California Wins Worst State for ‘Quality of Life

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The U.S. News & World Report has named California the worst state for “quality of life,” largely due to the high cost of living.
U.S. News ranks the 50 U.S. states each year on eight major social and economic categories to determine an overall competitive ranking. California received an overall score of 32 in 2018, based on sub-category rankings for a Health Care (11); Education (26); Economy (4); Opportunity (46); Infrastructure (38); Crime and Corrections (28); Fiscal Stability (43); and Quality of Life (50).

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1 thought on “California Wins Worst State for ‘Quality of Life

  1. And here I thought the designation for worst rat hole to live in would go to Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama!!!! Gosh when it comes to REAL shit holes….I guess California wins this hands down!!!!

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