Jeremy Grantham calling it a bubble yet again. Thinks it will burst in a few months.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere: Jeremy Grantham on the bust ahead

NEW YORK, July 20 (Reuters) – In this manic era of meme stocks, cryptocurrencies and real-estate bidding wars, studying the history of financial markets might seem a little dry and old-fashioned.

Except to Jeremy Grantham.

The chairman of the board of famed asset managers GMO is a certified bubble-ologist, fascinated by how and why bubbles emerge. Grantham studies classic ones like 1929, but – now in his eighties – he has also lived through (and called) numerous modern booms and busts, including the dot-com wreckage in 2000, the bull market peak in 2008 and the bear market low in 2009.

In case you did not know where this is headed: He says we are in a bubble right now.


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