Cannabis Industry Celebrating Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

by Thinker

Now that Sessions is out, maybe there is hope for the cannabis industry to make it a United States and not a divided one when it comes to laws, use, and cures of cannabis. Jeff Sessions…was he paid to speak out against cannabis.

Sessions resigned at the request of President Donald Trump.

Though his resignation had no connection to drug policy, Sessions was known favor strong enforcement of existing federal laws against marijuana, and Trump was said before the election to be preparing new federal rules to allow states to set their own policies on marijuana. A press release from Nisonco, which handles public relations for the cannabis industry, included celebratory quotes:

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Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech:
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been an impediment to the growth of the regulated cannabis industry. We believe we are at a tipping point nationally in terms of voter sentiment, as well as support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. With Pete Sessions being voted out and Jeff Sessions resigning, the corridor is now open to accelerate a states rights approach to regulating the cannabis industry.”

Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots:
“We believe it’s increasingly likely Congress could take action to regulate and tax cannabis at the federal level.We expect the perceived risks related to the cannabis industry to continue to dissipate, which could lead to a shift of institutional capital and interest from Canadian licensed producers to companies focused on the regulated United States market. As a technology company with exposure to multiple states’ regulated cannabis markets, we believe MassRoots and its shareholders are in a strong position to benefit from these events.”

Dustin Iannotti, Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer of Artisans on Fire:
“Jeff Sessions once said, “Good people don’t:…s-resigns/

Why isn’t the history or use of one of the greatest plants in the world being used in the U.S., like France who never outlawed it???

Most of the foundations of the French were made out of hemp fibers and if anyone will take the time to look all around the world, and even in Vietnam the French hemp fiber buildings are holding up the best. The conspiracy to keep hemp/cannabis from the American people by those in government, have kept a nation from what it should rightfully be allowed to use, for clothing, homes, oil/gas health, and the best of all replacing plastic, with hemp changes every dump in the world!!!

There are those in the world who know the real value of cannabis, and those who only know what they’ve heard from the news. What do you really know about cannabis/hemp/marijuana??? Knowledge is power and a plant given to the people by the Creator is being suppressed, when it was given to heal and help.…p+products


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