cover up or they would all hang for Treason.

    • Let all those treasonous scumbags hang, starting with Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, Cheney, etc. There’ll be lots of tree limbs and lamp posts throughout the District of Corruption from which these monsters to hang.

      • It isn’t going to happen. I can’t see the system parting the seas to allow this to go where none have before. Into the public eye.


  2. Nothing at all will happen and she will skate, as always. Say hi to your new pres and be nice, she may not have much of a mind anymore but her minions have long memories for her.

  3. Find a tree and hang them high. TREASON is a crime punishable by death. No death row, no appeals, just match them off or drag them over and put that rope or chainsaw chain around their greedy necks.

  4. We don’t need the Washington D.C. gang to pursue this Clinton Criminal Cartel all we need is one Lawyer and one Judge, oh, can’t find that either. Hmmm, we know why the Founding Father’s did not want Lawyers in the Leadership positions. Law School, should be renamed Crook School; yeah, and don’t we wish it was just wealth they steal. Nope, doesn’t stop there with the shiny stuff, the destruction of lives and the killing of human being’s go right along with the plunder. Thieves and Liars, are one thing, murderer’s another. One gets some time in the pokey, the other hangs by the neck until they are dead. A Prosecutor, if we had one could make them deals, time in prison or death, I am sure the cowards would beg for time in prison with time off for good behavior. Such trash as these Politician’s are, makes me sick to my stomach.

  5. Trump represents a TOTAL purge of corruption in our government.
    And, “we the people” couldn’t be much happier about it!
    Vote with both feet! (We all know they will be working fervently to switch the numbers at the gate.)

  6. at first i wanted trump just to go forward. no more corruption, protect american interests, seal the border and restore american prosperity to the middle class. after reading through the wikileaks materials i’ve changed my mind. trump needs to root out the crooks from hillary on down regardless of party or position and where warranted, send them to prison or fine them so hard that they will be happy for a social security check every month. we need to send a message to washington that if you betray us, this is what will happen to you. you will be held to account. maybe it will take time but we will get you. trump has no base among the political elites. screw em hold them all accountable and let the punishments be generously to all those who are deserving.

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