Canada’s new drunk driving law may grant police sweeping powers & strip citizens of due process

The western Canadian province of Alberta is preparing to give police wide discretion on whether to criminally charge drunk drivers in a move that is being blasted by defense lawyers.
The provincial government issued the directive to police which allows first time offenders to be handed roadside administrative sanctions, rather than criminal charges, according to CBC News.
Alberta Transportation won’t confirm the changes until 2018, but defense lawyers are already arguing that the proposed changes give officers too much power to determine the fates of citizens while at the roadside.
“Do we want a society where police officers are essentially charging, trying and convicting at the side of the road and the citizen doesn’t get due process?” said Greg Dunn, a Calgary defense lawyer.
“It’s not the judge making the determination, it’s not a jury making the determination, it’s the police making the determination.”
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