BUBBLING UNDER: the depravity of those selling The Great Reset

by John Ward

To reiterate a recently expressed opinion here: Covid19 was always a means to an end. The means are now so obvious, further discussion of them offers only tedious repetition. Today’s post marks a step-change at The Slog. The subjects that follow are far from randomly unconnected: be they the politics of India, the Bank of England, 5G technology or vandalising the US Justice System, they all point in the same direction – a coming dystopia of megalomanic control.

Neutering Indian Nationalism

Three days ago, I published a post here concerning blatant Western media lies about the Covid19 situation in India. Now that Angela Merkel, the New York Times and the London Times have joined in, it’s clear that a full-scale psy-op is under way.

The concerted media attempt to turn a speck of dust into the Himalayas gets sillier by the day: despite this “ferocious” new wave of cases in India, the death-rate number remains stubbornly at 140 per million…a number minute compared to European and US levels.

Some observers point to India getting the bile-treatment because it refuses to adopt lockdown and seems to be coping very well with cheap management drugs. But other things slowly coming to light suggest that there’s far more to it than that.

One outcome of the Indian “armageddon” has been the cancellation of Boris Johnson’s trip there to rubber-stamp a massive trade deal which, for once, will be of great benefit to the UK. Such an announcement would have added petrol to the bonfire of “Brexit disaster” nonsense put about by NATO, the US, the Labour Party and related neo-Nazi Euroblocists. This is especially unpalatable to Joe Biden (who hates Britain with a vengeance based on his Irish ancestry) but nobody in Washington gives a monkey’s what he thinks: it may well have a lot more to do with Sir Mark Sedwill who – like God – is in everything.

The last thing Sedwill wants is a success for BoJo, who is being lined up as the sacrificial goat once enough people catch on to Covid policy related fiscal ruination. Don’t dismiss this as far-fetched: for years during his diplomat spook incarnation, Sir Mark ran the Afghan via Pakistan to India desk under the guise of anti-terror espionage.

Officially, Indian leader Narendra Modi is very much the CIA’s key man insurance in the region, in the context of a mutual defence pact between Pakistan and China. But this morning (CET 26th April 2021) we have the Japan Times, Time Magazine, CNBC, and Voice of America joining the New York Times singing the same song from this choreographed cacophony: that Modi “is losing his grip on power due to incompetence in dealing with the new virus variant now blazing a trail through India’s population”. Were this not so serious, the illusional hype would be laughable.

I suspect the reality lies in Modi’s continuing belief in Indian self-sufficiency. This is an aim abandoned by the Nehru generation in the 1970s, but Modi – for all his myriad duplicity – is an avowed nationalist. And that doesn’t suit the US hegemony agenda. The Indian PM is, for example, beginning to adopt protectionist import policies and – crucially – refusing to turn India into another Asian nation dependent on exploitative offshore production facilities for US multinational business. This isn’t playing well in the US State Department….and thus, there is a change of “management strategy” afoot down in Langley Virginia.

I’m not an apologist for Narendra Modi: I have seen at first hand how his creation of a bling-riddled nouveau-riche class has defaecated on the lowest caste unfortunates in India. But as so often happens in 21st century geopolitics, he is probably a lesser evil when compared to the forces currently engaged in trying to destabilise him.

Which is a horrible reality to confront.

Normalising Britbank fraud

If our legal and justice systems were working properly, the cells under the Old Bailey would be permanently crammed with the Great and Good awaiting trial, and the judges would be doing double shifts six days a week…..assuming they weren’t on trial themselves. But there’s another old Bailey of importance now, and that’s public finance lifer Andrew Bailey – the chap who has been Governor of the Bank of England for just over a year.

I did warn you about Bailey – the Slogpost from January 2020 about this man’s industrious career does, I think, bear re-reading now. Suffice to say that – since before Crash 1 – Our Andrew has been involved in every sleight of hand, cover-up and liefest that helped Britain’s banks to get back on the feet….by trampling over the rights of entrepreneurial business customers (See Lloyds et al). Today, he issues blank cheques like this one: ‘The Bank of England doesn’t delve into intra-bank exposures’. This as pretty much the line taken by US Fed boss Jerome Powell a fortnight ago. Over nearly twenty years, in fact, Bailey has headed up every known bank regulator but without actually regulating anything as such.

In 2019, for instance, he presided over the London Capital & Finance scandal that pauperised thousands of ordinary investors. Presiding judge Dame Elizabeth Gloster strongly criticised the now Governor for “failing to supervise and regulate LCF” and then deliberately trying to stop himself being in any way responsible.

In effect, Bailey’s defence was that he was useless rather than guilty: he denied Gloster’s claims, so she promptly released extracts of representations from his legal team, revealing that they had asked for him not to be named on a number of different grounds. Checkmate.

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The fact is that at least three large banks conspired to cheat business clients by calling in loans on spurious bases, allowing them to bankrupt the companies and strip out their assets. Andrew Bailey ran every regulator there was over the entire period: he remained silent as one mendacious CEO Magoo after another insisted he could find “no evidence of wrongdoing”. To be in his position and not know what was going on would suggest a total absence of primary senses. But then, we had a Home Secretary who was blind some years back, so perhaps anything is possible.

Umpteen class actions against banks are now coming to fruition. Watch out for any banker going to jail. It’s a rare species, so sharp eyes will be obligatory….especially if you use Google as a search engine. For some privileged criminals out there, Big G no longer gives ‘news’ as a search option – check it out.

Granting freedom to destroy citizen privacy

For the first time here, I want to reveal a few facts about 5G. I don’t inhabit the rabbit hole relating to the health “risks” of 5G, because I’ve yet to see any compelling evidence of it. In every other way, however, as manna from heaven for the surveillance geeks, it is the end of any escape from State snooping in perpetuity.

5G is the answer that allows Artificial Intelligence to be 100 per cent correct about face recognition, object and event recognition, and detection of individual actions in detail. It’s supporters point to the fact that it is more securely encrypted than predecessors. But to be blunt, that’s claptrap: Brussels, Westminster, the CIA and the French sureté are already pushing very hard for legal instruments allowing them decryption at will….for example, in relation to Protonmail.

If you have a 4G phone now and use a smart card to make zero-contact purchasers, you’re already capable of being watched 24/7 and your movements tracked. 5G will enable Big Brother to do that in HD surround-sound: every in-car comms and entertainment system using wifi in future can record everything you say and follow your car….even if your phone is off. My mobile has its tenth anniversary this year, and I have no intention of replacing it.

Zero-contact purchases are the prologue to the abolition of non-digital money. They are, however, also an acceptable alternative for spooks if you’ve thrown your smart leg tag mobile phone away. But even if you eschew cards as well, the pinched goblins can still catch you. Lots of otherwise highly intelligent people out there in Trumanland still don’t grasp why Bill Gates invested billions in low altitude satellites using 5G: it’s ten per cent to do with internet reception in remote areas, and ninety per cent to use AI as a means of (literally) zooming in on every human being on the planet.

Did you know, by the way, that Vaccinator General Matt Hancock, before he became Minister of Health, was a key figure as the Minister for Digital? So if you’ve ever wondered why the unelected State pushed for him to get the Health job, well….

100% US control & zero Rule of Law

Incoming Fed supremo Comeback Kid Helen Yellen is advocating a global minimum US multinational tax rate – set at 28% rather than the existing 21% – on all profits in all markets where they operate. She’s doing this because she’s been told to do it by the hoods surrounding the hologram in the Oval Office. Terms like ‘New World order’ come to mind. Democrat spending policies to keep ethnic minorities happy and pay for the Covid19 scam require money from somewhere, and as always with the US élite, what they mean is “somewhere else”. Quite apart from the amazing arrogance in assuming they can grab a slice of every national tax pie on Earth, the move means the effective creation of GlobalAmerica, aka US hegemony. It’s a short-term cash snaffle and a long-term power play.

But then, President Biden clearly puts no value at all on blind justice. Despite the emergence of strong evidence contradicting the George Floyd pc narrative, arresting cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts. Several police bureaucrats lied their heads off about “police procedure” and thus hung Chauvin out to dry. While the jury was still out, the Hologram issued a statement praying for a guilty verdict; and black leaders in Minneapolis lost no opportunity to tell everyone with a microphone what a bloodbath there’d be if the jury had the audacity to say Not Guilty. Joe Hollowman then greeted the verdict with, “And we’re not going to stop here”. Something of a chilling and profoundly inappropriate set of behaviours from the President.

And these people are going to Build Back Better, right?

The individuals and interests featured here lack everything required to deliver an aftermath of Covid19 designed to equalise justice, opportunity, self-determination and liberty.

A Great Reset designed by greedy élites will be not so much Build Back Better as Bring Back Bondage.

One cannot fashion natural tribe mutuality of common good from irrational sociopathy.





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