BUCKLE UP: What Could Happen In the Next Few Months

by 5th Dimension

What could easily happen in 3-4 months or sooner.

1) Global mass protests and riots (already starting)
2) Food supply chain absolutely collapses (have you read the UK supply chain news yet heh?)
3) Inflation like you never have seen before (obviously seeing just the first stages of it)
4) Massive stock market crash like 2008 on steroids (stock market all time high now but really can’t push much about 35,000 for awhile now)
5) Lockdown 2.0 that makes Lockdown 1.0 a walk in the park (think back when Lockdown 1.0 happened and how bad that was for small to medium sized businesses.)
6) Crime and looting everywhere (right now this isn’t anything yet)
7) Majority of the world population are going to lose their freaking collective minds and it’s going to be ape shit bonkers
8) etc etc etc

Who cares about bad flu deaths. Everything above is going to be 100x worse.

Hope to God I am wrong.

But if not… buckle the F UP into the hardest, craziest, wildest, scariest time of your life!

May God Help Us All

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UK food supply chains ‘on the edge of failing’, meat industry warns


It is about to get started folks. Already food shelves are being emptied out in the UK. And we are only in July!


COVID-19: Self-isolation exemption for food supply chain staff will not be extended to other businesses, says minister


It is only the food supply. So food supply is royal F**KED!


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