The end of the EU is nigh. EU official: unprecedented step warning Poland is likely

BRUSSELS (AP) — A top European Union official says the bloc’s executive Commission will decide next week whether to trigger an unprecedented procedure against Poland that could see the country lose its voting rights in the EU.
The step has been discussed in reaction to new Polish bills overhauling the judicial system which the EU sees as a violation of fundamental European values.
Reuters: Finnish Presidential Candidate Would Take Nation Out of EU, Tighten Immigration Rules
Austria’s new chancellor says he will follow eastern European countries’ example and reject mandatory migrant quotas set by the EU
Sebastian Kurz, 31, joined leaders from eastern Europe in rejecting EU’s scheme
EU president Donald Tusk also spoke out against migrant quotas for members
Pesco: Remaining EU countries agree to plan to integrate their military forces after Brexit
Non-EU states, like Britain in the future, will be able to join the programme, but only after negotiations and with agreement on providing funds
We are about to revisit history again. All countries taking sides.
2018 is shaping up to be very interesting.
Italian leader warns European Union is on verge of collapse
THE European Union could face collapse unless it embraces wider integration, according to Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni.
EU leaders agree Brexit talks can move on to phase two
Joint proposal from British and EU negotiators agreed on Friday morning allows talks to move on from divorce phase to UK’s future outside the bloc
Move to phase two. Thats very nice of them.
EU does not like strong Christian Poland, that’s why it constantly attacks it.

h/t Billy Bulgaria

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3 thoughts on “The end of the EU is nigh. EU official: unprecedented step warning Poland is likely”

  1. Going to get ugly if/when the EU gets it’s own “independent” military. Defense against Russia?….My A*s….they want it to control dissent within the member states.The unelected EU would have regime change in Britain and Poland by now if they had control of a private military.

  2. In Spain, the sentiment against excessive immigration has been steadily growing. However, mass media in their owner hand’s do not voice this concern of the españoles; instead they portrait excessive immigration as something saving us from some demographical nightmare … of of course economical and political origins (an economical genocide consequence of the monetarist policies within the EU promoting the wellbeing of some countries over other’s). Furthermore, just saying that Spain’s government is to ensure the wellbeing of the españoles and only subsidiarily that of other humans of the españoles choice is seen as something inconvenient if not outrightly hate speech. What thing more natural than to protect the own kin. The matter is compounded in that to the present no political party represents clearly the in Spain the españoles first feeling (too much vested interest of those promoting globalism and those that rely for their living on it). Whole tracts of towns and villages are taken in the practical social dominance of foreign people, and not always the one anyone would want besides you.
    So I can understand the feelings in some countries vying for their’s remaining theirs.


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