Government Grant Scams

From Birch Gold Group How to recognize a government grant scam when you see one? By following a simple rule and asking yourself, Did I apply for this grant? If the answer

Jim Grant: The Fed Can’t Control Inflation

Via, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell insists inflation is “transitory.” As prices have spiked throughout the economy, Powell’s messaging has essentially been, “Move along. Nothing to see here.” Peter Schiff has

Jim Grant – Hedging and hedge funds

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Podcast, Released on 4/8/19 Barclay Leib (@btl0823) founder and principal of Sand Spring Advisors, LLC, comes by the office to discuss asset allocation, forensic accounting and

James Grant and Jim Chanos: Fed Fraud and More

via NYHS: Sophisticated investors have been the victims of deception throughout our nation’s history.   Jim Chanos and James Grant, "Fraud" from NYHS on Vimeo. Celebrated financial experts Jim Chanos and James Grant explore historical