Calling On the American People to Keep Radioactive Waste Out of the Ohio River!

by Thinker

The Department of Energy and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have let down the people of Appalachia and are about to let radioactive waste pollute our groundwater. A shuttered uranium enrichment plant in Piketon, Ohio has left the community with higher than average rates of cancer and other health issues. Time for the people to make a difference and support the 45th president of the U.S….”Where We Go One, We Go All!!!”

Now, officials want to:…ohio-river

When it isn’t in your backyard you don’t care, but its on the way!!!

Radioactive Waste Still Flooding Columbia River, EPA Says

KENNEWICK, Wash. (CN) – Groundwater contaminated with radioactive waste from the decommissioned Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state is still “flowing freely” into the Columbia River, a program manager with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said at a meeting of the Hanford Advisory Board.

The announcement came as part of a five-year review of cleanup measures taken at the Superfund site. Officials with the EPA and the Department of Energy said at a meeting Wednesday that the review showed most of the cleanup actions at Hanford were properly “protective,” meaning the public was shielded from the worst of the site’s estimated 500 million gallons of potentially radioactive waste. Radioactive sludge in shuttered reactors, contaminated soil in landfill sites and equipment that was once used to refine the uranium that:…-epa-says/

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Flashback to 1994 – U.S. Nuclear Waste Program in Crisis & Now Becoming Crimes Against Humanity, because the trillions to fix America’s problems have been stolen or given to other nations for aid. Obama gave Israel $31 billion, and sold out those who live by and are threatened by Nuclear Power Plants. Who wants to impeach Donald Trump??? Those who have stolen the funds that rightfully belong to the citizens and the United States!!!

Treason is piling up on those who stole the funds to fix the failing nuclear waste problem in the U.S.

Interview With Arjun Makhijan in 1994 on Nuclear Waste

You have long watched American policy and practice with regard to radioactive waste. What is the most critical problem we are facing right now?

Well, I think there are two different areas of critical problems. One is the problem of military high level waste stored mainly in tanks in Hanford, Washington, Idaho National Laboratory, and Savannah River. There is some risk that waste contained in several dozen tanks could catch fire or explode so there is a real environmental health danger.

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Already some are leaking at Hanford.

True, there are over 60 tanks leaking, 66 and more tanks are identified as potential leakers. Of these tanks, many have actually leaked more than three quarters of a million gallons of radioactive waste into the soil.

Has this endangered the water table?

Yes, there are radioactive materials in the water. However, part of the characteristics of these cracks in the tanks is that salts tend to get deposited around them so the leaks tend to be self-sealing. By the same token, if you try to empty the tanks by washing them out you’re going to risk washing out the seals. — This is a major challenge at Hanford: how are we going to empty these tanks?

What is the second problem area?


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