Can The Fed ACTUALLY Tighten Monetary Policy? Or Is This ANOTHER Fed Policy Error? We’ve Got A BAD Case Of Unaffordable Housing

by confoundedinterest17

Can The Federal Reserve ACTUALLY tighten monetary policy? Let’s look at the facts.

Under Biden, we have seen inflation rise from 1.4% to 7.9% (the latest inflation numbers will be out Monday). And we have seen Treasury public debt rise from $27.8 trillion to $30.346 trillion (actually, $30.371 trillion in real-time). Meanwhile, REAL average hourly earnings are declining. Well done, Washington DC! You deserve the Washington Redskins Commanders.

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With real GDP growth less than 1%, a war raging in Ukraine, and 20% flexible price growth, the US economy is in a shambles, relying on The Federal government and The Federal Reserve to continues its insane level of spending and stimulus.

I am going against the box on this one and think The Fed will back off by summer when they realize that they have made another in a long line of policy errors.

Doctor, doctor (Yellen, US Treasury Secretary), we’ve got a bad case of UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING thanks to BAD government policies.



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