Miami Ballots Counted, But Scores of Uncounted Ones Left in Opa-Locka Mail Center!

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by Thinker

New Times Report:

Miami-Dade County announced today that it has finished counting votes for the 2018 election. But photos obtained by New Times show scores of mail-in ballots sitting inside an Opa-locka mail distribution center — the same center that was evacuated last month after alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc’s pipe bombs passed through the facility. Several local activists demonstrated outside both the mail facility and at the Miami-Dade County Elections Department to try to bring attention to the ballots.

Two sources who spoke with New Times allege hundreds of ballots might still be inside. Suzy Trutie, a spokesperson for the Elections Department, told New Times her office was aware of the ballots but:…e-10899192

As Americans are waking up, they are also seeing that history will give them the answers that no one, not even their mainstream news wants them to have. When it comes to elections, Florida is getting a reputation for questionable actions by those who have sworn oaths to uphold the law. It’s election time and things are not right in the state of sunshine and oranges!!! How many stories are the American people going to read about Florida, before they start looking at their own state and local governments???

It isn’t what party an individual, organization, or corporation supports, its their words and actions that show what they really stand for and the true content of their character!!!

How many Floridian’s have been let down by those who made promises and swore oaths to protect and serve them??? How many counties will have to have recounts, because there were those who wanted to win so bad they lost their honor and cheated???…ption+deep


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