Canadian Real Estate Bubbles Are Unsustainable! – The Share Buyback Armageddon

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen from Monument Valley, Arizona about the steadily declining localized real estate markets in Canada as Toronto and Vancouver are met with massive resistance following years of ridiculous rallies.
The value was not there, yet the prices went up. Investor confidence took hold while the fundamentals were lost. We saw bubbles gain pressure and people full of euphoria believe that the sky was the limit. Well of course that is not the case and we’ve seen this happen before.
As the article we go into says, we are in the days of the share buyback economy. Not just that, but we are seeing the return of the collateralized debt obligations (or loan obligations as they’re called now), mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps and reverse mortgages.
Robert Kiyosaki recently told us in an interview that even he is not buying anymore but instead selling. Something he told himself he would never do.
Once the confidence goes, so does the floor on the market.
People have to understand the markets that they enter rather than simply see television shows about fixing up homes and think they can do it themselves with guaranteed profits. That always reaps disaster. Education is key.
Be self sufficient folks and understand that your home is not an asset. There are better ways to protect your purchasing power.

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Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue as we have for years.


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