CALIFORNIA! You are not 100% lost! FIRED UP Pro-Trump Patriot Delivers Scorching Speech Against Illegals [Video]

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Santa Clarita, California elected officials were given a lesson on the Constitution as Americans of all colors, many of them wearing Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats, cheered her on. Watch this fired up patriot give it to the lawless lawmakers:

Patriot. Santa Clarita.#NoSanctuary

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“If you’re in this country and you are here legally, we love you,” the woman said. “We want you to be successful, but we want you to be American. We want you to respect our flag, we want you to make your you assimilate to our ways. We want to make sure you don’t start waving your flag, the flag from your country that you are telling us you don’t want to go back to.”

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“God bless Trump,” she added, saying America would not be at this “crossroad” if it wasn’t for President Donald Trump.

The people in the room rose to their feet as she took her seat.

The Santa Clarita City Council eventually voted to formally oppose the so-called sanctuary law passed by the Democrat-led California legislature, but not before getting an earful from citizens fed up with politicians advocating on behalf of those who are in the country illegally.

With a 5-0 vote, Santa Clarita follows a number of counties opting to oppose the pro-illegal immigrant law.

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In recent weeks, several counties and cities in California have considered challenging or supporting the “Sanctuary State” law.

The United States is seeking a preliminary injunction that would prohibit enforcement of the new laws while the case is pending. The hearing on the preliminary injunction is currently set for June 20.

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The deadline for filing a brief in opposition to the federal lawsuit is May 18, but the deadline to show support for lawsuit has passed, according to court documents.

If the case continues after the preliminary hearing, there will be another round of briefs submitted for the trial, and it is likely that the judge will set a schedule for submitting briefs in support of either party for the trial on the permanent injunction, according to city officials.

The city attorney is now expected to file the brief in support of the federal lawsuit, at the direction of the council.

Santa Clarita is now the only city in Los Angeles County to formally oppose the “Sanctuary” law.




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