Busted! Greatest Criminal Mafia Who Infiltrated U.S. Government to Destroy A Nation!

by Thinker

Audit, Audit, Audit! The only way to keep integrity in the organizations that govern a nation and the people. How many politicians and organizations don’t pay taxes? How many Americans go to jail for not paying taxes? How is a system jail some and not others? Why is the NFL a non-profit, tax free business? Then why don’t they give back to the cities that support them? Why are cities paying to build stadiums, when team owners don’t support them?

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Why isn’t there a “Homeboy Bakery” in every state and supported by tax dollars? Because it makes a difference for “FELONS” and gang members. What works for the people hasn’t been supported by government…why?

What America could be, it isn’t because of failure and corruption in government, by people who are not supporting the United States, but robbing it blind. Who are the conspirators within the government? Donald Trump “Drain the Swamp” is revealing them! Are your eyes open???

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The Movie Begins/Part 1

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Research the truth below and then ask yourself what do you really know? Traitors who commit treason against a nation and its people need to GO!!!


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