You’re Surrounded Mr. Mueller, Give Yourself Up; Truth is Becoming Too Big To Hide

by Thinker

Anyone who’s ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle knows that the process is tedious in the beginning. First, we place all the similar colored pieces in small groups, try various configurations and then we see how two groups might fit together and so on. At a certain point, the progress becomes faster until finally, a picture starts to emerge. Thanks to the painstaking efforts of lawmakers such as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the release of the DOJ Inspector General’s report in June and the tireless pursuit of documents by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, a picture of unimaginable deception of breathtaking proportions is emerging before the eyes of an astonished electorate.

The once slow headway in the search for the truth has gained momentum. Democratic lawmakers, officials and most of the mainstream media are still in denial and don’t seem to realize yet that too much of the truth has already been revealed for them to go back to their original narrative. The truth has become too big to hide. A comparison of the carnage at the very highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ to the complete lack of evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump following over two years of investigations should tell Robert Mueller that it’s time to extricate himself, as gracefully as possible, from this fraud. He needs to admit defeat in his attempt to undo the results of a fair election.

Seamus Bruner of The Epoch Times has just put together a list of 25 DOJ and FBI officials who have resigned in the last year. Some of them:…g-big-hide

“He’s A Traitor”, Newt Gingrich DROPS A Bombshell On Mueller Investigation

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Back in May of 2018, Gingrich was right about what he said on Fox news about Mueller, who now truth says didn’t do the job he was supposed to. Failure to investigate Hillary Clinton and the attack on Trump, finally showing the American people the truth. Corruption is protection corruption and not the people or nation of the United States…time to go!!!

Flashback March 2018 – FIERY Robert Mueller Can’t Answer Trey Gowdy’s Questions So Gowdy Asks About Officials Using Hookers

You be the judge, and decide if the truth was told by Mueller. Why is Mueller anti-Trump? is it because the truth is going to destroy everything the new world order has done to this point for a one world government? Only Hillary Clinton in the White House could stop the flow of information to the people. Americans waking up to the corruption and lies to protect it at their expense. Trey Gowdy waiting for justice for the people, continues to expose the liars!


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