Bush War in Afghanistan Created Opioid Crisis & Decimated American Workforce

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by Thinker

Ever since the Bush Jr. invasion of Afghanistan, the opioid use in the United States has tripled in legal and illegal abuse. What have the American people gotten from every war and invasion of another nation by a U.S. president??? More refugees, more children who have lost a parent or orphans, and more drugged out Americans and Veterans living under the umbrella of corruption of those in government who chose cash and the pay-to-play way. Who invested in the opioid business when Bush invaded…inside information and very rich now!

Your mainstream media is finally bringing the emergency opioid crisis to the American people that should have come with the first report of American soldiers guarding poppy fields. What did the men and women get reduced to under leadership that Trump is now exposing that was filled with lies and promises???

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Why are Veterans in the streets of America and homeless…greed didn’t care, but Donald Trump does!!! – One Nation, Overdosed: Documentary On The Deadliest Drug Crisis In American History (Full) | MSNBC

Big Pharma and governments who waited and created a crisis for another way to capitalize on the dumbed down Americans who were groomed to be drugged out and addicted to sports so they would never know what hit them until it was to late. The killing of Americans one at a time and the documents that Trump wants them to see that show it was all a plan.

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Doped up America and a crisis that doesn’t have a vaccine, but programs for profit are popping up with new drugs…the money just keeps on rolling in the world for profits and not people. History and research show that cures have been put away for billions to be made today!


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