Canadian Government CAUGHT Hacking Emails, Using Info To Sue Victims! – What You Need To Know

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Josh Sigurdson sits down with his uncle, Kim Sigurdson to talk about Kim’s lawsuit against the government as he heads to Ottawa for a press conference in the Canadian Parliament.
Kim Sigurdson had been brought on to work with Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) whose purpose was to help First Nations communities by providing water, supplies, green energy and more. Over the years, he felt they were not fulfilling what they had promised.
He had also noticed that without any consent, he was made director of a company called Autonomous Communications Inc., a company that is not doing well to say the least. Has anyone ever heard of someone being made the owner of a company without knowing it?
After Kim sent a confidential email to the government run SDTC, he got an automated reply from a third party which he had not consented to sending info to. It came from a law firm called Osler which according to Kim prides itself on privacy.
Kim Sigurdson made a complaint to the Information Commissioner, SDTC was asked to cease hacking/hijacking emails.
The Information Commissioner was then apparently told by SDTC that they would cease the hijacking of emails.
Kim Sigurdson sent another confidential email and the same thing happened again.
The stolen information according to Kim is now being used against him in a defamation suit filed by SDTC and the Ontario Superior Court.
The action according to Kim was brought on in order to silence him from communicating with government officials.

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So the government was innefficient and possibly even criminal in their negligence after promised funding in First Nations communities. Then the government spent far more money on (let’s say) lambourghinnis and who knows what else while ignoring the simple, minor funding that would have lead to higher revenue and market prevalence in these First Nations communities. Then when Kim complained about it, his emails were hijacked according to him, manipulated and sent to a third party. The government continued to do this more than once, allegedly ending this practice in January 2017. Now they are using the information they illegally gained in order to sue the man they stole the information from?

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The criminal cartel we call government strikes again. Always making things more difficult, more dramatic and more expensive. Everything they touch turns to… well you know where that leads.


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