Canada “OUTLAWS” the Mailing of Precious Metals

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by Thinker

Banking Government changing the game in Canada???

On November 9, the Canadian government amended rules for “non-mailable items” and snuck into those rules is a prohibition against mailing “. . . gold bullion, gold dust and non-manufactured precious metals . . .”

Precious metals are now a prohibited item and can be seized if mailed.

Worse, anyone found violating the non-mailable guidelines can be charged with an Indictable offense and may be IMPRISONED for up to five years. What’s mind-boggling about this is that Canada Post is a Crown Corporation owned by the government. Yet ANOTHER crown corporation, the Canada Mint, SELLS Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium Bullion (i.e. non-manufactured precious metals) and quite often Canadians can actually BUY that bullion . . . at Canada Post Offices!

So the government of Canada has now:…us-metals/

Now if you want gold or any other kind of mineral, you’ll have to go and get it…and then how much will it be to get it out of the country??? Another way for government to make a dollar being the third party, or can Canada see a future currency backed by gold???

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Precious Metals and Diamond Mining in Canada to 2020

Canada had the world’s eighth-largest reserves of gold, at 2,000 tonnes (t), the 10th-largest silver reserves at 7,000t, and the fourth-largest platinum group metals (PGM) reserves at 310t in 2015.

In Canada, gold and platinum reserves are mainly found in Quebec and Ontario, while silver reserves are located in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Substantial diamond reserves are available in Northwest Territories.…-2020.html


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