Build The Wall! Illegal Immigration on Mexico Border Surges Back to Obama-era Levels!

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By Chris Black

According to the latest data released on Friday, illegal immigration on Mexico border has surged unexpectedly, and it’s now back to Obama-era levels, which means that President Trump’s gains with regard to border crossings are beginning to wear off; thus building a “big, beautiful wall” should be a top priority for the new administration.
Last month alone, almost 40,000 “border jumpers” were caught as they were trying to enter the United States illegally, and that makes for a 12% surge in illegal border crossings compared to October, and, take a load of this: more than 2x the numbers from March and April, when the POTUS bragged about his accomplishments. Moreover, there has been observed a significant rise in families crossing the border illegally together, a 45% increase in November respectively, as well as a surge in unaccompanied minors, i.e. a 26% increase last month alone.
A Homeland Security spokesperson has said that overall, things are not so bad actually, when compared to the worst years of Barack Obama, illegal immigration wise obviously. Here’s Tyler Q. Houlton:
“Under President Trump, illegal immigration has declined dramatically over the last year,”
However, action is required from Congress, as much remains to be done to secure the Southern border he said:
“The administration is working tirelessly to secure the border, enhance interior enforcement and establish a merit-based immigration system. But we need Congress to act immediately to close immigration loopholes, fund the border wall, terminate outdated visa programs and provide the necessary tools for DHS officials to carry out their mission,”
Who’s to blame for this new development? Well, the answer is Democrat mayors and governors. The stream of illegal aliens flowing over the southern border spiked because they know that if they can make it to the US and enter a “sanctuary city”, they are perfectly safe from deportation/prosecution or whatever. In order to lower illegal immigration, we must elect more real conservatives to Congress, i.e. the President can only do so much by fiat/executive orders. Without a Republican Congress that works hand in hand with the Donald’s agenda, nothing can be done, especially the wall. Let’s remember how President Trump said he will not extend DACA benefits to illegal aliens without the Congress passing the RAISE act first, i.e. putting an end to chain immigration.
However, with regard to the “Illegal Immigration on Mexico Border Surges Back to Obama-era Levels” punchline, if you ask me, it’s just border security doing a better job when it comes to monitoring border crossings, i.e. the real number of illegal aliens crossings under Barack Obama were hugely underestimated for political reasons.

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  1. The wall is DEAD and with IT goes MAGA. The wall is the KEY, and they well know it, without the WALL (and enforcement not happening) MAGA stalls out , as PLANNED.
    NO wall no votes for TRUMP?

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