by Pamela Williams
I want to get this breaking story out to the readers as soon as possible. President Trump has read the Robert Steele memo from my previous report. I will list the previous report, also.
Steve Bannon seems to be fighting Robert Steele’s recommendations to Trump to bring additional people into the Team.
Published on Feb 22, 2017
Here’s an update on the status of memo delivery to POTUS Trump. Some of this was a little confusing to me but Steele has agreed to a follow interview later this week so I will get clarification. Should be fun. I will get the details as soon as date and time is confirmed. Meanwhile, check out Greg Hunter’s interview of Robert Steele here.
Steele says there are 70% of the public which Soros does not own, and Trump needs to reach these people. He believes Trump needs to create his own TV channel, and sit down with the American people for a few minutes each day. Further, he says he has tried to reach Trump, but he is deeply isolated. He is reaching out to Trump to ask him to meet with him, Jessie Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kusinich, and Ralph Nader. I totally agree with President Trump meeting with these people, as to my knowledge they are all working for the people of the United States and no against them.
Here is the webpage of Robert Steele, which lists he credentials.
Steele has written a memo to President Trump you can read at: